No Protection Tonight

Chapter 1: Under Their Roof


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In my senior year of high school, my parents sent me to study in the city. Since the dormitories had no more space and they didn’t like the idea of me living alone in a rented apartment, I stayed at my tangsao and tangge’s house*.

*In Chinese, tangsao, or 堂嫂, means “cousin’s wife”, or sister-in-law. Early in this novel, Tangsao’s real name will rarely be used. Another form of tangsao will be saozi, or 嫂子. This is more informal and general, accepted in situations as one’s relative’s/friend’s/ wife. Zhuang Feng (main character) will use Saozi more frequently later on in the novel. Just remember that both tangsao and saozi are and mean the same person.

Tangsao was very beautiful; she had pale, clean skin, large breasts, and long legs. Her taste in clothes was exquisite. Although I was her brother-in-law, she still treated me as an outsider and warned me to follow her rules from day one.

Because Tangge* was often away on business trips, it was just the two of us at home. Tangsao treated me like I was thin air, walking around in a loose nightgown in front of me. Her snow-white legs were unbelievably attractive. Did she have no shame? This was way different from the village widow at home, whose legs were only revealed when she took a bath.

*Tangge, or 堂哥, means “older male cousin”. Also, the MC is from the countryside.

At first, she still wore a bra, but later on, she started to become much bolder… or was it careless? The two enticing buds on her breasts poked an impression through the fabric, making my heart race and my face flush. As my body made all the appropriate biological reactions and my thoughts started to trace over Tangsao’s seemingly perfect curves, a misconception sprouted in my mindthat Tangsao was purposefully garnering my attention. Maybe, since I was obedient and there was virtually no reason to chase me away, she decided to play dirty with my brain instead.

But despite my best efforts, she still caught my tail in the end.

That day, Tangsao had finished her shower. As usual, I quickly slipped into the bathroom before the steam disappeared so I could try to relax. I always felt like I couldn’t breathe with her staring daggers at me all the time. To be honest, I liked Tangsao’s strong but not overpowering scent every time she walked by. Looking around, I realized that she forgot to take the underwear that she’d changed out of, and had put it on the edge of the sink.

“Dang, this underwear really is shameless. It’s almost as if fashion designers are competing with each other to see who can use the least fabric.”

Ever since my arrival, Tangsao started to dry her clothes in her own bedroom, most likely fearing that I would steal them. I felt hurt thinking that she would hold such a prejudice against me, as if she didn’t see me as a human being.

Though I could understand her reasoning; in the years that she’d been married to my cousin, she hasn’t returned to her hometown even once. In my village, there was really nothing besides water and electricity. Phone calls had to be made at the local convenience store, the bathrooms were built brick by brick, and mosquitoes flew in dense clouds. Seeing her tapping her iPad all day, scrolling through social media, and watching TV shows, I wouldn’t be surprised if she couldn’t stand a single minute at my old town.

Suddenly, a dirty, evil idea appeared in my mind but then dissipated in an instant.

“Countryside oafs aren’t allowed in my room and don’t even think that you can treat this place as your own just because of some family relationship. Know your position. If your tangge hadn’t pleaded me, I wouldn’t have allowed it at all! If you make trouble, I’ll make sure to kick you out!”

Tangsao’s cold words wrapped around me like a curse. Lately, I’ve even had nightmares of myself trudging dejectedly back to my sighing, disappointed parents.

It’s all because of Tangsao that I couldn’t study properly. But in front of her, I don’t even dare to fart.

No, I have to take some form of revenge. So I extended a shaking hand and picked up Tangsao’s bright violet underwear. The soft, smooth cloth was pleasing to the touch, and upon a closer look, I discovered a small white stain on the inside. As someone who’d aced biology class, I naturally knew that this was something only women would leave behind.

Next, I sniffed it, as if possessed by some devil. There was an indescribable odor, causing my face to redden and heat up. I subconsciously engraved a reminder to myself, that I wasn’t doing such a perverted act for the sake of it being perverted, but rather as a way to get revenge and lessen the pressure in order to study with a clearer mind.

Then, I smothered my rock-hard little buddy* with the panties, and draped the bra on my face. The natural, milky smell was too good, and I closed my eyes in pleasure.

