Parallel World Pharmacy Chapter 1 Episode 2

Greetings customers of Moon Bunny Cafe…. On today’s special menu is Chapter 1 Episode 2 of Parallel World Pharmacy.

To get the full experience of the read, don’t forget to hover your mouse(tap if on mobile/touchscreen) on blue colored texts for translation notes. I have been doing this for all pages of Magic Robot Aluminare and Parallel World Pharmacy, I didn’t mention this before since I think the blue colored text is already a dead giveaway that it was special.

I would like also to show my appreciation to my friend Masadeer for proofreading Chapter 1 Episode 1 and that chapter was already updated

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your friendly neighborhood admin and JP translator,

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2 Responses to Parallel World Pharmacy Chapter 1 Episode 2

  1. David says:

    Regarding the blue colored, when it’s used with an image it kinda breaks, making the image centered on the text and having the ‘arrow tip’ above the image, obstructing it.
    I noticed it on the first chapter of PWP.

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