NPT C25 Part 1

No Protection Tonight


Chapter 25: A Rising Star (Part 1)


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Maybe it was because she was the first, but Saozi took a very important position in my heart. However, it was very hard for our future together to succeed in any way. Still, I couldn’t stop myself from daydreaming.

Because, when Saozi was drunk, she did ask me whether the two of us could go a step further if she wasn’t my in-law. Sadly, all the “ifs” humans think about are just lies to themselves, things that we can only desire but not achieve.

I remembered that night clearly. When I couldn’t take it anymore and hurried to go masturbate in the bathroom, I distinctly heard Saozi’s sobs. Her emotions must’ve be even more complex than mine, and I couldn’t lose my sense of morality just because I felt bad for her. After such a long time of not being able to satisfy herself, she must’ve climbed on my bed thinking of my young, strong body under the influence of alcohol.

Of course, I’ve also wondered how things would’ve turned out if I had slept with Saozi.

While I reminisced and thought about all these things, the time-out was over.

With their earlier losses in mind, Li Zhiyuan and his team didn’t dare underestimate me again. Once I got the ball, I pushed forward carefully. I was like a jaguar, darting through their defenses. Li Zhiyuan kept shouting, “Quick, don’t let him get over there.”

Suddenly, a player lunged towards me. I wasn’t fazed, and dodged him easily to steal the ball. Much to my surprise, the guy was suddenly sprawled on the floor, yelling while clutching his knee.

The game was paused, and the referee rushed forward. He had a serious expression on his face, “Oh no, this isn’t good. His foot is broken.”

“F**k, Zhuang Feng, that’s just evil. Why did you hurt our teammate?” Li Zhiyuan demanded. The other players followed his lead.

“If you want a fight, we’re more than happy to do that.”

“You know, I was even sort of admiring your basketball skills, but now it’s clear that you just play dirty!”

The accusations were pointed at me like javelins, and the referee sighed. “Classmate, your actions have severely broken the rules. I’ll have to remove you from the game.”

His words instigated fervent discussion all around us, and whispers seemed to come from everywhere.

If I were to be off the court, the others would definitely get mowed down. There wouldn’t be any chance for us to win, as Class Eight would catch up in points in no time.

Li Zhiyuan hid a malicious smile. I had seen him laughing with the referee during the timeout, but it didn’t click in my mind at the time. Now that I thought about it, this all must’ve been planned.

F**king hell, did they think I was someone they could bully? My teammates looked nervous and scared, discussing whether or not to forfeit.

“Wait.” I didn’t back down, and demanded, “For what reason are you kicking me off the court?”

“Hmph, what kind of question is that? Because I’m the referee, punk. Even if you disagree, there’s no use, whatever I say goes.” The referee smirked at me in contempt.

I tightened my fist. “If you aren’t fair about this, I’ll beat you up.”

The referee paused, and let out a shriek of laughter. “Little brat, you’re just clutching at straws here. What part of this am I being unfair about, I’m a certified province-level referee. Whatever, I’m not going to waste my breath. Hey, Class Five, are you still playing or not?”

My stomach roiled with anger. Our class’ honor was right in front of my eyes, yet it had fallen into the referee’s hands. And, I couldn’t do anything about it.

The other teammates looked at me helplessly. If I were to nod, they would immediately forfeit, meaning that all my hard work earlier would go to waste. It was obvious that they had pretty much already given up, so I didn’t feel like putting them in danger any longer.

“Hehe, it’s just disgraceful to play dirty like that. Hurting someone to win is just a horrible thing.” Li Zhiyuan cackled.

I nodded as a signal to forfeit the match, and the referee’s eyes glinted with satisfaction. “And the first place for this year’s basketball tournament goes to-”

“Wait.” A clear, masculine voice rang out nearby.

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