No Protection Tonight


Chapter 5: Bottomless Void


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He found the baggie in the last drawer and poked at it. There were more than a couple packets in there!

“Fa-facial masks, Tangsao froze them on purpose,” I stuttered. But Tangge didn’t even bat an eye and tossed it back in.

Jesus, I felt like I was about to die from fear!

During the entire afternoon, my heart couldn’t rest for a single second. Tangge grew tired of the TV and went back to the bedroom to play on his computer.

When it was almost five, I walked to the kitchen to make dinner. Suddenly, Tangsao opened the door in high spirits. “Feng, look at these oysters Saozi bought for you! Come eat—”

My face twitched with panic, and I threw a look at Tangsao. It was only then when she realized Tangge’s presence. After a moment of awkwardness, she strode across the room and greeted Tangge tenderly as if to a kitten.

Soon after, Tangge led her into the bedroom and locked the door. Even an idiot would know that they were going to nudge-wink. For some reason, my heart grew sour, and I even considered knocking on the door.

Back then, I wished with all my heart for Tangge to come back and save me from Tangsao’s hell.

But I was being too selfish. It was all too natural for him to be affectionate with his wife, what right did I have to interfere?!

I’m already lucky enough to break the physical barrier with Tangsao, why do I have to take a mile after gaining an inch? Some scars must be buried deep in the heart, where they will remain forever.

A speck of boiling oil flicked onto my arm. Strangely, I barely felt the pain. Once I finished making several dishes, I called for them to eat dinner.

“Feng, you can eat first, don’t worry about us.” Tangge’s muffled voice came from the bedroom.

The food that I cooked deliciously now tasted like wax. I stared dully at Tangsao’s room. Normally, this would be the time she did it for me, and I wondered if she felt the same dissociation that I did.

After a long while, the door opened. Tangge walked out first, and I quickly started eating my food in case he noticed something.

“Feng, your Tangsao’s friend’s birthday is today. She invited us out to eat, do you want to come with us?” Tangge opened the shoe cabinet and took out a pair of dress shoes.

“No, thanks. I still have schoolwork tonight.” To be honest, I did want to go with them, but I was afraid that I’d be a lightbulb. And for some reason, I felt incredibly strange seeing the two of them together.

“Sure, we’ll probably come home late anyway. Sleep early.” Tangge made his way down the floors.

Tangsao came out after a few minutes. She’d put on light makeup and wore a top that showed a little of her generous cleavage. Along with her bare legs, she emanated a marvelous sense of charm. Any man would feel a sudden urge to pull off her clothes.

“Feng, do you want barbecue? I can bring some takeout for you,” Tangsao asked. I didn’t feel the kindness and hospitality she had shown me before.

“No need, you guys have fun.” I shook my head, refusing to look at her.

Tangsao didn’t seem to mind and abruptly turned around after two steps. “Right, throw away the stuff in the fridge later. You mustn’t mention whatever happened between the two of us in front of your Tangge, or you’ll be sorry.”

I listlessly confirmed, and she closed the door.

Throw it away? Is Saozi kidding me? Excessive masturbation harms the body like walking into a tornado, but I still gritted my teeth and did it. Wasn’t it all for Saozi’s happiness? For her sake, I didn’t mind being sucked dry.

But her words clearly reminded me to break away from those thoughts. I lost my appetite and brought out the bags from the fridge. A bold idea bloomed in my mind—what if I tucked these under Tangge’s pillow? That’ll tell him the troubles I’ve gone through in the time he was gone.

Then, I gave myself two hard slaps and said to myself, “Zhuang Feng, what the hell are you thinking, that’s your Tangge! Don’t go around destroying other people’s households!”

Ah, it was probably best to dispose of the bags anyway. At least I wouldn’t have to worry about Tangge finding out. But I didn’t understand why Tangsao needed that much sperm.* Even if she wanted to use them as facial care, she wouldn’t be able to use them fast enough. Throwing them away was practically a waste of natural resources, and it wasn’t easy for me to make all of these.

*Disclaimer: Whatever you think is/might happen is not going to happen/happening. (Note from TL)

After trashing them, I trudged back to my room. I tossed and turned in my bed, unable to sleep. It wasn’t until one in the morning when they came back dead drunk. Tangge was holding Tangsao by her waist, and his sweet words stirred up my discomfort.

Soon, Tangsao helped him wash up. She was really an excellent wife and didn’t show disgust even when her husband was totally wasted. She even poured a cup of tea for him to help with digestion, and brought a plastic tub in case he threw up.

