Poisoning the World : Chapter 443

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Chapter 443 : Magical Array

Her eyes could not help but look at the hot spring. What type of water was in that thing?!


It actually managed to restore her appearance to that of her previous life.


Her current appearance made her look like a sixteen or seventeen year old lady, just like a blooming bud in the beginning of spring.


She walked around, her moon-white dress floating like a cloud.


Ning Xuemo felt the material of the dress. She was not foreign to this material. At that time, as she was escaping Tianshu Mountain, she was also wearing a dress made from the same fabric.


These days, no matter how hard she tried, she could not remember who had given her the dress. Also, she did not know how the blood contract between her and the little qilin was formed.


She had all her other memories, but only this particular memory was missing.


She had asked the little qilin before except, just like her, the little qilin could not remember.


That was when she realized that her memory had been wiped clean by someone.


It was just like how in legends, it was said that after one met an immortal, one’s memory would be completely wiped clean.


She had kept that dress with her. Now, seeing the same fabric, suspicion rose in her heart.


Could it be that, while she was in the Tianshu Mountains, she had a deep interaction with Han Shanyue?!


Was he the person who set up the blood contract between her and the little qilin and gave her the dress?


The more she thought, the more probable this was! This person had high martial arts skills. Maybe he really had achieved Heavens Rank Level One.


Could it be that he and the Ancestor were similar types of people? Or maybe… they were the same person?


Immediately, she shook her head. Definitely not possible. It seemed as though that old Ancestor was not that idle. Not to mention, the Ancestor was rumored to hate all mortal customs. He would never take a concubine…


It was simply illogical!


Maybe this Han Shanyue was just a hermit and not as high profile as the Ancestor.


She raised her head to look at the sky. The blue sky was like a mirror and the clouds were faint. That sun was nearly in the middle of the sky; it was almost noon!


Right now, he must already be at the sacrificial temple to offer his sacrifices.


This time, Emperor Le Xuan was holding the grandest sacrificial event. All those soldiers were at the temple to protect and guard. Other places would therefore be more lax in security. This was her best opportunity to escape!


If she missed this chance, then she might not ever get another one.


She lowered her eyes to look at the beautiful dress she was wearing. This dress truly was beautiful but it was a little too eye-catching. If she wore this out onto the big streets, it would cause problems. It would be better to find something else to wear!


Ning Xuemo ran towards the exit. Even she did not notice it, but as she ran towards the door, it was as if she ran through some sort of clear barrier. However, before she could react, her body already tore through the clear wall.


She turned around to look at the door. There was nothing there.


Was it just something imaginary?


“Master!” The little qilin appeared out of nowhere. Just as it wanted to pounce into its master’s arms, it stopped, its grief-filled eyes looking at her. “Master, you’ve finally come out! I thought that you had fainted in there. I was so worried!”


“Why didn’t you go in to check?” Ning Xuemo was puzzled.


“There’s a magic array around this courtyard. If I try to run in, he’ll notice. He… he threatened me so that I won’t go in. Otherwise, he’ll send me to some barren desert to work out and not let me see master…” The little qilin looked even more pitiful.


Ning Xuemo was speechless.


Ning Xuemo, you’re on the right wavelength about Han Shanyue… Just a little more…

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