Rebirth Thief – Chapter 51

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Translated by: LittleShanks
Proofread by: Flowerbridgetoo

Chapter 51 – Elves

This chest wasn’t locked, so Nie Yan stretched out his arm and opened the chest.

System: Opening chest… Estimated Completion: 37%… 53%…

「Click!」The treasure chest’s lid popped open. Nie Yan reached in and dug around. For the most part, items found inside dungeon chests were generated randomly, so anything could appear. Now it was all just a matter of luck.

After digging around for what seemed like half a day, Nie Yan picked up a skill book and a necklace from the chest.

Ah! It’s an accessory. Guess my luck isn’t too bad. Nie Yan felt pleasantly surprised. Accessories (rings, necklaces, medallions, etc…) were the rarest type of equipment players could receive. Since they were so rare, they fetched a high price on the marketplace and most players could only leave their accessory slots empty.

Forest Necklace
Properties: Unidentified

Nie Yan appraised the item using Transcendent Insight.

Forest Necklace (Silver)
Level Requirement: 0
Properties: Defense 2–3, Dexterity +2, Awareness +1
Weight: 1 lb
User Restriction: None

What a good accessory! It’s a Silver-tier necklace! Nie Yan felt quite elated. He then turned to look at the skill book. It’s a Lesser Heal skill book! The Lesser Heal skill was the lowest level healing skill of the Priest profession. However, it was difficult to acquire since its skill book could only be found within dungeons. This was also one of the reasons its market price remained so high, where it was more valuable than some Silver-tier equipment. Having received the Forest Necklace, Nie Yan didn’t mind too much about losing the Lesser Heal skill book. If he were to place it up for auction, he’d only receive around three silver. This insignificant sum wasn’t worth batting an eye over.

Nie Yan descended the cliff and met up with the team.

“We’re pretty lucky. The chest dropped a necklace and a Lesser Heal skill book. You guys can have the  skill book since I don’t need it but I’ll be taking the necklace,” Nie Yan said. He didn’t have to pay a single cent when taking an item. On the other hand, Yu Lan (Blue Feather) and her team had to share their profits with Dusk and Tang Yao. After all, the two were invited here and couldn’t just leave empty-handed.

“It’s a Silver-grade necklace!” Bai Kaisui’s (Plain Boiled Water) and the others’ eyes practically fell out of their sockets. A Silver-grade necklace! Now just how much was that worth? The group watched in anguish as Nie Yan put the necklace away. Ah, it’s such a pity… Why does it have to belong to someone else?

“If it weren’t for him finding this chest, we would’ve never gotten this Lesser Heal skill book in the first place. It would be better if we just buy this skill book off of you, Brother Nie,” Yu Lan said. She wasn’t willing to take advantage of Nie Yan’s generosity. The skill book was brought back from his efforts alone. They hadn’t done anything to help him at all.

“Since you put it that way… I’ll be straightforward and sell it to you. The market price for a Lesser Heal skill book is around three silvers, possibly even more. However, I’ll lower the price and sell it to you for cheaper—two silvers! How does that sound? This price can’t be considered disadvantageous to you, right?” Nie Yan replied. He wasn’t the least bit reserved in agreeing to Yu Lan’s request.

“Can’t you just politely decline?” Yao Yao interjected, stamping her feet.

Nie Yan calmly laughed and replied, “Since someone is so adamant about spending their money, why should I refuse? Only fools would refuse money. If you want this Lesser Heal skill book, I can give it to you. Even if you wanted ten of them, I would still help you find them. However, your captain wants to buy it instead because she doesn’t want to owe me any favours. Let’s say I disregard her sentiments and politely refuse her offer… even if you wouldn’t mind me being a hypocrite, I’d still be despising myself more for being one.”

“Our team funds are only around five silver… Would it be possible to pay you the two silvers at a later date?” Yu Lan asked in slight embarrassment. If she paid the two silvers now, their funds would be even more lacking than they were right now.

“Are your funds that lacking? You even need to owe someone for two silvers? Ah, forget it! Never mind! You can pay me back whenever you want,” Nie Yan replied and waved his hands. An entire team couldn’t even bring out two silvers…? Most teams only had two silvers! In reality, Yu Lan and her team were quite well off. It was just they were naturally no match when paired up against a walking money bag like Nie Yan.