Because my door was open, I could clearly see what was going on. Drunk people were quite unpredictable, so Tangsao couldn’t sleep even though she was really tired.

I couldn’t bear to watch any longer, so I got up and pretended to go to the bathroom. I walked up to her and said, “Saozi, let me take it from here. You can go rest.”

“Ah.” Tangsao paused, but before she could say anything, Tangge pulled her to his lap and slurred, “Feng, you, you can go sleep, us men are meant to be served upon by women.”

Tangsao’s face flushed, and she reprimanded, “Don’t do anything stupid, Feng is watching.”

“What’s wrong with touching my wife? Even if the heavens came, they can’t stop me.” Tangge laughed in a carefree manner.

Tangsao looked exasperated, and whispered, “Don’t worry, I’m already used to it. You still have class tomorrow, so go to sleep.”

Ah, this idiot woman. She looks so trapped with that expression on her face. I somehow understood why she was so strict and unhappy when I first came, raising her temper at every little thing. Saozi was suppressed by Tangge and needed somewhere to let out her frustration. As one of Tangge’s relatives, it was no wonder that I became her punching bag.

But after being with her for so long, I’ve realized that Tangsao isn’t a bad person. Rather, my Tangge was completely full of misogynistic tendencies and only cared about his own pleasures rather than his wife’s feelings.

I exhaled. Well, as an outsider, I didn’t have the right to meddle with the couple’s business. But from Tangsao’s face, I caught a shred of hardening. I had a hunch that something big was about to happen.

Their muddling only lasted for a day. When I came home on the second night, I heard them arguing just as I opened the door.

“Why do you want more money? Didn’t I just give you twenty thousand* last month?” That was Tangsao’s voice.

*About 3,100 USD.

“Ah, just do it when I tell you to, didn’t I say that construction just started? I just need to slide more money in to beef it up. Once the buildings are finished, they’ll be dragging in profits by the millions. Then I’ll return it along with interest, what more could happen?” Tangge snapped back. I could hear his anger.

“Tch, how could those drunkards you call friends make money with you? Tell me, do you have another woman outside?” Tangsao interrogated strongly. Even I was surprised by her attitude, for she never flared up like that without a reason.

“Don’t talk sh*t with me and change the topic!” Tangge immediately retorted.

“I knew you’d deny it, look at this photo yourself!” Just as she finished, Tangge exploded.

“Li Chunmei, you’re such a f**king rat, using my fingerprint to unlock my phone while I was sleeping! F**k you!”

Slap. The sudden noise pierced my heart.

*Li Chunmei is Tangsao’s name.

I knew that the situation was spiraling out of control, and I rushed up. “Don’t!”

But I was too late. Tangge’s palm had slammed into Saozi’s face, and her phone was smashed on the ground. Tangge didn’t listen to my plea and ripped away her necklace and gold bangle.

“Tangge, where are you going.” I instinctively blocked him, and I felt awfully sorry seeing Tangsao roughed up on the ground. I even had the impulse to hit him back.

“Get out of my way, you don’t need to meddle with adult matters. Just focus on your studies.” Tangge’s face was contorted. It was the first time I’d seen him so angry.

Seeing that I didn’t reply, Tangge walked past me and out the door.

Out of filial piety, I didn’t stop him and hurried to help Saozi. Anguished tears traced the curves of her cheeks. It was really a heart-wrenching sight.

“Saozi, don’t cry. Tangge was the one in the wrong.” I didn’t really know how to comfort people and panicked a little when she started to sob dreadfully.

“Is he even human? He used the money that I saved myself to treat other women.” Tangsao’s tears didn’t stop, and her shoulders shook. I brought tissues and lightly held her while wiping her eyes. I couldn’t help but stroke her face.

What was wrong with Tangge? How could he not cherish such a beautiful and sensual wife? He really didn’t know how to hold dear to something not easily obtained.

Tangsao lamented her situation; she couldn’t understand how a quick shot like him could catch a woman’s eye.

After their wedding, she found out that Tangge had erectile dysfunction. It was extremely difficult for him to satisfy Saozi’s physical needs, but she didn’t complain and found her own ways to contain her urges when she really needed to. She never did anything inappropriate.

Of course, she looked a little embarrassed while explaining this to me and I could only awkwardly smile. But for some reason, a feeling of mirth rose within me. With the crack in their relationship, could my chance be coming closer?


*With that last sentence, I imagine that MC’s face would be like when Saitama tricked Blizzard into paying for French fries because he lost his wallet. One-Punch Man, Chapter 87.


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