My Fox Immortal Wife – Chapter 15

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My Fox Immortal Wife – Chapter 15 – Be My Wife

What the heck!….

Liu Yi wanted to cough up blood.

How did I received the ‘good person’ card so quickly?!

“Did you hear me or not?! You have to follow this lady and start cultivating!”

Lin Tong emphasized again.

“I… I don’t know what to do…”

Liu Yi suddenly sighed.

“I’m not in any mood right now….”

“It’s just getting dumped by a girl! What’s the huge deal?! What’s more, that girl is only of average appearance!”

“Says who?! She’s very pretty!”

Liu Yi immediately retorted.

This girl Lin Tong actually thinks that my standards of beauty was bad!


“Good for nothing, you are so very short sighted! What is exactly good about that woman?! Her looks are average, her figure are average and her heart is evil! And you actually like a girl like that? You’re really too much!”


Although Lin Tong had an nasty tongue, what Ma Yixuan wanted to do to him was also an indisputable truth.


How come I am so unfortunate?!….

Too depressing.

“Don’t be discouraged. Even losers have their springtime of youth.”

Lin Tong changed the topic. Her voice was gentle and comforting.

“As long as you learn the arts of cultivation from this lady, you’ll be able to take care of all kinds of beautiful girls!”

She once again tried to entice Liu Yi. Her sweet and pleasant voice was like a soft and gentle little hand that was continuously caressing Liu Yi’s ears, causing even his chest to itch.

“At that time, not mentioning Ma Yixuan, even girls who are tenfold or even a hundredfold more beautiful than Ma Yixuan, you’d still be able to get them!”


Liu Yi was a bit tempted.

As a man, who wouldn’t want to find a beautiful girl as his girlfriend?!

Those guys in school who already have girlfriends… so very enviable.

To say that I am don’t envy them is a lie.

At least I’m still sane. My classmate Chen Cai was already jerking off constantly from the lack of girlfriend and about to go insane.

In order to attain a girlfriend and enjoy the school life with a female, he almost went after that super fat girl who weighed twice his weight!

It’s one thing that she was only fat… There’s this one time where Liu Yi didn’t leave right away after class, he personally witnessed that fat girl taking off her shoes in the summer… the way she looked as she was picking under her toenails…

Ever since, Liu Yi had this frightful image installed into his mind.

He had always suspected that Chen Cai have a thing for fat girls but Chen Cai never admit that.

If he were to tell Chen Cai that in his right hand sealed a beautiful little fox immortal, then Chen Cai would likely die from jealousy.

“Of course it’s true, this lady won’t lie! This lady is a female immortal!”

The little fox lied without blinking her eyes.

“Ohh…ohhkay… then how do I cultivate? I have absolutely no idea…”

“Fear not! You have this lady here!”

Lin TOng patted her chest. She said proudly. “Who do you think this lady is? This lady is the most intelligent and most talented fox de… fox immortal in the past couple centuries!”

“Oh… is that so…”

“F*ck! Hearing such a great news and you’re still not moved at all! Are you even alive?!”

Lin Tong stared at Liu Yi angrily.

Liu Yi gave an wronged look.

It’s not like he can perceive talents and such…

“Okay… fox immortal older sister…”

“Stop calling me fox immortal older sister!”

Lin Tong was very dissatisfied. “You have to call me master!”


Liu Yi blinked a few times in confusion. “I need to call you master?!”

To call a young and beautiful girl his master… it was a bit hard for Liu Yi to accept.

“Of course! I’m teaching you how to cultivate for immortality, what should you call me if not for master?!”

“No, I can’t!”

Liu Yi waved his hands around in disagreement. “Even if you beat me to death I won’t call you master!”


“My grandfather had said that if I were to ever meet a young and beautiful girl, she most certainly must not be my master!”

“Ah? Then what must she be?”

“She should be my wife!”


The veins on Lin Tong’s face was bulging from anger…if she had veins, that is.

“My grandfather had also said that if I were to call a beautiful girl master, then it’ll be making her sound old!”

“Your grandfather finally said something right… alright, don’t call me master then… I’ll also feel weird if you did…”

“Then what should I call you?

“Well… let me think…”

Lin Tong had her finger on his lips. She thought for a moment and said.

“Just call me the super-ultra-hyper-awesome-unequalled-beautiful-girl Lin Tong!”

“Okay! Fox immortal older sister, let’s start then!”


Lin Tong wanted to kick Liu Yi.

However, once she thought of the fact that he was the host that she should protect and use, she gave up the thought.

Alas, the super talented super genius super beautiful Lin Tong was sealed into this man’s right hand!

Sigh. What a depressing situation!

Once I can get out, I won’t ever dare to go around sucking people’s essence.

Why must I be caught the first time I did that….

I’m really too unfortunate!

Humph Humph! It must certainly be because I’m too beautiful and smart! That’s why heaven is deliberately making things difficult for me!

Yes! That must be the case!

Even the heaven was jealous of the beautiful me!

“Umm… fox immortal older sister… can we start now?”

In order to be able to run faster at tonight’s beating, Liu Yi started to urge Lin Tong.

Lin Tong was confused. How come this kid was so initiative this time around?

But, this was a good thing!

“Good. In that case, let me teach you how to open your body’s first star jade!”

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