Poisoning the World : Chapter 428

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Chapter 428 : You Tore Your Pants

Ning Xuemo lifted her head and looked at him for a second, then she smirked. “Your pants are torn.”

Han Shanyue was stunned for a moment, and judging from Ning Xuemo’s position, she could definitely see the pants underneath his gown.

It tore? For real? Why couldn’t he feel it?

He instinctively wanted to lift his gown up to check but halted as he remembered something. With the jade flute in his fingers, he straightened his legs, and his body became stiff for a while.

Ning Xuemo rarely saw him in his embarrassed state and was trying to not show how she gloated over his embarrassment. The corner of her mouth turned upwards as she ignored him and turned around to enter the house.

Once she was inside, she looked out of the windows and found that Han Shanyue disappeared from the big tree he was at just now.

Surely he had gone back to his courtyard to check his pants…

Ning Xuemo could not hold it any longer and burst out into laughter, but she stopped herself halfway and took a quick breath.

Although she had planned her escape carefully, it was not easy to escape from Han Shanyue’s clutches.

She gently touched her lips and remembered that short moment when the kiss happened before slowly holding her hands together.

This was actually her first kiss with a grown man!

And she lost her first just like that?

Darn it!!!

She did not experience those heart fluttering moments that were described in the novels, those intense emotions right before the kiss with your loved one.


It was already late, and there were not many people walking on the main streets.

Xi Jue dashed across the streets furiously.

That scene of Han Shanyue hugging and kissing Ning Xuemo kept flashing in his mind…

He was so heartbroken at that time that he could not think straight. He wanted to go up there immediately to stop it!

However, that man who had her in his embrace casually waved his other sleeve, stopping Xi Jue’s movement. It was as though his body was paused momentarily as he could not move an inch further.

He finally understood that his martial arts skills were far below that of Han Shanyue’s!

And without even exchanging blows, he was already completely defeated!

He also understood that with Han Shanyue around, taking Ning Xuemo away was undoubtedly a foolish dream.

Moreover, the intimate scene of Han Shanyue and Ning Xuemo was something that he was absolutely unwilling to witness. Hence, once he regained his movement, he left without a word.

As her personal bodyguard, he did not manage to save her from that devil!

Xi Jue was crushed!

He continued running and finally stopped at a tavern that was still open. Without any hesitation, he entered the place and slammed the counter,  alerting the tavern boss.

The loud bang almost made the shopkeeper manning the counter jump.

“Shopkeeper! Give me ten catties of wine and two catties of beef!” Xi Jue demanded loud and clear.

He desperately needed the alcohol to extinguish the fire inside him.

He was about to find a table when just as he turned around, he saw someone at the corner of the table. He was slightly surprised.

Ji Yunhuang!

Vast Sky Empire’s mighty crown price, why would he be in this place?

The tavern had many seats, and yet he chose the most remote area at the corner of the place.

At this moment, Ji Yunhuang was already drunk, since even with the huge commotion  that Xi Jue caused, he did not even lift his head to look. Instead, he continued drinking one cup after the other.

He had many untouched dishes in front of him, even though he already drank a few jugs of wine.

Ji Yunhuang was of no doubt from the royal family; he possessed great poise.

He was clearly in a hazy state under the influence of alcohol, yet even when he was drinking, he remained graceful and elegant.

For some unknown reason, Xi Jue recalled Ning Xuemo explaining how Han Shanyue had the aura that was even more respectable than the ones of the royal family, and he felt even more unpleasant.


HAHAHAHAHA Oh my god, what I would give to see Han Shanyue’s face…

I really want to photoshop a picture of some ancient Chinese guy (Ibuki Satsuki draws them really nicely) as Han Shanyue onto a fat sheep (and then pin it to a dartboard). If anyone is up to doing a drawing of Han Shanyue x Fat White Sheep, send them to [email protected]! I would love to see some fan art, and I’m sure Han Shanyue would “love it” too~

My least favorite thing that I’ve ever done in a science class was that in my chemistry class, we spent soooooooo much time on sig figs that I literally never want to see them again. They still haunt my nightmares to this day…

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