No Protection Tonight


Chapter 24: You’re So Mean


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Their spirits lifted with my encouragement, and the two classes soon walked onto the basketball court.

It was a rather sorry sight. Even the students from our own class was cheering on for Li Zhiyuan, but our only cheerleader was Liu Jie.

Everyone who watched thought that we were on a suicide mission. Though, that wasn’t anything to be surprised about.

I’d heard some people talk about Class Eight, second-year. The whole class was pretty much all headed into athletic colleges, so their grades didn’t really matter. In every sports competition in our school, they’d always been at the top, snagging every single athletic award possible.

With the blow of the referee’s whistle, the game started in a flash. I was quick to grab the ball in one leap.

“Hmph, let’s see how you think you’re good enough to steal my woman.” Li Zhiyuan growled, and charged towards me.

With an easy sidestep, I dodged him and rushed to the other side of the court. The other players must’ve never anticipated that I would evade Li Zhiyuan, and were too late in trying to stop me.

I ran to the basket, and dunked the ball in with an simple jump.

“Clang”. Dead silence followed the tumble of the ball, and everybody stared in disbelief.

“F**k, am I dreaming right now?”

“Wait a second, did Class Five just score?”

Even the referee looked bewildered that we succeeded that easily.

Li Zhiyuan’s face darkened. To him, this was a really, really big deal. “What the hell, did you guys grow up eating crap? You guys couldn’t block him with that many people?”

Class Eight wasn’t too happy with his scolding. “Yuan-ge*, didn’t you fail, too?”

*Remember, the prefix -ge means “big brother”, in a friendly/familiar way. It’s the same with how Zhuang Feng’s classmates call him Feng-ge.

“Shut up, how could I fail? I was just trying to create an opportunity for you guys, or else I’d just steal the spotlight. Don’t blame me.” Li Zhiyuan grumbled.

I almost laughed out loud. This guy was insecure to the max. His teammates stood in awkward silence, and didn’t say much else.

On the contrary, our class was at a new height of excitement. “Feng-ge, you’re the coolest!”

“I couldn’t even keep up, we scored?”

“Feng-ge, you were hiding your claws all along!”

Their reaction was as if I had already won, though I didn’t quash their joy. The hardest step for a person to take is to face their own problems, and the best way to solve them is to take slow, steady steps.

They lacked that bravery, and I was more than happy to give them a push.

In the next round, the ball fell into the other team’s hands. The guy was fierce, and pushed right through our class. But when he shot the ball, I slapped it out of the air, resulting in it landing in Wang Xiaopang’s hands. He looked surprised and afraid, and it was clear that his limbs didn’t have any coordination from his lack of exercise. He ran only two steps before crashing onto the ground.

“Haha, this fatso is too funny.” The onlookers cracked up, and even our own team started scolding him.

“Stupid fatso, you never listen to us telling you to stop jacking off all the time.”

“What an eyesore…”

They were too caught up with teasing him, and forgot to keep in track of the ball. In no time, Li Zhiyuan snatched it up.

“What a bunch of lowlifes. Let me show you how it’s done.” Then, he shot forward like a bull. But after he sprinted a few meters, his teammates couldn’t help but remind him.

“Yuan-ge, go get the ball back, what’re you standing around for?”

“What do you mean get it back, the ball’s right h-” Just as he spoke, Li Zhiyuan looked down at his empty hands in confusion. He hadn’t realized I had already taken the ball from him.

Another beautiful dunk earned me another round of praise from our class.

“Whoa, Feng, you’re too awesome!” Liu Jie squealed in the distance.

With two hoops lost, Class Eight was in a state of dismay.

“Yuan-ge, there’s something wrong with this kid.”

“His skills are at least province-team level!”

“F**king hell, you guys keep an eye on him. I should be able to handle the rest by myself.” Li Zhiyuan started to issue orders.

With all of those people on my tail, things weren’t looking so good. If they had any tricks up their sleeves, I’d be in trouble.

Soon, I had possession of the ball again, but five or six people from Class Eight were blocking my way. I couldn’t break past them like I did last time, and I was afraid they would try to make me score a penalty if I came in contact with them.”

“So you think you’re some hot sh*t, punk? Let’s see you score another point against us.” Li Zhiyuan sneered confidently.

I squinted my eyes at the hoop. Though I was half a court away, I took aim and shot the ball. The wind was rather heavy, and it might have interfered with my estimates, but I had no choice since I was blocked by so many people.

“Is this guy crazy? Shooting for the hoop ten or so meters away?”

“What an idiot, who does he think he is?”

“Shut up, at least he has enough balls to try. What about you?” Liu Jie stood against the jeers. I never thought that the girl would care about me so much; I would be lying if I said I wasn’t moved.

The ball flew nearly perfectly into the basket. Though it bounced slightly against the rim, it still went in.

“Ahh?” In the stadium, there was no sound besides the ball hitting the floor. The atmosphere was extremely bizarre.

“Did it go in?” The referee swallowed nervously. He had walked away to smoke a cigarette, and probably never thought I would score. After all, the chances of that happening were on par with getting pregnant while using a condom.

“I think it did.”

“Wow, what the hell?”

“I just can’t believe this is happening.”

Even Class Eight started to question if they could win or not.

“Sh*t, this can’t be real. We need a time-out, we’re too tired from our previous game.”

The referee didn’t object. During the break, Liu Jie jogged over to give me a bottle of water. Her face was lit up with joy, “Feng, you’re so cool that I don’t even know what to say.”

“Ahaha, am I now like a hero to you?” I chuckled.

“Hmph, I can’t even compliment you once without you getting cocky. You haven’t won yet.” Liu Jie rolled her eyes.

“Ah, playing against them is a joke. As long as my classmates keep passing me the ball, we’ll win for sure. I’m more worried about whether I should even let them score any points; that Li Zhiyuan is way too arrogant, sticking to you like gum on a shoe.” I spread my hands, and accidentally touched Liu Jie’s breasts. The tender feeling made my heart soar like an eagle.

“Ah.” Liu Jie immediately blushed. “You’re too mean.”

Then, she jogged back to the distance. I realized that this girl was rather cute, the type that makes you feel relaxed at the sight of her. Being with Liu Jie didn’t give me any pressure or anxiety, and I even felt a sense of dominance around her.


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