Poisoning the World : Chapter 419

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Chapter 419 : Scared I’ll Eat You?

However, these days, she really could not detect anyone following her…

In order to make sure, she purposefully returned home late, around midnight.

After returning, the residence was quiet, with all of the servants working on their own deeds.

Some patrolled the residence while some had already gone to rest. Only the loyal Old Zhong waited for her by the residence’s door. After seeing her, he sighed in relief, scared that something happened to her.

She pretended to be nonchalant as she asked him about the state of affairs in the residence. Old Zhong replied that there was nothing out of the ordinary in the residence and that Master Han was also punctual about his comings and goings. He only stayed in this courtyard and never went out, nor asked about Ning Xuemo.

“Young Mistress, please forgive this servant for asking. What has happened between you two?” He felt that Mistress and that Master Han were having a cold war…

Ning Xuemo seemed to let out a sigh and waved her hand around, “There’s nothing.” She went into the residence.

“Young Mistress, these days, it’s best if you don’t go out. It’s not safe outside and you never bring a person with you. This servant doesn’t feel at ease.”

Ning Xuemo turned around, “Uncle Zhong, you also heard about the girl going missing?”

“Yes. I heard that seven people are missing. Once gone, they haven’t been found again…” Old Zhong was worried sick about this.

“Relax. No matter what, I won’t go missing. If I actually go missing…” Ning Xuemo blinked. “I wouldn’t let Uncle Zhong worry about it.”

Old Zhong could not help but sigh, “Young Mistress, this servant knows that you’re talented and courageous. However, this servant has heard that those girls that have gone missing aren’t weak and talentless either. Some of them are even martial art geniuses. Even His Majesty the Emperor was angry about this and sent down an order for people to investigate…”

“I know. I’ll be careful.” Ning Xuemo stretched and said lazily, “Uncle Zhong, I’m tired. Don’t nag anymore and go rest. It’s not early anymore.” Not hearing Uncle Zhong’s rambling, she quickly returned to her own courtyard.

Her courtyard was very close to Han Shanyue’s courtyard. She passed by his courtyard on her way to her own. Maybe it was because this Master Han was very talented and brave, but his courtyard door was always half open and never closed.

As Ning Xuemo passed by his courtyard, she peeked in and stopped at what she saw.

Han Shanyue was currently sitting underneath a grapevine and looking at the moon. Actually, it was more of admiring the stars than the moon, since the moon was only sliver. The light of the moon was very dim, but the light of the stars seemed to fill the entire sky.

He was sitting on a rattan chair, one hand holding a cup while the other hand lightly tapped on the chair. He seemed very leisurely and free. The hazy starlight outlines his silhouette, creating a misty kind of beauty.

Stunning! Beautiful as a painting!

These two descriptions jumped out of Ning Xuemo’s brain. Even though she did not particularly like these types of pretty boys, it did not mean that she was not willing to admire them.

At this moment in time, Ning Xuemo forgot all about her hatred towards him and was only filled with pure admiration… This person’s aura was truly majestic and one-of-a-kind. Just a simple pose made him look like a painting. No wonder so many girls became foolish in his presence.

If his temperament was not as bad, she might also have been attracted to him…

Her heart suddenly jotled. Why was she thinking of these ridiculous things?! She did not like these types of guys. How could she be attracted to him?!


Ning Xuemo, guard your heart! Don’t fall for him! Bad Han Shanyue! Stop being so handsome!

I’m actually a really big gamer. I play League, Overwatch, CS:GO, Vainglory, etc. I love MMORPGs and MOBAs~ Asia has some of the best MMORPGs that I know of… I’ve also seen Blade & Soul, which is in English, but I’ve never tried it out. And there’s Guild Wars… As for board games… Monopoly? Scrabble? Life? 😛

That’s why I love Volare’s two gaming novels. They’re female MCs AND they actually have stuff to do with games! Did I mention that they don’t have a ton of sex scenes and aren’t focused on a harem? If anyone knows of any other gaming novels that are similar, please tell me!

What’s your favorite mythical creature? Unicorn, dragon, etc.

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  1. joellyanne says:

    Sorry don’t have enough time to read all the novels I wanted to read so have given up on playing games for several years now…ZM starts drooling over HS. Please don’ fall for him yet as you need to make him suffer for awhile. He needs to learned to treat you better. Thanks for this update.

  2. Chee says:

    Thanks for the update. King’s Avatar is another gaming novel to take a look at. ^^

  3. halr says:

    hahahahah guild wars more like fashion wars hahahahaha……..

  4. Ye Qiu says:

    Blade & Soul is very good. I play it and the graphic, control system, story line, skills combo is 4,5/5 from me (0,5 for a room of improvement).

    Fav mythical creature? Hm… i like chinese mythical creatures like 4 great beast (dragon, phoenix, white tiger, black turtoise), or vermillion bird, qilin and the others from chinese legends. I love their stories and background 😁.

    For Xuemo, i think she’s already traped by HSY’s charms *chuckle*. And thank you for the chapter. Good luck with your study 😊

  5. DOHere says:

    Thank you for the chapter~

  6. MoonRaven says:

    Celtic people have dragons, too. Dragon, Selkie and Phoenix. Unicorns if you don’t make them too little girlish.

  7. Choosen says:

    Thank you Bunny ^-^

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    O.O I play Blade and Soul. I’m on hiatus and don’t know when I’ll be able to go back.

  9. Yeu says:

    Haha, I play Blade and Soul too. Been busy, so I haven’t been on in a while though. I used to play Guild Wars 2 a while back.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Try “Emporer of Solo Play”
    main character gets reincarnated after being betrayed by his guild in a VRMMORPG, so he vows to complete the game by himself. Just finished translating over on Wuxiaworld. 191 decent sized chapters.

  11. Elena says:

    League, Monopoly and Life 🙂

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