No Protection Tonight


Chapter 27: What If Women Watch P**n


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Before I could enjoy myself, Saozi’s head lurched back. Her face was on fire, and she whispered, “Little bastard!”

The sales employee briskly walked up to usand said, “Excuse me, our store doesn’t allow excessive intimacy between customers, please stop.”

Saozi glared at me, and looked like she wanted nothing more than to dig a hole to bury herself in. After paying for the shoes in a hurry, we left the shop.

Along the way, I kept trying to explain to Saozi for fear that she had misunderstood it as intentional.

“Hmph, then why don’t you tell me why you were hard all of a sudden?” Tangsao interrogated as she strode forwards.

I couldn’t think of an excuse to that question, so I admitted the truth. “Saozi, when you were kneeling down, your cleavage was completely exposed. I couldn’t control myself upon first glance.”

The corners of her lips curved upwards, revealing a stunning smile. A light of satisfaction shone in her eyes, and I felt that Saozi either already knew my answer and wanted to hear it from my mouth.

“Tch, then are you always hard around Liu Jie?” Saozi pursed her lips disapprovingly.

“Nope, not at all. Her attractiveness can’t be compared to yours at all.” I shook my head. Honestly, though, I was speaking from my heart. Saozi had an indescribably tempting aura around her; by the time you looked at her once, any guy would start daydreaming. Of course, I was no exception.

If we were to use alcohol as an example, Liu Jie would be a refreshing glass of pineapple beer*, while Tangsao would be a fiery, aromatic, and unforgettable shot of aged vodka. One sip would send you soaring into the heavens.

“Hmph, is there honey smeared on your tongue or something? It’s no wonder that you managed to snag yourself a young lady of high status. I’m in a good mood, so I won’t bring up what happened anymore.” She smirked, and then told me I needed a phone so we could communicate more easily.

I didn’t want her to pay for me, but she kept insisting. We walked into a store and looked around in the lobby. Saozi was going to buy an expensive one for me, but I didn’t let her and randomly picked a thousand-yuan smartphone*. She registered a phone number for me along the way.

*Two hundred USD. Fun fact, Chinese smartphones nowadays are really a bang for their buck. Most of the ones around three hundred USD have their screens extended to the corners just like the iPhone X, and they’re as big as the new Galaxy S-Pluses.

When we got in the car, Saozi shared a couple of porn sites with me that were chock-full of shameless material. She even reminded me that I could use them to “release my hormones” properly.

I was rather turned off by the whole ordeal. It was quite a sight to see Saozi, a steady housewife, send me porn links that she had bookmarked herself.

“Ahem, Saozi, can I ask you a question?” I couldn’t hold back my curiosity.


“I have… reactions when I watch AVs, do you?” This question had been bothering me for a while now. Though I passed biology with decent marks, the teacher had never taught us anything like this before.

“Mm, it feels… itchy.” Her face reddened a little, and her voice had dropped.

“Then, do you rub at it?” My heart thumped.

“You little bastard, what is your brain thinking of while you should be studying?!” She didn’t answer my question, but I felt it was safe to make an assumption.

Talking about these topics with Saozi really made my heart leap with joy.

When we arrived home, there was no lamplight shining through Saozi’s window. The bedroom door was locked, and Tangge opened it lazily a long while after Saozi had knocked.

I had an ominous feeling. Could Tangge have been watching AVs? But with such a smoking, sexy wife, did he really need to? Saozi didn’t nag him for it, and asked him where Tangshu was. His face immediately darkened, and he said that the old man wouldn’t give him the money. They had gotten into a big fight, and Tangshu went back to the countryside on the last train.

I went to the kitchen to prepare dinner, and a few steaming-hot dishes were served on the table in no time. While we were eating, Tangge kept asking me questions. How were my studies going? How far was I at with Liu Jie?

My answers strayed into the gray line of truth and lies, and after two glasses of wine, he started to nag about our filial relationship and how he took care of me when we were young.

I could guess pretty clearly what his intentions were. As I expected, after a while, Tangge told me directly to borrow five hundred thousand* from Liu Jie’s father and that he would return it after half a year at most.

*73,000 USD.

Tangsao kept giving me looks nearby, and I explained stubbornly that I’d just started dating Liu Jie. If the matter turned to money, she might immediately flip on me. Of course, I was just coming up with a logical excuse to refuse his demands.

Tangge looked disapprovingly at me when I refused him. He blamed me for being unthankful, along with so many other things that it felt like his words were biting at my heart.

Ah, they all say that the truth comes out after enough drink. Tangge valued face a lot, and maybe it was because he’d been driven to such a low point in his life that he would swear at me unashamedly. It was just as Saozi said; he always relied on others to fix his own mistakes.

He had been selfish since a young age, and I’d seen plenty of examples myself. Back then, he would always take everything for himself when Tangshu brought back some delicacies from the market. It was only when Tangge didn’t want to eat any more or it was almost expired that he thought to share them with me.

I didn’t really care about what happened in the past, since it had already gone by. But I could imagine how things had been when Saozi lived with him. It might’ve been because I was living here that they would control their emotions. After all, whatever happened in the house had to stay in the house.

But he didn’t give up. “Feng, you must have Liu Jie’s phone number. Dial it right now, I’ll talk to her.”

“No no no, Tangge, I would try to help, but talking about a five-hundred thousand loan so early in our relationship is just too much. They definitely wouldn’t agree to it, isn’t this just stabbing yourself in the foot?” I laughed awkwardly.

Saozi backed me up. “Dongliang, just don’t make trouble for Feng.”

“This is between us cousins, what right do you have to meddle? Do you like him or something, I’ve never seen you this nervous!” Tangge slapped the table, and glared at Saozi.

My heart dropped. F***, could Tangge had caught on to something? My leg started to shake from agitation, and I even thought to accede to his request. There was a strong possibility that Liu Jie would agree, though it would have to pass through her father. After all, five hundred thousand wasn’t a small sum.

“Your temper’s always been horrible, you haven’t changed at all.” I was grateful that Saozi knew Tangge better than I did. She looked so calm and composed that I felt the Oscars owed her a little golden man.

“Hmph, speak for yourself. You have money, but just aren’t willing to bring it out. Do you not trust that I’ll return it?” Tangge spoke drunkenly. I let out a breath of relief; there wasn’t anything backing up his accusation.

“Yes, I don’t trust or respect you at all. After all these years of marriage, have you thought of giving me a single cent? I wouldn’t even care that much if you hadn’t achieved anything, but you’ve even managed to cook up a debt. In the end, all you’ve been thinking about is relying on your father, you’re not a man at all.” Saozi had always been afraid of Tangge, but to my surprise, she had grown courageous enough to criticize him. She had started to stand up for me.

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