No Protection Tonight


Chapter 11: They All Like Young Wives


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I didn’t notice her presence, but all of my male classmates did. They chattered about a piping-hot lady outside, though it was something to be expected. Tangsao’s killer looks did outshine the young schoolgirls in our classes.

What’s more, the only things those disgusting pigs liked to talk about all day were which class’s girls had the largest breasts or longest legs, or which disc pornstars were trending lately. Topics that should be discussed quietly were held in low regard and nonchalance.

“F**k, what a spicy chick, it’s like a 3-year net gain! Totally worth it even if it means a death penalty!”

“Hehe, I’m still a shota, I literally dream of being punished by a young mistress.”

“Why do men like young wives? Because when you slap her ass, she knows which posture to change into. When you lie down, she knows it’s time to sit on you. When you stand up, she knows it’s her turn to kneel. When you kneel, she’ll know to raise herself. But when you slap a little girl’s ass, she’ll turn around and ask, ‘What did you hit my ass for?’”

They exclaimed and sighed one by one, almost as if to compare who was the dirtiest. Because the teacher was temporarily busy, it was a free class period for them to talk candidly about their cravings. Some of the girls at our class got pissed and yelled at them for being perverts.

I wasn’t very happy hearing their comments, but I couldn’t really say anything. I didn’t want to stand out.

After their catcalls, they tried to guess the identity of this mysterious beauty. It couldn’t be some student’s mother, right? I kept my mouth shut. It wasn’t a good idea for people to know about unnecessary details like these.

I wondered, why did Tangsao come to my school? I thought Tangge had told her to keep her distance from me.

As soon as the bell rang, I rushed out. “Why are you here?” My elbow was sore from pinching it, just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

Now that I thought about it, I hadn’t seen Tangsao for a full week. Even though we lived under the same roof, we never had a chance to meet. I had never appreciated Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet more than I did right now.

I didn’t dare show much affection under the fear that Tangge was restricting her.

“Damn it, Zhuang Feng, I was going to ask for her number first. Get out of my way.”

“Tch, with those flirting skills of yours? Stand aside, watch how it’s done.”

What the hell, it’s as if these pigs haven’t seen a woman for eight hundred years. But their urge was understandable; though Tangsao had dressed formally, her aura still carried a hint of seductiveness, especially with her attractive eyes. With each second, my heartbeat quickened.

“Let’s chat somewhere else.” I took Tangsao’s hand and jogged all the way to a small forest clearing in the campus. My classmates went to eat lunch and thankfully didn’t follow us.

“Why are you running? You’re tiring your Saozi.” She panted in exhaustion, and her face was slightly flushed from the run, adding a sense of charm to her looks.

“Those bastards were going to heckle you for your number. Of course we had to run,” I grumbled.

Tangsao wasn’t fazed. “Why does it matter? Saozi can know more about your studies that way.”

“No no no, you don’t even have time to be with me, what’s the point of you spending time with them?” I shook my head, expressing a rare moment of dominance.

She paused for a moment, and let out a smile.

“Huh, with those good-for-nothing qualities of yours?” She poked at my chest with a slender finger.

Her eyes curved like a crescent moon, and her alluring red lips along with her snow-white teeth left me dazed as I stared at her.

Tangsao seemed to notice her effect on me and quickly changed the topic, “How are you so skinny after just a few days?!”

“Isn’t it all because of you?” I blurted out. Though it probably wasn’t the right thing to do, the longing I had buried so deep down in my heart seeped out and knocked my mind sideways.

“Me? What did I do?!” I wasn’t sure if Tangsao was dumb or just acting. Did she really not understand after I was being so direct? Or maybe, in her view, I was forever her in-law.

To be honest, I wasn’t really an extroverted person. Before coming to Tangsao’s house, I never believed that there would be a more beautiful woman in the world than Widow Wang. It was Tangsao who led me through and enabled me to experience the true wonders of the city.

As I got to know her better, I realized that she was cold on the outside but warm on the inside. Maybe she would sometimes say things she didn’t mean, but there was never any ill intent behind those words; maybe that’s why she was always stuck on the receiving end in her relationship.

I’m already a dead man, so why should I hesitate now?

“I can’t help it, Saozi. Look, my school is filled with eye-watering dinosaur girls, they’re like heaven to earth compared to you. I can only get some exercise and clear my vision when I get to see your face.”

“Hehe, you slippery idiot. You’ve got honey smothered on your lips.” Tangsao laughed and lightly kicked me with her foot.

“No, it’s all true.” All women liked to hear sweet compliments. Tangge really didn’t know how to treat a woman, only knowing how to take and not give. All he wanted to satisfy were his own desires and pleasures.

“Ah, I shouldn’t keep it from you any longer. I think your tangge has found out about our little secret,” Tangsao said in exasperation, keeping her voice low.

“Ah!” I was so scared, I felt like my soul was slipping away. Lately, all I’d dreamt about were nightmares of being branded with the crime of enticing Saozi and becoming the laughingstock of the village.

In our town, filial piety was taught at a very young age. If all hell were to break loose, who knows what disaster would befall me? I would rather be chopped in half than have my parents and the townsfolk find out.

At the moment, my face was completely drained of blood, as if I was an empty husk. Calamitous scenes flashed through my mind.

“Hey, Feng, are you all right?” Tangsao held my hand, and I felt her warmth spreading from her palm.

“It’s just a hunch, I’m not totally sure,” she added.

What the hell, could you please not scare me like that? I felt as if my emotions were a roller-coaster. “Ach, Saozi, if you’re not careful, you’re really going to give me a heart attack!” I glared at her accusingly.

“Haha, you’re really interesting, aren’t you? You didn’t even frown at the sight of five angry men, but you’re deathly afraid of news like this?” Tangsao smiled mischievously.

She did have a point. If things did fall apart, the most that would happen would be a divorce. Tangge wouldn’t dare to mess with her either, as he himself was under a load of debt. It would be best for Tangsao to leave him, but then I would be placed in a rather difficult situation.


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