My Fox Immortal Wife – Chapter 37

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Chapter 37 – Gotta Watch The Road When Running
Translated by James

“Ahhhh…. so sleepy…”

Early morning, Liu Yi was rubbing his eyes, his hair a mess, he was wearing his old school uniform, his currently uniform was still being air-dried.

Last night, Liu Yi didn’t go to sleep until it’s very late into the night.

Ma Yuanyuan was being a really annoying girl last night, she’s indeed a little witch!

And she’s only fourteen, she’s really full of energy.

She laid on the bed and kept shouting at Liu Yi to tell her stories. When he tried to tell her stories about Cinderella and Snow White, she refused to listen!

Finally, Liu Yi, unable to find a way out, decided to go online and found a really popular novel ‘My Beautiful Teacher’ and started reading that to her. When he first started, he felt that it’s pretty good. However, unexpectedly, it soon turned into some xx rated plot, causing Liu Yi to be very awkward reading them.

[TL: My Beautiful Teacher is Ram De Night’s earlier novel, it is also the most popular modern xianxia novel on It had also been adapted into a drama.]

Unexpectedly, that girl Ma Yuanyuan was completely concentrated in listening, her face got real red from either excitement or embarrassment, she didn’t let Liu Yi skip the parts and demanded Liu Yi to continue reading.

Only when it was late into the night did Ma Yuanyuan finally fall asleep.

Only then did Liu Yi managed to get back to his homework. A mountain of homework, by the time Liu Yi finished it was already three in the morning, only then did he managed to go to sleep.

However, at this moment, Lin Tong decided to come out, she didn’t let him sleep and instead told him to enter the spiritual knowledge field to practice!

Liu Yi was grieving incessantly!

He begged her to allow him to sleep for an hour, however she continued to shout at his ears causing him to be unable to get any sleep.

WIth no ways out, Liu Yi ended up obeying Lin Tong, he entered the spiritual knowledge field and continuously practiced.

Logically, if Liu Yi were to practice the Heavenly Fox Mantra, not only would he not become tired, he’ll be more spirited.

However, Lin Tong made him practice techniques instead. He was continuously using the Great Brilliant Sun Palm and the Spirit Fox Steps!

This was no longer making him more spirited, this was torture!

Thus, when morning came, Liu Yi was standing downstairs drowsy eyed with his schoolbag slanted on his back, he even had two dark circles underneath his eyes.

“Humph! You have to take the time that you used for girls for practicing instead, if you do, then you won’t be so tired!”

Grunted Lin Tong. She was lying on Liu Yi’s head in her fox form.

“It’s not like I want to….”

Liu Yi rubbed his eyes and muttered. “Besides, wasn’t it big sister fox immortal you who said…. increase girls’ favorable impression level in order to increase power… how come when I increased their favorable impression level, you instead seemed upset?…”

“Who,who’s upset?!”

The little fox immediately stood up from Liu Yi’s head, with all her fur and her tail standing up, she shrieked.

“This lady was supervising you! Do you even know what kind of risky condition you’re in now?! You are to go against a lot of enemies, okay?! That black suited man, that white dressed woman… you’re a match for neither of them, if you don’t focus on practicing your techniques, how could you survive?!”

“Big sister fox immortal is right to lecture me!”

Liu Yi nodded. “I will certainly practice hard.”

“Humph, that’s more like it…. stupid idiot…”

The last two words, Lin Tong said them while biting her lips. They were especially soft, other than her, no one else heard them.

“Sigh, I only have seven yuan left in my pocket…. excluding the amount to take the bus, what can I possibly get to eat with five yuan….”

Liu Yi touched the couple yuan he had in his pocket and grew somewhat worried.

The lunch boxes outside the school gates were six yuan each, and that’s the one without meat. Those with meat cost ten yuan.

Liu Yi remembered that his cousin had said that back when he was in junior high, the lunch boxes were only two fifty and they were filled with braised meat.

Sigh, unfortunately it was no longer that era!

Now, even a bowl of spicy hot soup cost eight yuan!

Liu Yi fiercely blinked his drowsy eyes, he carefully looked at the floor seemly as if he wanted to find some coins on the floor.

“Why are you taking the bus?! Run to school! Else, what’s the use of learning Spirit Fox Steps?!”

Cried Lin Tong.

“But…but..I really don’t have much stamina left… and… I’m real sleepy…”

Grieved Liu Yi. “I fear that I will fall asleep while running and crash into a car…”

“Good for nothing! You’re young and also an immortal cultivator, with just a single night, you’ve already turned like this!”

Cried Lin Tong.

“But… I’m really really sleepy… my brain is still very muddled…”

Said Liu Yi, he slightly closed his eyes.

He stood there and began to snore softly.

“The hell! He really did fall asleep! Wake up! Quickly, wake up!”

Lin Tong shouted at Liu Yi’s ears and Liu Yi rapidly opened his eyes.

“Where, where’s the coins?!”

“Coin your ass!”

Lin Tong outstretched her paws, she grabbed Liu Yi’s ears causing him a slight pain and making him a bit more sober.

“You’re too much of a good for nothing! Come, learn a breathing method from me!”

“Breathing method?”

Liu Yi blinked a couple of times, he didn’t understand who Lin Tong meant by that.

“You’ll know once you try!”

