No Protection Tonight


Chapter 7: The Problem of Awkwardness


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I let out a sigh of relief and didn’t say anything else. She was drunk, and just wanted a little comfort. However thirsty I may be, I can’t lose my morals.

Tangsao stood up and walked to her room. I felt an impulse to have her stay, but I didn’t have a reason. Forget it, I have to be sensible about this. If she didn’t leave and I couldn’t control myself, the result would only add salt to her wound.

I was worried that the shadow wouldn’t leave her heart, but a parcel arrived the next night. I was well used to Tangsao’s online shopping, but this time, the delivery man wanted three hundred bucks*. I was suspicious, for Tangsao had told me to be cautious. There were many con men and scams in the city, and one should always be careful when it came to money.

*About 45 USD.

I asked him why he was collecting such a sum, and he looked at me quizzically. The order was made to pay-on-receipt, and he gave me a voucher.

“Kong Adult Store, Power Pulsator – 198, Pleasure Lube – 38, Okamoto…” If this were a month ago, I definitely wouldn’t have known what these were for. But after all those Japanese AVs, I was practically half a “veteran”.

But I was completely surprised. “Dude, did you get the wrong house?”

“Huh?” He took out his phone and read: “Huimin Estates, Building #6, Li Chunmei, 158-xxx-xxxx. There’s nothing wrong.”

He even got Saozi’s phone number right and started dialing.

“Wait, wait. Three hundred and eighty, was it? Open the box, let me see what’s inside.” I never really had anywhere to spend the one thousand that I earned from Saozi. Maybe she’d finally realized that even a vibrator is better than Tangge.

But I was still afraid that the person in front of me was a scammer. He didn’t deny my request and opened the tightly-packaged box. The delivery man complained as he cut it open, “Young man, why would I lie to you, this isn’t the first time I’ve delivered a package to your house. That lass of yours is damn cute, with her long legs, great bust, and nice ass. I was wondering why she bought these things, might be because you—”

A sympathetic smile appeared on his face—no, it felt more obscene than anything else. He had assumed I was her man, but it wasn’t very shocking that he would. Tangsao always ordered takeout when Tangge was on his business trips, so he’d never met him before.

I chuckled but didn’t really know how to respond. I started checking off the things listed on the voucher.

The delivery man was getting excited, shaking his head as he slapped my back. “Young man, there’s a clinic north of the city, dedicated to curing dysfunction. You can go take a look over there. Ah, it’s a waste for such a charming lady to resort to dildos.”

“Here’s the money.” I quickly ushered him away. Saozi really seems to have some backbone; last night she was crying uncontrollably and climbing on my bed, but it barely took her a day to order toys.

This twist had made my jaw drop, though it wasn’t really anything bad. She couldn’t wallow in heartbreak forever. Hehe, Tangsao was really annoying to only order women’s products, she should’ve bought some for me.

Now that I thought about it, I felt a bit of regret at having the delivery man open the box outside. Tangsao had ordered it for herself, and it was lucky that we were the only ones who saw it. Or else, how could she go out in public again?

Strangely, I felt rather eager. Since Tangsao bought them, they definitely wouldn’t go to waste. My blood boiled at the thought…. Dear lord, I can’t take this. I ran to the bathroom to jack off.

After making dinner, I saw that it was raining outside. I called her multiple times, but she didn’t pick up. The rain was steadily increasing, like the worry in my heart. Saozi hadn’t gone and done something stupid, had she?

After all, she was a very emotional woman, and rainy days were often the trigger of such violent thoughts.

I grabbed an umbrella and ran out to find her like a headless fly. I looked everywhere she could possibly be, but I couldn’t catch Tangsao’s silhouette anywhere. It wasn’t until ten o’clock when the night was growing black when I found a small diner and called Tangge’s phone. It sounded very noisy on his end.

“Hey, Tangge, Saozi’s missing.” In contrast to my passionate concern, Tangge seemed fairly relaxed.

“Oh, it’s fine. Just let her throw her tantrum,” he spoke negligently.

There seemed to be someone who was toasting him to a drink.

“But—” Before I could finish, Tangge quickly hung up the phone.

Ah, I really can’t find her anywhere. I rushed hectically back home. But to my surprise, the lights were on—Tangsao had come back! I pushed open the door and found her lying on the sofa with a mournful look on her face. Raindrops hung from the edges of her hair.

Although I was careful with my movements, Tangsao still woke up. She stood up straight, and she furrowed her eyebrows: “Zhuang Dongliang,* where the hell have you been, is it really that fun outside? You don’t know when to come home, do you?!”

*Zhuang Dongliang is Tangge’s real name.

Saozi’s bombardment of questions left me stunned. She’d mistaken me for Tangge? Could you not be so dramatic?! Cough, I was positive that if I played up his character, our clothes would come off in no time.

“Saozi, I’m Zhuang Feng. I couldn’t call your phone, so I ran out to find you,” I explained.

She blinked, and disappointment shone in her eyes. She collapsed on the sofa like a deflating balloon.

I could tell that her love for Tangge was really deep. Even when he cheated on her, she still couldn’t let him go. Ah, if I were to have a wife like this, I would laugh myself awake.

I brought dry towels and wiped Tangsao’s hair, but her tears kept falling. “I knew that he wouldn’t come back, but you weren’t at home. I thought that even you left me.”

Her anguish felt piercing. “No, never. No matter what, I’ll always be here for you.” I quickly shook my head and tried to comfort Tangsao’s emotions.

I ran downstairs to buy a can of coke and boiled a kettle of it with ginger.* I poured out a cup and gave it to Tangsao.

*This is one of those old household remedies. Same thing like sucking on a lemon for car sickness, or applying vinegar to grass stains. This one helps to deter colds, I guess.

“Here, drink some, or else you’ll get sick from the cold.” I helped her up, and I saw affection in her eyes. “Ah, Feng, only you would tend to me like this. I’m sorry about what happened back then, I shouldn’t have treated you that way.”

“Hehe, it’s fine.” I was a little embarrassed by Tangsao’s compliment. She really was gorgeous, and her woeful state right now would easily provoke any man’s sense of protection.

Her soft frame curled slightly, showing every one of her breathtaking curves. I did my best to look away.

“Feng,” Tangsao called out to me, seeming a little too sudden.

“What?” I asked.

“Why are you so good to me?”

That was a hard question. The hard truth was that I didn’t even know myself. Before, I hated her, but with each step of understanding, my view towards Tangsao had changed, and I even found myself tending to her.

I hesitated slightly. “Because you’re my Saozi.”

“Oh, then what if one day, I wasn’t your Saozi anymore?” Tangsao pouted and asked me blandly. She didn’t seem too satisfied with my reply.


*Congratulations for making it this far! Just a reminder that Saozi means “sister-in-law”, so Feng isn’t related to her at all.

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