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Volume 1 Prologue

「 I will be the god of a new world!」

A girl suddenly exclaimed during the super boring 3rd lesson.

Because of the teacher’s bad ears, he did not notice the girl’s strange outburst. The other students were focused on their own things so nobody noticed her bizarre statement.

So even if the girl suddenly made such an ambitious declaration, it only made the mature girl near her back 3 steps away.


「——this guy, would actually say that out loud ……」

「Eh?Ahh……you, you scared me. You shouted so seriously that I thought you went crazy.」

「How could I say such a thing, it’s that Sato Koichi.」

The mature girl did not know what her female classmates were talking about and looked in the direction they pointed in.

She saw a male student sitting in a window seat.

The girl made an 「Ah ah……」 sound and nodded with a wry smile.

Compared to the other students in the class, this male student was quite eye-catching.

The first would be his strange appearance and clothing. In a campus where there was a dress code, he had a head full of striking silver hair. In addition to that, he wore a long uniform jacket that obviously violated the school’s regulations. Also, no one knew why, but he wore a black leather glove only on his right hand. No matter how you look at him, he was fully born Japanese, but his eyes were both of different colors. His left eye was blue. His right eye was red. It was difficult for someone to believe that those two different eye colors were natural.

At first glance he seemed to be like those obnoxious bad boys but the repelling atmosphere around him made him seem different from those types of people.

In fact, the boy was not ugly. His face and body were all perfect at his age…. if he actually dressed properly he should be popular with girls.

However, instead of being an unobtainable pretty boy, his 「I come from a different world」 aura made girls of his age turn away in disgust.

「Do you remember his self-introduction?He transferred here in the middle of the first year……」

「Ahh —— I remember, I remember. You’re talking about that time…… when we had to write our names on the blackboard.」

「Yes!After he wrote his name, he labeled it’s tone!」

「Next to Koichi, he wrote Light. (laughs)」

「No matter how you look at it, it’s Sato Koichi!And if we want to see it’s phonetics,he also has to write the sounds in 『 Sato 』 too!」

「I think he must have really liked Death Note.」

「Oh please, that name would only appear in anime. Although there are more and more children who blame their parents for their strange names, I clearly see it as 『Koichi Sato』.」

The two people talking turned towards Sato Koichi with a mocking smile.

Sato Koichi ignored their whispers and only looked at the blue sky outside the window.

But it felt like he was only acting that way, giving an artificial air of self indulgence.

「Look at him…… oh right,isn’t there a name of a strange disease that describes people like him……」

「Darn,how can I not remember it. Is he tsundere?…… As if it has nothing to do with him.」

「What was it called?What disease, or what syndrome was it…… I can’t, I don’t remember.」

As the girl held her head in anguish, the English teacher finally heard the two people talking and knocked them on the head.

After a lecture, the teacher took a look around the classroom.

After the two female students quieted down, the other guys who were dozing in class hastily propped up their textbooks. The entire room was restored to a picture of a model classroom.

However, only Sato Koichi remained as he was before.


Koichi’s textbook was not even opened. He kept his back straight and arms across his chest as he continued to gaze into the sky.

To teachers, seeing Koichi stare at the sky was a typical occurrence, but they were still in class so he must still warn him. If he could, the teacher would ignore students like him because there was a look of disgust in his face as he confronted Koichi.

The old teacher began with a sigh….

「Hey, Sato, read the next section.」

He then reluctantly called him Light.

But the other party still did not respond. Koichi continued to unfailingly stare into the sky.

「Sato, you hear me? Translate the section on page 23.」

After the teacher repeated that, Koichi let out a deep sigh as he closed his eyes and picked up the textbook that was lying on his table.

Koichi moved and the room around him quieted down.

They saw him silently stand up with the textbook and use his leather-gloved right hand to flip to the section the teacher assigned him to read on page 23.

The teacher gulped in surprised as he watched Koichi move according to his directions. The students in the classroom also stared at him at his side.

In the public’s gaze, Koichi slowly spoke:

「Once upon a time,Genji often quietly went to the Sixth Ward. One time when he went to rest in the Sixth Ward, he saw that the Fifth Ward’s nursemaid had become seriously ill. He then cut his hair like a monk’s and prayed for her recovery before he went to visit again ——」

Koichi smoothly read the specified part of the page that the teacher told him to read.

The Tale of Genji” was one of the Japanese culture’s most classical of literature. Although it represented literature of that time, there are not many high school students who could understand it’s contents.

Even if someone were actually listening attentively in class, they should have no way to read the text so smoothly. A few seconds ago, Koichi did not even open his textbook but read the passage out loud as if he already knew how to properly enunciate it.

Koichi’s face relaxed into an easy expression as he read 《The Tale of Genji》 and left everyone around him speechless in surprise.

After Koichi finished reading the passage, he closed his textbook and sat back in his chair.


He silently shook his head and quietly let out such a sentence.

But the word perfectly described Sato Koichi’s train of thought.

School was really boring, how was this boring course going to help him in the future? What is the point of this kind of education that only tells you to read a passage in a textbook? There must be some other knowledge that was actually worthy of being learned. The education parents force upon their children was insignificant.

……That was what he wanted to say.

By the way, high school was not compulsory so no one actually forced him to attend school.

「Sato……You bastard……」

The teacher could only stand on the podium with a look of surprise on his face. He looked as if he was about to burst in anger but it wasn’t really his fault. There is no point in education —— was the 17 year old’s quiet accusation. No wonder the teacher would be angry.

Koichi sneered unhappily in response.


「———— We’re in English.」

The teacher was not bitter about Koichi’s attitude.


Koichi’s expression faltered for a moment but soon returned to his poker face, trying to look poised.

The classroom was still deathly silent.

In the midst of this silence, Koichi continued to stare at the sky.

「The sky…… is so blue.」

His innocuous statement tried to bury the past.

When the class bell rang, the entire school became noisy. Only Koichi’s classroom stayed silent.

Seeing the cold expression on Koichi’s face, the two girls who were whispering about him finally remembered the name of his disease.

They turned to each other at the same time and quietly whispered:

「「It’s Chuunibyou……」」

Yes —— he, Sato Koichi, already a high school sophomore, still has a severe case of Chuunibyou.

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