Parallel World Pharmacy: Chapter 1 Prologue

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Reincarnation to the Parallel World ~Doing One’s Best Moderately~

In the dimensional gap of endless deep space, where life once struggled to exist, no living beings knew that place.

In that infinite expanse lies a graveyard, guarded by an unnamed grave keeper, dead people sleep within the tombstone endlessly.

One day, the grave keeper chose one grave among the sleeping dead .

The grave keeper pulled out the memory core from the tombstone, established the space-time that it should return to, and threw it out into space. It flew off into the cosmos far, far away, and struck a boy on a certain planet, who had died of a lightning strike in broad daylight .

The boy’s heart began to beat again. The grave keeper even sent the personal effects of the dead person to rest beside the boy,

The core of the dead person assimilated with the core of the boy’s body who wasn’t ready for death , and the union of consciousness began.

“Falma’s pulse, it had completely stopped. But now, I can feel it.”

He heard a young woman’s voice after his sense of hearing was connected. The voice was trembling.

“So… was he revived…?!”

This time, it was the substantially rough voice of a man. The conversation between these two people with unfamiliar voices became gradually clear.

His vision was still inaccessible.

A strong damp wind blew off the dust that was on his skin.

The distant thunder reverberated eerily.

(What……. happened to me?)

He was a young pharmacologist living in Japan in the year 20XX C.E.

He was an excellent researcher, who always stayed overnight at the University Laboratory to do nothing but research. He had a clear headed and enthusiastic personality, eagerly researched until success, and sent out new medicine for incurable diseases one after another. His results were known throughout the world; people all over the world have high expectations of his success.

He made a name for himself while still young and lived a fast life.

Time is not enough, he wanted to create a world where no one would suffer from illness.

He wanted to heal more and more people.

A reckless type of young pharmacologist, burning with idealism.

He wanted to deliver the new medicines to the patient even just by a second earlier in a day. With the medicine that he made, he wanted to eliminate all kinds of pestilence and diseases on earth.

It was a struggle that he bet his life on.

However, halfway to achieving his dream, his struggle met a disappointing end.

Because he was immersed in his research day and night, his body reached its limit.

The cause of death was Acute Myocardial Infarction, a typical result of overworking.

Thus, before long he vaguely remembered his death.

This fresh life, in the noisy storm that had passed, had started when he fell clumsily and lay down. It’s the spring of 1145 of True Era.

“Master Falma! Hold on! This is Lotte, please hold on!”

Again, he heard the unfamiliar voice of a girl. The girl was crying while shouting and shaking him.

(Who is Falma?)

He wondered while struggling with an unfamiliar pain.

“Master Falma—–!”

(This is completely a mistaken identity)

He was lifted by several people and was carried.

—- Falma de Médicis, A boy who is an apprentice to a Royal Court Apothecary.

This man, who was originally a pharmacologist in Japan in his previous existence, that died from overworking, was living a fast life and didn’t work in moderation

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Proofreader: Sel Takura

9 Responses to Parallel World Pharmacy: Chapter 1 Prologue

  1. Chester says:

    This prologue is kinda confusing someone digs up an orb of the dead throws it at a dude who got striken by thunder wich merges 2 minds in 1 (i think it should be him taking over the body of a dead boy who got striked by thunder) as the syno already said beforehand.

  2. Arcandius says:

    As a pharmacology student, I’m so excited to read it :p
    Thx for the translation

  3. NP-3228 says:

    didn’t the god of death just randomly throw his soul somewhere? what are the odds of the new body being related to pharmaceutics

  4. Philip Jones says:

    The ending seems cut off. Thanks for the prologue!

  5. admiralen says:

    I hope he actually acknowledges all the people he doomed with his death because he couldnt work with a bit of patience

  6. Jango says:

    This is the web novel version. The light novel version usually has an editor, so a more fine tuned version should be released. I wonder if anyone is translating the Light Novel version.

  7. lol says:

    Thanks for the Chapter.

    maybe that Grave Keep sent his GOD power that is reason of no shadow LOL.

    anyone got LN translation?

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