Said Lin Tong. She jumped down from Liu Yi’s head. She then opened her mouth and bit Liu Yi’s nose.


Liu Yi grabbed his nose and screamed.

And at that moment, the Great Initiation Technique had rushed into Liu Yi’s mind.

A technique appeared in his memory.

This Great Initiation Technique was indeed very convenient… but wasn’t this method a bit too painful?!

“Humph humph! You know how powerful this lady is now?!”

Said Lin Tong proudly with her mouth curled upward.

“That bite of yours… really woke me up… but I’m still very confused…”

Said Liu Yi while holding his stinging nose. “I felt that my brain had become full of flour paste….”

“Humph, dumbass, follow the breathing technique I taught you and try breathing a couple of times!”

“Oh, oh……….”

Liu Yi nodded, he then did a horse stance and, according to the methods of instilled into his mind, did a few deep breaths.

Every time he breath, he immediately began to feel that the air around him contained a fresh and relaxing gaseous substance that contained some kind of spiritual power that entered his body through his nose and into his dantian.

These spiritual power hovered around the dantian for a while, then they spread through to his internal organs and even into his blood.

That sensation was extremely good!

Liu Yi didn’t know what sensation taking drugs gives…. however this comfortable sensation made him feel like he’s taking drugs.

So comfortable….

His brain immediately became sober, all the paste like feeling and the heaviness have vanished.

Liu Yi took a couple of deep breathes, he felt immensely good.

When he reopened his eyes, he felt completely refreshed and his eyes were sparkling!

This breathing technique was so magical!

“This was a breathing technique that cultivators must certainly master! Not only allow the cultivators to continue to attain an active and refreshed spirit, it also provides a temporary relief of injuries!”

“Such a magical technique… why didn’t you teach me that earlier?…”

“With how stupid you are, this lady naturally need to teach you them one by one!”

Said Lin Tong guiltily, she actually forgot about it.

“Thank you big sister fox immortal….”

Liu Yi took another two deep breaths, he felt that his spirit had returned.

“Now run to the school!”


Liu Yi immediately started the Spirit Fox Steps, he instantly felt a lot lighter.

He was using the Spirit Fox Steps according to all the practice results from last night.

Liu Yi continued to choose places without much people to run, every time there’s no one around, he would lightly thread his foot on the ground, slightly bend his knee, and jump to a distance of five or six meters. Then he would land on his other leg and repeat what he did with the previous leg and once again jump another five or six meters.

Liu Yi’s body was like a locust, he was jumping all the way, however, his action was both fast and agile, not at all slower than cars.

And when he reaches places with people, Liu Yi would slightly slow down his speed into a jogging that was still very extremely easy for him.

The little fox watched Liu Yi with satisfaction.

Even though this guy was pretty stupid, he’s hard working!

Last night, he was still stumbling with the Spirit Fox Steps but he was already using it pretty good today.

As long as he knows how to run away, then the next time he meets that female immortal, he won’t have to fear about being caught by her.

Liu Yi’s speed was like a gust of wind, in just a short moment, he had already left the alley and entered the main road.

This main road was something that one must certainly pass in order to go to the school.

It was a high trestle bridge, underneath the bridge was a river that go as far as the eye can see.

Liu Yi’s school was located at the other side of the river. He easily ran up the high trestle bridge.

School starts very early for senior high students, there were even several guys and girls exercising on this high trestle bridge. With sweat all over their head, wearing workout clothes and a towel over their necks, they were huffing and puffing as they ran on either direction of the bridge.

Liu Yi seemed to have become one of them. Merely that his outfit was a bit offbeat. He wore a somewhat small school uniform and a pair of canvas shoes that had turned a bit white from excess washing.

The most important aspect was that he was carrying a huge schoolbag. Who knows how many textbooks were in that school bag, it was swaying left and right as Liu Yi ran.

Some of the morning joggers were staring at him, dumbfounded.

Holy shit, that student’s physique was way too good! That schoolbag looked immensely heavy…. and he’s running while carrying it!

F*ck, that looked fierce as hell….

And at this moment, in Liu Yi’s sights, there suddenly appeared the figure of a woman who was also running.

That woman’s figure was pretty good, on her upper body was a gray half sleeve shirt, on her waist was a black sports jacket firmly wrapping around her fine waist. On her lower body was two slender thighs, she was wearing the same black colored sports pants.

Although those sports pants were loose-fitting, they did not manage to obscure this beauty’s amazing body.

Her buttocks were extremely shaped, as she ran, those two protruding soft butt cheeks were being wrapped around by her sports pants like two watermelons.

Every step she took, that buttock would leave an astonishing curve from being wrapped around by her sports pants!

Even if it was Liu Yi, seeing such a scene, could only gulp.

“Hey hey hey, huge pervert, what are you looking at?!”

Lin Tong was originally lying on Liu Yi’s head the whole time. However now she suddenly thrown her tail in front of Liu Yi, blocking his view.

“Hey hey hey! I can’t see the road!”

Having his view blocked, Liu Yi quickly shouted.

“Humph, you weren’t watching the road to begin with!”

Muttered Lin Tong.

“Stop messing around, big sister fox immortal… I’ll crash into a car…”

Liu Yi pulled away Lin Tong’s fox tail. He noticed that the beauty in front of him stopped, she turned around her charming face and looked at Liu Yi strangely.

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