*For the Chinese novel veteran readers out there, you may already know that nicknames for “penis” can range quite far. In this series, the terms “spear”, “rifle”, “musket”, “bayonet”, and “little buddy” are most common.

Although it wasn’t my first time masturbating, it was without question my most unforgettable one. I even felt that I was being personally intimate with Tangsao, and sharing the same woman with Tangge. After all, the smells on these clothes were from her most hidden secretions.

Just as I was nearing my peak, I heard knocking on the door. Tangsao had come back to retrieve her underwear, causing me to lose control of myself. Semen sprayed all over her underwear. “Oh no, if she discovers this, she’ll kill me.”

“Tangsao, I’ve just gotten ready to shower, can you wait for a bit?” I was as anxious as an ant on a stove. This thing was already totally drenched, and it would be suicide to put it back. There was a window, but I was worried that someone in the neighborhood would find it if I threw it out.

“Shit, this is really becoming a problem! I can’t let her see this.” An idea suddenly sparked in my mind, and I stuffed the underwear in the toilet tank. After closing the lid, nothing seemed out of place.

I wrapped a towel around my waist and opened the door with my back facing Tangsao. I was deathly afraid of her seeing my solid spear.

“Eh, I remember putting it right here. It’s bright violet. Feng, have you seen it?” A surprised expression crossed Tangsao’s face, and she glanced at me.

“Ah? I didn’t see any underwear when I came in. Saozi, maybe you remembered wrong?” This was my first time talking bullshit with a straight face.

“Is that so? Then I’ll keep looking. Feng, your build is pretty solid, much better than your Tangge.” Tangsao stared at me for a while, and I blushed. “Saozi, just leave already, you’re embarrassing me.”

“What, I can’t even look at you? This is my house, whether I leave or not depends on me!” Tangsao rolled her eyes. It may have been my imagination, but I detected a hint of a blush on her face. Saozi really does have some thick skin*.

*This is a metaphor. Thick skin = no shame.

Just then, her phone rang, and she ran out to pick it up. I quickly finished my shower and slipped on my clothes. Tangsao had already dressed up to go out and have fun. I was already used to sleeping alone at night.

But today, Tangsao was just scorching hot. A black T-shirt that exposed her little belly button, tight jeans that outlined her charming curves, and a pair of red low heels. Her legs were a shocking sight, forcing me to look away.

“I’m going out, so sleep early.” Tangsao waved and walked out the door.

I exhaled in relief and was about to go wash the underwear. But the fear of Tangsao baiting me made me hesitate, and I mopped the floor instead as usual. Sitting in front of the TV, I brooded over how I would take care of her underwear.

I wanted to stash it somewhere, but I had no private space in her house at all. No, with Tangsao’s personality, she wouldn’t easily let go of this matter. This hot potato had to be handed back to her eventually, and since we were the only two people who lived in the house, I was the only one who could’ve touched it.

Soon, Tangsao returned with a big bag of snacks. She set it on the floor, and then boldly strode into my room to check for discrepancies. I acted like it wasn’t a big deal. Thankfully I hadn’t washed it, or else she would’ve caught me red-handed.

Tangsao returned with nothing. Seeing her dejected face, I felt relieved on the inside. Of course, having it stay permanently in the toilet tank wasn’t a solution. The next day, I rushed home at noon without even eating lunch. As I remembered, she typically ate outside, and the house was indeed empty. The underwear was still there, and I soaked it in hot water. I scrubbed it hard with a lot of detergent, erasing the smell of my fluids.

Tangsao frequently changed her underwear, so she often gathered them all up to wash. This morning, she hung all kinds of multicolored clothing on her windows to dry. I squeezed as much moisture as I could from the underwear, and tiptoed into her room to hang it there. I spaced the two pieces out evenly, so it wouldn’t be noticeable.

I believed that Tangsao wasn’t thorough enough to remember exactly which clothes she hung up to dry. Of course, I was taking a risk, but I had no choice. If Tangsao’s underwear disappeared, I would be the prime suspect.

That day, the sun was quite strong, and she put back all of her underwear at night. I was overjoyed that she didn’t come for me, and kept on behaving as usual.

It felt as if a big rock had rolled off my chest, as well as an unexplainable feeling of guilt. With the thought that Tangsao would wear that underwear again, I felt as if I could fly.

So I kept hoping, hoping that I would see that violet bra and underwear again.


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