The entire team stared at Nie Yan. These were two silvers! It wasn’t paltry amount! Yet he still didn’t attach any importance to them. This man was truly rich and overbearing.

Yao Yao pulled at Nie Yan’s sleeves and gazed at him while blinking her innocent eyes. She asked in a harmless and sincere tone, “Nie Yan… Would you really be willing to gift me ten skill books?”

“Uh… Sure, but you never told me where I could find those ten skill books to give you.” Nie Yan felt a cold sweat run down his forehead. He knew exactly what sort of wicked thoughts was running through this enchantress’ mind.

“Hmph. You don’t even have the least bit of sincerity,” Yao Yao replied and feigned anger. Nevertheless, the corners of her mouth curved into a smile. Of course, she would never actually ask Nie Yan to give her ten Lesser Heal skill books. She only wanted to tease him a bit, that’s all.

Tang Yao glanced at the overhanging cliff. He was actually able to spot that chest all the way over there? He was increasingly unable to make sense of Nie Yan. The changes in this childhood friend of his became even greater and greater, to the point where even he slightly couldn’t recognize him anymore. However, one point remained certain. No matter how much Nie Yan change, he would always remain as his brother!

“Alright, let’s focus on the matter at hand. We’re going to have to kill those two Dark Elves that have been stalking from behind. There’s a nearby ravine in the area. We’ll split up into two groups. I’ll lead the first group into the ravine while the second group trails behind us. Those two Dark Elves are quite crafty. We’ll have to lure them into the ravine and trap them in there by blocking their exit. Afterward, we’ll use the Disillusioning Powder to reveal them. However, I want everyone to stay on full alert. Even though those two Dark Elves don’t possess much fighting strength, they make up for it with their speed. We have to make sure they don’t escape; otherwise, it’ll be very difficult to make them fall for the same trick twice,” Nie Yan ordered and began carrying out his strategy.

The team separated into two groups. The first group of ten remained on standby while the second group advanced into the ravine.

While moving forward, Nie Yan paid careful attention to his surroundings. He noticed the slight movement of a silhouette eleven meters ahead. The other one didn’t follow? Nie Yan inwardly questioned. However, he was then able to sense something following them from behind. The entity kept ten meters of distance in between them.

They’re both here. Nie Yan’s lips curved into a faint smile. These two elves are quite cowardly, afraid to even separate themselves. Good, we’ll wipe them both out at once.

Nie Yan and the group entered the ravine. On either side of them were towering walls of rocks around ten meters high. In between was a small trail that able to fit five or six players walking side by side.

This narrow ravine was the perfect site to set up an ambush. However, they had to succeed on the first try. Those two crafty elves wouldn’t be easily fooled twice.

Nie Yan sensed the two elves were hesitating at the entrance of the ravine. After a brief moment, they entered and followed after.

They took the bait. Good, now they’re trapped just like a turtle in a jar! Nie Yan inwardly rejoiced. He then ordered through the team chat,「Yu Lan, you guys can come over now. Block the ravine’s entrance and by all means, don’t let those crafty buggers escape!

Yu Lan felt strange and somewhat uncomfortable when Nie Yan addressed her without any honorifics, but this wasn’t the time to bother about such a matter. She led the remaining team members and rushed over to the ravine.

We’re here!」Yu Lan informed.

Nie Yan retrieved the Disillusioning Powder and threw it in the air, whereupon the powder scattered and floated across the ravine. The powder’s area of effect constantly expanded and eventually covered the entire ravine. When the powder landed on the nearby shadows, the figures of the two impish elves were gradually revealed.

With pointed ears, their emaciated figures were nearly all skin and bone while the colour of their skin was a dark ashy grey. Besides their physical feature, the clothing on their body was shabby and worn out.

While the High Elves in the game were beautiful and handsome, these two Dark Elves were so shamefully ugly it was no wonder why they always hid themselves.

“RRYyeeKGgthh!” One of the elves let out an ear-piercing screech.

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