OMG! Gentle Demon and MuiMui-Tan Incoming!

Hi, I’m App. I’m picking up two previously dropped series. My current goal is to translate Gentle Demon (Now translated to Careless Demon) to catch up with the author, while also working on another lovely series involving a magical caterpillar. I give you my promise (Backed by a solid buffer in both series) that I will release one chapter of Gentle Demon a week, every week starting this upcoming Wednesday the 20th (Around 8:00pm PST, if you’re the type who mashes f4) and MuiMui-tan bi-weekly starting Tuesday the 26th at the same time.


In the meantime, I’ve just finished re-translating the currently released first 9 chapters of Gentle Demon to bring them more in line with the new translations and formatting. You can find them, and links to their previous translators here: Careless Demon Chapters. Or, you can start right into Chapter 1 -> Here!


You can also find the currently released MuiMui-tan chapters here: MuiMui-Tan Chapters. Or start the series from Here!

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20 Responses to OMG! Gentle Demon and MuiMui-Tan Incoming!

  1. Joshan says:

    woah where u poped up from! i mean thanks for picking this up.. so u re-translated everything from 1 to 9 huh well i think its good to get used to ur tl style .. kinda sad u stopped on c 9 tho ~_~ btw ur site a bit slow .. well as long as it loads its fine ~ thx again

  2. Human says:

    yay! thanks!
    been hoping someone would pick this up.

  3. gaitordone says:

    thankyou so much for picking this up, ch9 ended in the worst place 🙁

  4. Elhessan says:

    Thanks for picking up this wonderful novel.

  5. zenne says:

    Thanks for picking up this novel!

  6. Run1 says:

    Dude, My hero. Please dont drop this :’)

  7. DeadlyBell says:

    Tyvm for picking this up

  8. Buwitre says:

    thank you for continuing Golden Beast-sama

  9. Anna Tong says:

    now that it hosted on moonbunny cafe i can rest assured it’ll be released periodically.. ^^
    as always thank you for the amazing chapter :3

  10. ninjadejedi says:

    Oh my thank you so much for picking up Gentle Demon.

  11. toki says:

    I love you

  12. ero says:

    *mufu mufu app*

  13. Ankooo says:

    Thank you, I’m glad you pick up the Careless Demon chapter TTWTT I’m really grateful and i can’t wait to read the nest chapter, STAY HEALTHY, TY, and good luck XXDD!!!!!!

  14. OnTour says:


  15. Aoitenshi says:

    Btw, will you continue directly to the rewritten version for the sequel?

    • App says:

      That is the plan, yes. The goal is to catch up to wherever the author is and follow from there. I’m going at about double his pace and he has a year’s head start on us, so it won’t take long.

  16. Nome says:

    Omg, thank you so much for picking this up. No words can express how grateful lots of us are. XD

  17. Krokodills says:

    Big thanks for picking this up. This one is unreadable in google translate.
    PS. Don’t use local abbreviations for time zones like PST. Few people besides the ones living in that time zone will understand it. Use the universal one UTC -8. This way people can calculate the corresponding time for them without bothering Google.

  18. Vulpyn says:

    Thank you! Tank you! Tknyo! *breaks down crying*

    This is by far one of my favourites, I’m so happy you’ve picked this up!

  19. Anonymous says:

    thanks for picking this novell thanks a lot!!!

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