No Protection Tonight


Chapter 28: Ejaculate!


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Right now, Saozi’s way of handling things wasn’t smart at all. Tangge always had a bad temper, and even more so under the influence of alcohol. I could feel his greed for money; if five hundred thousand were to be in front of him right now, he might even be willing to exchange Saozi for it.

“You b***h, who do you think you are.” Tangge flared up suddenly, and raised his hand to hit Saozi.

I quickly blocked his hand, and told him to calm down.

But Tangge’s drunken anger couldn’t be tamed at all when it was at such a high peak. He roared at me to f*** off, but I shook my head. No matter what, I had to protect Saozi.

His face contorted, and he pushed me away violently. His sudden and surprising strength along with my unpreparedness knocked me off my feet. My body lurched backwards, and the back of my head crashed into the corner of the wooden sofa. I felt warm all of a sudden, and blood streaked down my neck.

Before I could say anything, I heard Saozi’s scream. She rushed to Tangge in a fit of hysteria, and slapped him across the face as hard as she could.

“Zhuang Dongliang, you a**hole! If anything happens to Feng, you’re dead!” She glared at him, and quickly helped me lie down. She dialed 120 while asking me if I felt okay. *

*120 is emergency medical services for China.

I weakly shook my head, telling her that I was fine and not to worry.

She sobbed as she asked me how I could be fine when I’d bled so much. Her tears dripped onto my face.

Saozi’s stress and care made me realize how much she cherished me. At that moment, I even felt that the crash might have been worth it.

Tangge was also shocked, and he ran into the bathroom to wash his face.

Saozo wanted to carry me downstairs on her back, but I refused. There was no way her weak frame could support my weight, but I finally agreed to sling one arm around her neck, leaning against her shoulder.

Her intoxicating aroma lifted my spirits, and I reluctantly peeled my vision away from Saozi’s bust. My head was still bleeding, and if I’d kept watching and died from excessive blood loss, that would be a real shame.

Soon, the ambulance arrived, and I was wheeled into the emergency room. The doctor cleaned my wound and determined that I’d suffered a mild concussion. I was lucky that I’d arrived to the hospital so fast, or else there would’ve been some permanent damage.

Tangsao sighed in relief, and repeatedly thanked the doctor. When he left, she started to cuss that Tangge had a pig’s brain and completely loses it when he drinks, that it was a miracle nothing serious happened to me. I smiled and said, “As long as Saozi didn’t get hit.”

She paused upon my words, and her eyes started to redden again. She pursed her lips, “You idiot, a slap is nothing. It’s not like I haven’t been hit a lot already, and what happened to you was far scarier. What would happen to your Saozi if something happened to you?”

Her talk stirred up some deep emotions inside me, and her fluttery eyes shone with a mesmerizing light. I couldn’t help but take her little wrist, “Am I really that important to you?”

However, my actions were a little too direct with her question, and Saozi immediately reacted by breaking away and rolling her eyes.

“What are you thinking, you little bastard, what I meant was, if something serious happened to you, he wouldn’t get off so easily. If he’d ended up going to jail, wouldn’t your Saozi practically become a widow?” Her hurried explanation was at least plausible.

“Alright, Saozi, you should go home now. Tangge’s still drunk, he probably needs to be taken care of.” Ugh, it was rare enough that I, an honest and down-to-earth guy, had a chance with romance once in a while, but Saozi just had to ruin it and leave my heart on the floor.

“Tch, I think you’re the one who needs more care than anyone. I’m not going back; he should reflect on his own mistakes!” Tangsao still looked angry, but it was more of a cover for her unrestrainable attention to me. Naturally, I didn’t argue.

In the night, I stood up to take a piss. Despite my best efforts to tiptoe and be as silent as possible, Saozi still woke up from the nearby bunk. She quickly got up to hold me steady, and kept fussing that I should’ve roused her to help me; it would be bad if I’d fallen down and hurt myself again.

I was a little awkward. The hospital room had a restroom, so I didn’t want to bother her.

Saozi insisted on going in with me, and kept the light on while watching with interest, making me blush.

“Saozi, I can’t piss with you watching.”

“Tch, then how did you come in front of me back then?” She was unfazed.

Excuse me, pissing and ejaculating are two very different things. Watching Saozi while coming was bliss, but having the opposite sex nearby while urinating was just plain uncomfortable.

She giggled upon my distress, looking as beautiful as a field of blooming flowers. She waited at the door until I was done. Then, she asked if I was hungry or not, and offered to order takeout.

I shook my head, not wanting to bother her any longer, and told her to sleep.

Saozi laid on her side, resting her head against her petite palm. The sexiness of her posture was hard to describe. Sadly, her blanket covered the rest of her figure, and Saozi started to chat with me.

She said, if Tangge were as caring as I was, it’d be a dream come true.

As our talk dragged on, I heard Saozi’s breaths become long and steady. Seeing her sleep peacefully gave me an immense sense of satisfaction. What had started with her coaxing me to sleep ended up the other way around.

The following morning, Tangsao brought a large breakfast into my room. After we finished, Tangge suddenly walked in with bags full of tonic and healthy foods with an embarrassed smile on his face.

“Feng, are you feeling alright?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I replied.

“Ah, I’m really sorry, Tangge had way too much to drink last night. I wanted to come see you, but I didn’t know which hospital you were at. Your idiot Tangsao wouldn’t pick up her phone, either.” He apologized.

“Hmph, what good would returning your call do? Adding oil to the fire?” Tangsao retorted nearby, skinning an apple.

“Hey, it’s your fault for trying to argue with me, and I’m not going to do that now. Feng needs to rest, and I’ll take care of you when we get home!” Tangge said angrily, stirring a feeling of discontent in my gut.

Saozi was a very tender person. Because I had a head wound, the doctor recommended soaking my feet in hot water to restore normal blood flow. She had run to the corner store in the middle of the night to buy medicine as well as sugar to help me force it down.

When she helped me soak my feet and rolled up her pants leg, I realized why she’d wore long jeans. Her pale calves were sprinkled with purple bruises. Just yesterday I was confused over her choice of clothes since the weather was so hot.

It went without saying that her injuries were Tangge’s doing. Because Saozi didn’t bring out her money, he had kicked her without hesitation.

One could imagine just how ruthless he was before my arrival. He must’ve abused her all he wanted, and it was no wonder that Saozi had been horrible to me initially. Of course I didn’t blame her in the slightest, and would do almost anything for her happiness.

“Tangge, do you really like hitting your wife so much?” My anger started to boil with these thoughts swirling in my head.

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