No Protection Tonight


Chapter 29: Toothbrush


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Tangge paused at my accusation. “Feng, you’re still young, you still don’t understand certain things. Disobedient women should be taken care of, or else it won’t stick in their memory.”

From his steely tone, I figured that I wasn’t similar to him at all. In my eyes, women are to be spoiled and loved, not beaten.

Saozi saw me differently from him because she had found what didn’t exist in Tangge within me.

“Even in the village, there’s no one like you. You can’t hit her anymore.” My tone was borderline authoritative, and I had no idea where my courage came from.

Just as I spoke, I felt that it wasn’t very appropriate, since I was still more junior than him in age. So I added, “If Liu Jie were to know, she’ll definitely get angry, she despises domestic violence.”

My mind clicked, using Liu Jie as a shield. Tangge’s face tightened, and he seemed to shrink backwards. “Ach, Feng, don’t get me wrong. It’s all bark and no bite, of course I’m good to your Saozi. You can ask her if you like.”

“Hmph.” Saozi turned her head.

I felt relieved. If it were a few days ago, Tangge definitely wouldn’t give me any face. After all, that was his personality: never admitting his own mistakes.

But now that he thought that Liu Jie was my boyfriend, his view towards me changed greatly. It was clear that his intentions were fixated upon Liu Jie’s father. Tangge looked a bit frantic seeing my wavering expression, and said, “Feng, please don’t tell Liu Jie, I’m not myself when I get drunk. Ahem, Mei, I’m sorry, it was my fault.”

Saozi didn’t say anything, and kept skinning the apple. The atmosphere was a bit awkward, and Tangge left saying that he had to do something at work.

Once the door closed, she broke into tears. Her sobs were a pitiful sight, “What’s wrong, Saozi, did you accidentally cut yourself or something?”

“No, after all these years of marriage, that was the first time he’s ever apologized to me.” She bit down hard on her lip and turned her head again, not wanting me to see her tear-stained face.

There were always some matters that Saozi never wanted to tell me about, which was expected. Tangge was a stubborn person, and if I were to say anything out of place, she would definitely be punished. But now that we had been together for a while, I had become her most loyal confidant.

I subconsciously reached out and patted Saozi’s small head. Not only didn’t she protest, she was enjoying it, looking like a cute kitten.

After all, I wasn’t smart enough to think of words to comfort her. All I knew how to do was convey empathy through mere touch.

She slowly stopped crying, and leaned on the bed. Maybe she hadn’t slept very well the night before, because she fell asleep almost instantly. From my angle, I could clearly see her creamy breasts, and her sultry lips never seemed so attractive.

Suddenly, I had a bold idea. I bent over and slowly inched downwards. I’d never felt more eager to kiss her, and the distance between my face and hers grew shorter by the second. Ten millimeters, five, the moment was right before my eyes- Saozi’s phone started to ring, and her eyelids fluttered open. Our gazes were so close that I could feel her puffing breath.

“Ah, Feng, what are you doing!” Saozi’s face reddened, and she rolled her eyes at me. Her involuntary charm made my heart skip a beat.

Saozi didn’t make a fuss, and glimpsed at her screen to see who interrupted my opportunity.

“Liu Jie.” She smiled knowingly at me, and picked up the phone. Liu Jie’s first words were asking where I was, and why I hadn’t been in school.

“Visiting family.” I whispered to Saozi. If Liu Jie were to know that I was in the hospital, she would definitely blaze in like a wildfire and destroy my small world with Saozi.

Her smile showed a bit too much delight, and my heart raced in fear that she would get back at me for what happened earlier. Thankfully, Saozi played along, and explained that I had returned home because of a family emergency. Liu Jie then asked how long it would take.

Saozi told her it would take a couple days, and that I would return as soon as I take care of the situation.

I was deeply impressed. Saozi had demonstrated perfectly what talking bullsh*t with your eyes wide open was.

Liu Jie didn’t doubt her for a second, but she wasn’t so eager to hang up. She started a few feminine conversations with Saozi, such as which brand of tampons was good to use, or which nail salon had the best bang for the buck.

Later, their talk escalated to a horrifying level. Liu Jie asked embarrassedly, “Mei-jie, do you think I should start wearing sexy lingerie to lure Feng a bit more? I just can’t feel anything from him right now.”

I almost spat out a bit of blood hearing her, and Saozi was trying to hide her laughter.

“Well, I don’t really know about that, but he’s from the countryside, so his mind is a bit more on guard. Don’t wear things that are too revealing, or else he’ll get some funny ideas.”

I felt exasperated. Excuse me, what the hell, I even pushed away Saozi last time when she drunkenly tried to approach me.

“I don’t mind him being dirty with me, I’m just worried that he doesn’t think I’m good enough.” Liu Jie mumbled.

“Don’t worry, you’re absolutely beautiful. I would try to chase you if I were a boy. Don’t think too hard about it, he just has a wooden brain.” Tangsao’s praise delighted Liu Jie.

