No Protection Tonight


Chapter 8: No Match


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I didn’t know how to respond to her awkward question. What did Tangsao mean? Is she going to divorce Tangge?


I laughed dryly and didn’t say anything. Tangsao seemed disappointed and told me to go to sleep in my room. I instantly felt regret; although I was from the countryside, I wasn’t stupid. I knew what Tangsao wanted to hear.


But those were things that I couldn’t bring myself to say since I was still related to Tangge by blood. Thinking about it in the confinement of my mind was different from actually articulating it.


I suddenly remembered the package delivered in the afternoon. “Tangsao, here’s your stuff.” I passed it to her and reflexively turned my head to look again.


Tangsao’s expression was confused and opened the box right in front of me. Instantly, her face contorted. “Zhuang Feng, are you crazy? Why did you buy these?!”


“Ah.” I felt exasperated. I paid the bill myself, and now Tangsao is mad at me? What the hell is going on?


“Tangsao, didn’t you order this? Look, there’s even a receipt,” I replied bitterly.


“That’s impossible, Saozi isn’t that desperate!” She rolled her eyes.


She didn’t look like she was lying. Even though I haven’t been with Saozi for long, I still knew her personality. Strange, was the delivery man really a scammer, then?


Tangsao was smart and quickly found the adult store online through the voucher. She called its service number and grilled the manager for details. He responded that it was another person who made the order and requested payment on delivery. They were only following instructions.


We felt even more puzzled, and Tangsao asked the manager for their phone number. At first, he wouldn’t budge in the name of “customer privacy”, but when she threatened to call the police, he panicked and promptly relented.


“I’m going to see, just who is this irritating!” Tangsao angrily dialed the number.


“Hello, who is this?” The female voice at the other end spoke perfect Mandarin.


Tangsao flared up. “Was it you who seduced Zhuang Dongliang?”


“Huh?” The woman sounded disoriented.


“You b**ch, you tempted my husband, and dared to send d*ldos into my home? Come at me in person if you’re not a coward!” It was clear that Tangsao couldn’t swallow her pride. If it were me, I wouldn’t be any less furious if someone were to steal my girlfriend and have me pay for sex toys.


“Oh, hello, this is Feida Collection Agency. Your husband Zhuang Dongliang took out an overdue loan of five hundred thousand plus.* He hasn’t been picking up his phone, so we’re trying to contact his family. Please return the loan, or else we will be forced to take legal measures. If it becomes necessary, we will dispatch personnel to visit your home.”


*About 77,000 USD.


Tangsao’s brows furrowed. “Are you joking? How could he take out a loan?”


“Oh, if you don’t believe me, here’s my number, 134-xxx-xxxx. I’ll scan the contract and send it to you.” Soon, Tangsao received a load of photos. There was his signature, a picture of him holding the contract, and all the agreed terms and conditions.


Tangsao’s face darkened, and she started to shake. “This sick bastard, is he getting tired of living?!”


“Saozi, don’t be sad. Maybe he wasn’t thinking straight.” I wasn’t used to comforting people, and my words were no more than pouring salt in a wound.


“Mm, what is there to be sad about? He should just die outside.” Tangsao turned away. Though her words were careless, her tears spilled involuntarily. She probably felt a little guilty for not restraining her husband enough.


In the next few days, Tangsao stayed in a depressed state and spoke few words. I wanted to cheer her up, but it was no use. The strange packages kept on coming; d*ldos, erection pills, toys. All of them required payment upon receipt. I followed Tangsao’s instructions and turned all of them away. Because of this, there were no lack of arguments with the delivery man.


Ah, they were still just doing their jobs. If I had to blame someone, it would be on Tangge for owing that much money in the first place. He just wouldn’t come clean.


In the end, Tangsao couldn’t take it anymore and decided to call the police. Thankfully, they were quick and efficient, and they immediately contacted the collection agency. Soon, the firm called and apologized, promising to collect the debt from the right people using the right methods and wouldn’t disturb her personal life any longer.


After the call, our lives returned to normal. Tangge slowly faded out of view, as if the house was only under me and Tangsao. To be honest, I loved this feeling. I even imagined that she was my wife.

However, our peaceful days didn’t last long. One night, I bought her favorite wontons and fried pancakes and rushed home in delight. But Tangge was home… To be more specific, he was dragged there by some burly men.


They demanded Tangsao to return the debt, but she naturally wasn’t willing to. She wasn’t about to give up her savings gathered little by little over the years just because of her broken relationship with Tangge.


Two of the men had cornered Saozi, and they smiled with an expression that anyone would know all too well. “But, it’s fine if you won’t bring out the money. You can let us have some fun, and we’ll extend the deadline for a few days.”


“F**k, this chick is a real gem. I can’t hold back anymore.”


“Don’t waste your breath talking to her. Last time when she called the police, our company got personally reprimanded. Today, we’ll stuff her mouth full with d**ks.”


Hearing their ugly words, Tangsao’s face went pale with fear. She cried for them to back off. Tangge laid motionlessly nearby, even reproaching her for calling the police before talking with him beforehand. What a lowlife.


Thankfully, I had arrived just in time, or else something serious might have happened. “Stop!” I threw the food at them.


They were caught by surprise and greeted with a face full of scalding wontons. The soup was piping hot, too—even a pig’s skin wouldn’t be able to endure it.


“Motherf**ker, don’t interrupt me while I’m having fun!”


“You’re going to hell tonight.” The two of them advanced in fury, as if wanting to rip me in half.


“No!” Tangsao’s scream was in genuine fear for my well-being. Even when Tangge was beaten up like ground beef, she hadn’t been as scared as she was now. My heart swelled with happiness.


I didn’t feel any fear when they thundered towards me. It’s no more than a fistfight, what’s the point of being frightened? These city people had long since grown used to relaxation and pleasure, I could barely even look at their frailty.


I reached out, grabbed a wrist, and twisted hard. Crack. The sound sent a chill through the room.


“Ahh…!” He howled painfully and writhed in agony. I had at least dislocated his joint.


The other brute was sly and tried to catch me from behind. My elbow shot out and sunk deep in his stomach. “Euurgghh.” He hacked up flecks of spittle and blood, looking like a complete mess.


“Eh.” It wasn’t just the ruffians, even Tangsao and Tangge were stunned. The air seemed to freeze solid.


In their eyes, I was just a little punk, but I had easily handled two aggressive brutes. It appeared to be impossible.

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