No Protection Tonight


Chapter 14: Drunk


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After hearing my words, Liu Jie’s face paled. She shook with anger and asked, “What, what do you mean? Are you saying you’ll help any girl who’s in trouble?”

I was momentarily stunned by her question. If I really thought about it, the reason why I helped Liu Jie was because she’s cute and pretty. I didn’t want her to be bullied, yet she developed feelings for me. I should be quick and clean in my response, so she wouldn’t pine for me.

“Yep, that’s right.” I nodded after a brief pause.

“You stinkin’ sunflower, you’re the worst!” Liu Jie seemed about to faint from anger. She raised her tender hand as if to slap me.

Since she looked so heartbroken, I didn’t make any move to dodge it. But Liu Jie hesitated, bit her rosy lip, and then sprinted out the door.

Just earlier, my classmates were filled with envy and jealousy. But now, it was as if they were looking at an idiot.

“F**k, Zhuang Feng is really admirable. Not only does he have that young lady, even the class flower* confessed to him. His luck with women is off the charts!”

*Class flower = the most beautiful girl in a class. You may also see school flower, which means the most beautiful girl in the school.

“He already has a hot lady, what difference could Liu Jie make?”

With that sentence, everyone seemed to suddenly understand. Liu Sanmao strode over and said, “Feng, you really have it down, don’t you? You’ve done it with that young lady!”

“Ah.” The “young lady” he mentioned was clearly Tangsao. Even he thought that I rejected Liu Jie for her. Though it was true, I didn’t want to confirm it.

Tangge’s company was nearby, so I was afraid that they would spread rumors. If he were to hear anything out of place, it would all be over.

“Sanmao, don’t be stupid. Do you want me to beat ya up?” I got a little defensive and pushed him. He crashed into a table corner, gnashing his teeth in pain.

“Ouch, I’m just messing with you. Look how nervous you are, don’t tell me that I’m actually right? It’s not easy to get someone as high quality as her.” He chuckled, but a hint of fear crept into his voice.

But, what did he mean by saying I’d already “done it”? Tangsao had climbed into my bed while she was drunk, but if word of that got out, there would definitely be an uproar.

Liu Sanmao asked curiously, “Feng, now that you’re dropping out, what’re you gonna do?”

“Who told you that I was expelled?!” I guess it was the first time I realized how devastating rumors could be. The school still hadn’t even given their final verdict, yet people’s mouths were already flapping with lies.

“Ah, did the principal really not punish you for beating up Guo Tao?” Liu Sanmao paused before asking in an incredulous tone.

“What can he punish me for? That bastard was asking for it.” I shrugged my shoulders. I was still mad about what happened. If Guo Tao wanted to meddle with me, he’d better be ready for the consequences.

“Wow man, you’re the boss!” Liu Sanmao gave me a thumbs up but didn’t say much after. Maybe he thought I was bluffing.

For the rest of the afternoon, there were plenty of people who came to our classroom window pointing fingers at me like I was some exhibit, murmuring that I pulverized Guo Tao.

Because our school was strict and didn’t allow bribes among students, he told his underlings to guard the common routes home and bully middle-schoolers for money. Even if the teachers saw, this happened outside campus territory, so they kept one eye closed to avoid trouble.

A lot of people were glad that I took care of him, and some lower grade juniors even saw me as a hero. But my peers weren’t so quick to accept it, and they all thought that I wouldn’t be able to stay at school for long.

Because Tangge was away on his trip, I didn’t go to evening studies. After school ended, I went straight home at a light jog. To be honest, I loved being alone with Saozi. It felt warm and familiar.

But strangely, Saozi wasn’t home. I boiled some noodles to eat and watched some television. There was a landline at home, but I thought it wouldn’t be right to call her. I’d made it clear that afternoon about not wanting our relationship to progress further.

It was only six o’clock. Tangsao should have easily guessed that I was going to come home early for her. What happened?

So I waited until nine o’clock. By then, I started to worry.

We hadn’t had the chance to be alone for a long time, and Tangsao had now disappeared? I dialed her number, waiting for quite a while before she picked up.

“Hello, hello.” It sounded noisy on her end, like she was out on the street.

“Mei, don’t go home tonight.” Before I could speak, I heard a stranger’s voice.

“Saozi, where are you?!” I asked anxiously. I had an ominous feeling.

“Ah, Feng, I’m on my way home.” Tangsao seemed surprised that I was the one calling.

“Do you want me to come pick you up?” I had an inkling that she was in trouble from the stranger’s words earlier. With her beauty, Tangsao wasn’t safe anywhere at night

“Don’t worry, I’m almost there. You can just come down.” Tangsao paused and didn’t reject my request.

I hurried down the stairwell and waited for a couple of minutes. Soon, a black BMW cruised by and stopped at the curb. When the door opened, a strong smell of alcohol wafted out.

Tangsao looked befuddled from wine. A man wearing glasses sat in the driver’s seat, and an evil smile hung on his face. I felt angry just looking at him.

Saozi almost tripped, but my reflexes were fast enough to catch her. Her soft, creamy body clung to mine.

“Four-eyes, what did you do to her?” I tapped the car window and raised my eyebrows.

“Hey, hey, take it easy. It was just some alcohol, what else could I do?” “Glasses” glanced at me with irritation.

“Feng, don’t argue with him.” Tangsao was still awake and urged me. I didn’t really know what to say.

“Mei, I’ll see you later.” “Glasses” smirked, waved his hand, and then drove off.

Saozi hadn’t gone easy on the wine, stumbling with each step. To prevent both of us from falling, I draped her across my shoulders.

She was wearing a tight skirt, exposing her long, milky legs. Her ass was curved at a seductive angle, but I didn’t have time to admire it.

I was infuriated—that glasses sh*thead was clearly bad news. Why would Tangsao get tangled up with him?

It wasn’t until we came home when I noticed. Red hand marks were scattered across Tangsao’s pale legs.

Her hair was messy, and her clothes were stained with cake and alcohol.

Just as I put her down, Tangsao slipped her slender arm over my neck and in one fluid motion, she pressed her mouth against mine. Her warm lips seemed to light every one of my nerves on fire.

And her delicate, small hands were sliding slowly into my shirt, feeling every inch of my skin. Her silky tongue broke down my defenses even more.

To be honest, I was a rather pure boy. How could I endure this kind of intoxicating stimulation? Somehow, Tangsao had stolen my first kiss.

But I didn’t lose my senses. If there were any uncontrollable impulses at the time when Tangsao drunkenly climbed into my bed, there weren’t any at this moment. I didn’t have a shred of desire besides my biological reaction.

I was furious, too. There was nothing wrong with her and Tangge loving each other; they were a down-to-earth husband and wife, so their relationship was proper and within reason. But I saw her being sent home by some pervert with my own eyes, yet she’s trying to vent her lust onto me? My heart was going f**king nuts.

I couldn’t take it anymore, the whole ordeal was just too vexing. I pushed her away with a slap on the face—Crack!

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