No Protection Tonight

Chapter 13: Say You Love Me


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When we walked out of the office, I couldn’t help but apologize. “Saozi, I’m sorry, I made trouble for you. I’ll try to return the money as soon as I can.”

“Hey Feng, Tangsao is gonna get mad if you say that. You were standing up for me in the first place, and I’m pretty happy about that. What difference does twenty thousand make? If it were your asshole Tangge, he would definitely bow down to those guys without a complaint.” Tangsao turned her face up jokingly.

Is she complimenting me about the fight? I was speechless, what kind of guardian was she? When I was overcome with anger, I never considered the numerous classmates watching nearby. Everyone found out about it in no time.

“Saozi, I accept your good heart, but I can’t let you pay the bribe by yourself. That’s just immoral.” I kept my stance, even though I had no idea how I was going to make that much money.

Tangsao seemed a little distraught. “See, I don’t even know what to say. The only thing your tangge thinks about all day is how to leech off me, but you’re the one who’s always timid about spending money. If he could be half as considerate as you, I’d laugh myself awake.”

I could only laugh dryly. Tangsao lived under suppression, and she’d never had a place to vent her stress. After all, Tangge was someone who valued face and easily jumped his temper when he heard any negative comments.

“Feng, don’t worry about that money until you get out of school. You should focus on your studies, don’t end up like that pig you call your tangge. Don’t make friends with the wrong people,” Tangsao lectured. I could see that she felt displeasure toward him, but she didn’t dare to talk trash about Tangge in front of me.

After sending off Tangsao, I sauntered off to the classrooms, attracting fiery attention and whispers.

“Wait, sh*t, isn’t that Zhuang Feng? Didn’t he get sent to the police station?”

“I think he went to the principal’s office, actually. He’ll definitely be expelled after an incident like this.”

“Oh, so that’s how it is. Hehe, serves him right for fighting Guo Tao.”

“Hey, shut the f**k up. At least he had one last grand moment, what about you?”

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry after hearing their words. Though now that I think about it, I doubt the situation would ever be publicly exposed. If the media were to find out and report it, the school would definitely suffer from a drop in admission rates and their reputation.

Before I could walk through the door, a stampede of classmates rushed out of the room. I felt like a celebrity.

“Holy sh*t, Feng-ge, you were so awesome. You totally destroyed the school menace.”

“Feng, do you think someone as handsome and renowned as me can be your underling?”

Of course, there were mocking comments, too.

“Tch, he won’t be here for long. He’ll be cleaning out his desk in no time. According to the school guidelines, someone like him won’t even be able to get a diploma, and he’ll be forever stuck hauling bricks. Do you want to end up like him, too?”

The person speaking was the class president, Li Zhiyuan. I didn’t know him very well, but it was common knowledge that he had a huge crush on Liu Jie. When Liu Jie gave me snacks last time, he’d turned red with anger, looking very comedic.

Li Zhiyuan’s grades were very good, and he was often in the class’s top five. But he really liked to show off—every time he got a high score, it was as if he wanted nothing more than to shove his test paper in everyone’s face. Even the people who scored in the top three for the entire grade didn’t flaunt their results like he did.

I strolled to my desk, and Li Zhiyuan kept insulting me. “Ah, what a shame. It looks like he also knows that his future is doomed and wants to stay in the classroom for a bit longer. But, classmate Zhuang Feng, I heard that you’re good at beating people up, so maybe you can go be a security guard. Rotting away and waiting to die isn’t a bad way to go.”

I didn’t care enough to pay him much attention and just thought he looked like a clown. But, Liu Jie couldn’t take it anymore.

“Li Zhiyuan, shut up! I’m not letting you make fun of him.” Her voice was as vibrant as a songbird, even when she was yelling at someone.

“No, Jie, how am I making fun of him? Everything I said is true, a fiend like him won’t count for sh*t in the real world, and you’re—” Before Li Zhiyuan could finish, Liu Jie stomped over and slapped him across the face with a crack.

“…” Silence filled the classroom. Nobody had anticipated that the normally gentle Liu Jie would have such a side.

Li Zhiyuan was stunned and tears quickly streamed down his face. “Jie, how dare you hit me for him? This is too much!”

Then, he ran out the door, invoking laughter from his fellow classmates. It was rather amusing to see him cry from getting slapped by a girl.

Immediately after, a sweet-smelling breeze rushed to my senses. I lifted my head and saw Liu Jie in front of me.

She pursed her lips, and an expression of sadness appeared on her beautiful face. “Zhuang Feng, can I have your number?”

“Eh, I don’t have anything like that.” I hesitated. Though I wasn’t the smartest guy, it was obvious that Liu Jie liked me a little. What happened before might’ve felt like sweeping the road to me, but to her, I was practically Prince Charming.

“Tch, you’re lying. They said that you were the first one to ask for that lady’s number. Do you hate me or something?!” Liu Jie puffed her cheeks. Her soft, little face was extremely cute.

Eh. What number, that’s my Tangsao. I didn’t feel the need to explain, but I was surprised at how fast Liu Jie had jumped to conclusions.

“I don’t hate you.” Who doesn’t like beautiful women? I felt that Liu Jie was a very pretty girl from the moment I stepped into this classroom for the first time. She had a face like a porcelain doll, but I’d kept my distance since I didn’t feel at ease with her as someone from the countryside.

Now that I had real feelings for Saozi, I had a solid reason not to mess around outside of home. Or else, how would I be any different from Tangge?

“Okay, then say you love me,” Liu Jie whispered with embarrassment. Her expression was full of expectancy.


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