New Series: Sword of the Emperor!

Hi all, tis alyschu! FudgeNouget has decided to grace us with his presence here with Sword of the Emperor! Chapter 1 to 9 are now available for your reading pleasure.

He’s about to release a few more chapters after this, so be nice and say a hello or two!

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5 Responses to New Series: Sword of the Emperor!

  1. Varler says:

    Sword of the Emperor! Thanks again to FudgeNouget for translating it. Also, it’s good to see it here. I enjoy having all my novels in one place to read.

  2. dar says:

    This looks like an epic novel! Thanks for picking this up

  3. Binjamin says:

    Hey! Just wondering how long is this novel, had it ended? The manhwa was great, hope the novel hold up to it.

  4. Amorex says:

    Dose the novel finish or did it stop being produced like the manga did?

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