“Hehe, thank you. Mei-jie, please don’t tell Feng that I told you all of this.” Liu Jie pleaded, and Tangsao naturally promised her.

When she hung up the phone, I felt like I had developed awkwardness cancer. Liu Jie would probably never think that I heard their entire conversation loud and clear.

Saozi hid a smile. “Little brat, what on earth did you do to make her fall head over heels for you?”

“Eh.” I didn’t know how to answer her.

Thankfully, Saozi didn’t press further, and even seemed to forget about what I’d tried to do earlier. I felt a bit irritated that she didn’t say anything, as I had prepared a bunch of compliments that ended up going to waste.

With the next few days, Saozi never left my side. I made a speedy recovery, and Tangge didn’t come to the hospital after he left. Though I thoroughly enjoyed the private time I spent with her, the hospital fee wasn’t small and I was behind on my studies.

When I finally managed to check out and go home, a pungent smell of instant noodles wafted out as soon as I opened the door. Takeout boxes littered the table, and Tangge was playing on his computer. He looked like he hadn’t gone out of the house for days, and Saozi started to argue with him again.

But this time, Tangge didn’t try to fight back; rather, he smiled and said that he was waiting for her to come home. Saozi gave up and started to clean up the mess.

Later, he asked me how I was doing, and whether Liu Jie’s father had contacted me or not. I was confused on the last part, so I asked him.

“What does her dad have to contact me for?”

“So, here’s how it went. I called Mr. Liu a few days ago and explained my situation. He promised that as long as you and Liu Jie are together, he would lend me the money I need.” Just as he finished his sentence, we heard Saozi scream.

“Zhuang Dongliang, what the f*** is wrong with you?! Are you insane!” It was the first time I had seen Saozi that angry. Her impulsive personality was quite scary when let out all at once.

S**t, the last thing I wanted was for them to fight again. I had literally just gotten my head fixed. *


But to my surprise, Tangge didn’t argue. He kneeled on the ground with a thump, and I was shocked. What was this?

“Yes, I’ve gone insane, I’m a total jerk. I know what I’ve done in the past was wrong, and I’ve failed every single time I tried. But I want to succeed and create a better future for myself. If it were possible, I don’t want to make trouble for my Tangdi*, it really is embarrassing, but I don’t care. If I don’t return the loan in three days, I might disappear from this world, I don’t want to, I don’t even have any children yet…” Tangge started to sob as he spoke, and his wretchedness made him look like a beggar.

*Tangdi means younger cousin.

“Hmph, just shut up. You’ve already lost your dignity as a man pleading like this, you’re nothing in my eyes.” Saozi bickered.

“Okay, then I’ll just go and wait to die.” Tangge went back into his room.

I brooded about it, but didn’t say anything. In my heart, I hadn’t recognized Liu Jie as my lover yet, and we were still high-school students at the end. If it were just a few tens of  thousands*, then it wouldn’t be so bad, but for a few hundred thousand, Mr. Liu would have to practically treat me like his son-in-law.

*Ten thousand USD at most. The narrator is estimating, anyway.

Tangge was still in the bedroom at dinnertime, and wouldn’t come out. Saozi seemed very distressed. Finally, she sighed and went to knock on the door, saying that she would wire her two hundred thousand to him.

Soon, Tangge opened the door, looking as if a light had shined on his face. He said a bunch of sweet-talk to Saozi, and even lifted her up in joy. He kissed her fiercely and said, “When it really counts, it’s still my wife who’s the most reliable.”

I wasn’t very happy about it. What the hell did this count as?

Saozi had him promise to never discuss money with me, and Tangge agreed wholeheartedly. It was only then that she transferred her money to him. *

*TL-note: I know what you’re all thinking, but I’d like to remind the fact that Saozi is doing this so her husband wouldn’t go bankrupt and result in MC having to go back to the countryside, which will mean their separation. Also big surprise at the end huehuehuehue

Ah, after calling me “little idiot” and urging me not to sympathize with Tangge for so long, she was the one who gave in at the end. Well, they still shared the same household, so Saozi probably couldn’t just let it burn to ashes.

I didn’t sleep well that night, and didn’t feel like coming out of my room. I didn’t want to risk seeing either of them.

In the middle of the night, I woke up from the urge to take a piss. Just when I was about to push open the bathroom door, I heard a strange noise. Someone was in there.

I peeked through the crack, and it was Saozi! And she hadn’t noticed me!

She had drunk a lot of wine, and the bathroom was fuming with the stench of alcohol. She was wearing a black body-tight dress, and her enticing, bare legs were spread open carelessly. Her pink panties were pulled down to her knees, so I had a really nice view from my angle.

But the strangest thing was, she was holding a toothbrush and gently rubbing it against the spot between her legs. With a closer look, it was mine!

Jesus, what was Saozi doing?! My heart was beating heavily from the scene that seemed straight out of an AV. A part of my body was already as hard as a rock.

And she was wiggling the toothbrush, murmuring, “Feng, Feng.”

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