No Protection Tonight

Chapter 12: Rush


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“I’m not afraid, it’s just… I don’t know how to say it. Tangsao, you should go home, I’ll bring the thermos back at night.” I shook my head. She was from the city; she didn’t understand my dilemma.

“You still say that you’re not afraid? Looks like your perversion hasn’t changed one bit. Don’t worry, your Tangge is out on another business trip.” Tangsao really was a naughty person. She seemed to be amused by my fear.

“No wonder you came to visit me.” I didn’t really feel comfortable. On the bright side, Saozi cared about me a lot; on the not-so-bright side, I pretty much counted as Tangge’s substitute. I could only contact her when he wasn’t around.

“What, are you jealous?” Tangsao asked carelessly.

“Yep,”I replied without thinking as I took a spoonful of soup. Saozi’s expression changed, and her face blushed slightly.

“Puuhh—” I sprayed the mouth of soup onto the floor and quickly shook my head. “No no, how could I be jealous? Tangsao, don’t misunderstand me, I thought you were asking me whether the chicken soup was good or not.”

She rested a hand on my leg and narrowed her eyes as if to laugh. “Hehe, Tangsao can easily misunderstand from that nervousness of yours. But now that your Tangge is gone, we can finally have some fun again.”

Her definition of “fun” rekindled my spirit. I was excited, yet on edge at the same time. Did Tangsao have a death wish? Tangge clearly had some suspicion of what was going on, and now we’re going to stick our heads into his tiger mouth? I’d be doomed if he caught me.

“No no no, Saozi, we should just keep our distance. If you want semen, I can make some in private.” Some things needed to be taken with precaution. If anything went wrong, it would be too late to regret it.

Of course, it was a complete lie to say that I didn’t want to watch AVs with Tangsao and return to those glorious days, but I was more afraid of my nightmares coming true.

Tangsao only laughed and didn’t push the topic further. I had an inkling that I would never be able to escape her grasp.

Just as I was enjoying my meal, a scattered collection of footsteps came closer, along with the malicious laughter of boys.

“It smells so good, why don’t you let me have a taste?” It was Guo Tao, and he’d brought two other guys with him. It looked like the bastard had been waiting for a chance like this.

“Oh sh*t, this chick is so sexy!”

“Tsk, she’s really one of a kind, I think she’s even hotter than my homeroom teacher.”

Guo Tao also noticed Tangsao. Jealousy and admiration overpowered even the greed and desire in his eyes.

“Miss, your taste is a little off, don’t you think? Even if you want to adopt a boy toy, you don’t need to find someone so crooked-looking.” Guo Tao straightened his hair and raised his eyebrows, looking like a complete retard.

“Adopt him? Yeah, I like his type, so honest and reliable.” Tangsao pinched my cheek, as if provoking Guo Tao on purpose.

“Zhuang Feng, let me play with her for a few days and I’ll tame her well. If you do that, I’ll overlook what happened last time,” Guo Tao said condescendingly.

What the hell, did a parasite infect his brain or something? “F**k off, I don’t want to fight.” Though he had more people on his side, I didn’t care at all.

But we were still in school, so I didn’t want any unnecessary trouble.

But Guo Tao was like an ignorant pig in a slaughterhouse, and he picked up the thermos. I thought he was going to drink from it, so I didn’t react.

“Are you sure you won’t let me have some fun with her?” He snickered.

His two buddies at the back also started to jeer.

“Little punk, don’t blame me for not warning you. Things don’t end well when Tao-ge* gets angry.”

*The –ge prefix means “big brother”. It’s an informal term that can be used both casually to a friend/someone you respect, or a family member.

“Yeah, if you let him have his way, you won’t get hurt.”

“Impossible,” I rejected firmly.

Suddenly, Guo Tao splashed the soup towards Tangsao. I stood up, but it was too late; the boiling-hot soup had already splashed all over her.

“Ah!” Tangsao gasped in pain. I’d almost scalded myself when I was eating earlier, so I couldn’t even imagine her agony.

In that moment, my adrenaline spiked to the very top. I was the most furious I had ever been in my whole life. I immediately pressed Guo Tao to the ground and punched him hard in the face several times. He screamed in pain, and his two henchmen rushed over to help him.

I grabbed them by the neck and threw them over my head. I roared, “I’ll kill you if you try to come closer!”

Then, I started to pummel Guo Tao, beating him until his nose bled.

The swarm of onlookers started to grow and their jaws hung open from astonishment.

“Jesus, am I dreaming? Is that Guo Tao getting wrecked to the ground?”

“Yep. That guy is so badass! He’s really beating up the school bully!”

“Guo Tao really deserves it. He got a middle-schooler pregnant and refused to pay for her abortion. Good riddance!”

“Things are finally going to change here in San High School.”

I didn’t really think too much about it. Guo Tao was just too much of a sh*tty person—how dare he mess with my Saozi?

“Feng, stop fighting!” Tangsao quickly urged, tugging on my arm. But it wasn’t really of any use.

“Don’t stop me, I’m going to kill him today if it’s the last thing I do!” I was outraged and could barely hear Tangsao’s words.

Guo Tao got really f**ked up. At first, he tried to fight back and swear at me, but his face was full of tears towards the end.

I didn’t know what happened to myself, either. All I thought about was standing up for her.

Tangsao was sobbing. “Feng, calm down, I beg you.”

Seeing her blossom-like face, I finally snapped out of it. It was only then that I realized that Guo Tao had fallen limp with a face soaked in blood.

Well, isn’t this awkward. I went just a little too overboard, and he couldn’t even handle it. A bunch of passerby students kept taking photos, and I didn’t know what to do.

Soon, campus security came to take me away and hurriedly sent Guo Tao to the hospital. Tangsao and I were sent to the administration office.

The principal was enraged and swore at me furiously, even saying that it’ll go on my permanent record. Tangsao kept defending my blamelessness and explained the entire situation from top to bottom. Then, she started making several phone calls asking for some help from her connections.

I was incredibly moved by her kindness. If this really went on my record, I would have a hard time finding a job in the future. If something like this were to happen again, I would definitely be expelled.

Thankfully, Tangsao found a connection she could rely on, and she gave the phone to the principal. After their conversation, his tone softened considerably, but he kept repeating that it wasn’t something that could be easily fixed.

Then, the topic turned to his end of the deal. He returned the phone to Tangsao and after a quick discussion, she wired twenty thousand* to him on the spot. My heart ached. Because of my rashness, Tangsao was the one who had to wipe my ass.

*About three thousand USD.

Twenty thousand was a sum that my own parents would need a very long time to work for. No, I was the one who made the mistake, I wasn’t going to let her foot the bill. I had to find a job and make enough money to pay back my debt.

Money was really the solution to everything. A smile lit up the principal’s face, and he slapped my shoulder, telling me to keep calm and apologize to Guo Tao. He would take care of the rest.

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