Disciple – Chapter 312

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Chapter 312: Suicide Attack

“Heretic practitioners!” Someone shouted out. The disciples who had just escaped death by an inch earlier, were instantly thrown into panic once more. There were even disciples who flew on their swords in the direction away from the mountain, but were blocked by the Great Mountain Barrier Formation, unable to leave. The formation that could block foreign enemies in the past, was now a cage trapping them within.

“Calm down!” A loud roar resounded. Immediately after, a Nascent Soul pressure was released, silencing the disciples from various sects.

The person who called out was Qu Ying. Presently, his heart was filled with panic as well. Though the enemies were similarly Nascent Soul practitioners, he could not fight off dozens of them after all. There were only three Nascent Soul Elders who remained in the sect, and they were basically not their match. If the place were to grow even more hectic, then it would be disadvantageous for them. Thus, he had no choice but to do his best and lead the disciples far away from the Main Peak, towards a secluded mountain farthest away.

The dozens of Nascent Soul practitioners watched this entire situation unfold with expressionless faces. When that teleportation formation finally disappeared, as though they had suddenly received some sort of order, they began to throw attacks at the crowd.

Qu Ying’s expression paled. He immediately brought up a barrier to protect the crowd of disciples behind him. He had thought that these Nascent Soul practitioners were aiming for Skybond Peak. Never did he expect that they would first initiate attacks on them.

The other two Elders reacted as well, as they raised their hands to support the barrier.

“Hurry, inform Sect Master and the Sovereigns.” Qu Ying turned his head and instructed a disciple.

That disciple had a panicked look as he pulled out a voice transmission talisman with trembling hands. However, no matter how he cast the art, the runes on the talisman would not light up. “Elder, the voice transmission talisman… is ineffective. It can’t connect to Sect Master.”

“Then head out and chase them back here.”

“But… the Great Mountain Barrier Formation has already activated. We can’t get out at all.”

Qu Ying’s expression was deathly pale, and only then did he realize that the sects had tricked. They had done well in luring the tiger out of the mountain. Most likely, these heretic practitioners had long planned on taking down Ness Cesary Sect. Taking the opportunity while the crowd was present at the tournament, they intentionally first made a commotion in the faraway Office Shell Sect, luring them over to provide aid. Once all of the powerful practitioners had left, they then initiated their attack. Furthermore, they had long cut off all of their escape paths.

Qu Ying gritted his teeth so forcefully that they cracked. The heretic practitioners sure had ambitions of wolves. Presently, this place was filled with elites from the various clans and sects. All of the seedlings with great aptitudes were gathered right here. As long as these disciples were killed, the various sects would definitely have a lack of successors, and their decay would be inevitable. Furthermore, now that they had lost the protection of the powerful practitioners, these disciples who had cultivation levels below Azoth Core did not have any strength to retaliate at all.

It was no wonder these heretic practitioners did not charge towards Skybond Peak right as they appeared, but instead, headed directly towards the crowd of disciples. As long as they were to kill these disciples, it would be akin to destroying all of the sects in the cultivation world.

Because he understood all of these in an instant, his will to stop them from succeeding grew even further. He desperately maintained the barrier, protecting the people within. As for those who did make it into the barrier in time however, he was powerless to help them. He could only watch on as the heretic practitioners massacred them.

Even if that was the case, how could three Nascent Soul practitioners block against dozens of people who had the same cultivation level? In less than fifteen minutes, cracks had already appeared on the barrier. One mystic art after another was still heartlessly bombarding onto the barrier.

Unable to hold it out any longer, Qu Ying puked out a mouthful of blood, and that barrier shattered resoundingly. Lights emitted out from several mystic arts came flying towards the crowd, carrying heavy killing intent.

His heart was filled with despair. Could it be that the heavens wanted Ness Cesary Sect destroyed?


Suddenly, countless lightning bolts came descending from the skies, slicing through the Great Mountain Barrier Formation and tearing the air. In an instant, all the pressure was scattered, and the Great Mountain Barrier Formation shattered resoundingly. The entire area was filled with dazzling lightning sparks.

Lightning type mystic arts!

He raised his head in disbelief, only to see two people standing atop the sky. The two people whom he never thought would appear.

“Little… Little martial aunt…” The lightning bolts that seemed to carry the might of the heavens earlier, were actually released from her body. How could that possibly be!?

In the next moment, the pressure of a Demigod came pressing down on the dozens of Nascent Soul practitioners. Even though the pressure was not descending on his body, Qu Ying felt his heart clench, and the shock on his face grew heavier. A Demigod! The little martial aunt whom everyone had silently acknowledged to have left Ness Cesary Sect, was actually a Demigod Sovereign. Furthermore, this power she possessed… was far richer than the two Sovereigns presently in their sect. He instantly felt as if he was seeing things.

Towards these dozens of heretic practitioners who were clearly here to massacre the entire sect, Zhu Yao did not hold back in the least, as she released her Demigod pressure without concealing it in the slightest. Initially, she had thought that they wouldn’t be able to hold up against her, but strangely, they were actually standing firmly, as though they were not affected by her pressure at all. There were even two of them who initiated attacks against her.

The hell! These people must be on steroids!

“Little tyrant, fall back, towards the crowd.” Zhu Yao instructed him, and then summoned lightning bolts with a wave of her hand, instantly scattering the mystic arts shot out by the two people. The two white lightning bolts did not dissipate right after, but had instead gone on to attack the two heretic practitioners. Like chains trapping the two of them, the powerful lightning might instantly rendered them powerless.

After Zhu Yao captured the two of them, like firing artillery shells, she once again cast an art, attacking the rest of the heretic practitioners and successfully capturing another two.

With the difference in levels, even if there were dozens of them on the other side, they could not possibly match her.

Only about nine of them remained. Zhu Yao was still continuously releasing her power, when the remaining few suddenly retreated with haste, towards Skybond Peak at the very top.

As expected, they’re here to loot a burning house? Just as she was about to chase after them…

“Yu Yao!” Her master suddenly called out.

Zhu Yao paused, instantly sensing four abnormal spiritual auras behind her. When she turned to look, she saw the four people whom she had captured earlier was beginning to emit out a red glow, and it continued to grow brighter.

“Self-destruction!” Her master’s voice clearly resounded in her ears.

Zhu Yao just wanted to say: The hell!

Self-destruction. Nascent Soul practitioners even.

Furthermore, this was even the first time she had experienced a suicide attack. It was already too late to stop them. In a flash, Zhu Yao appeared amidst the crowd. Circulating all of the spiritual energy in her body, she raised a defensive barrier. Then, she hurriedly added a few more mystic arts, crafting a formation in an instant.

In the instant the formation was formed, the four Nascent Soul practitioners exploded like nuclear bombs, and the blasts bloomed in all directions. Her line of sight was instantly enveloped by the white light of the explosion. The entire Ness Cesary Sect turned into ashes right at this moment. All of the plant life and buildings had all turned into mere flying ashes. Even the floating mountain that they were standing on, had instantly turned into dust.

If not for the formation Zhu Yao placed, even if they were not caught up with the explosion, the crowd would have already fallen to their deaths.

Even though Zhu Yao was a Demigod, she was unable to hold up against the self-destruction of four Nascent Soul practitioners at once. Adding that she had to protect the few hundreds of disciples behind her as well, for a moment, she felt her mind trembling, and there were even traces of the spiritual energy in her body going into a rampage. After finally managing to safely land the crowd onto the ground, she opened her mouth and puked out blood.



Little tyrant and Ye Qingcang shouted out. Zhu Yao immediately sat down to adjust herself. Taking a few deep breaths, she then took a look within herself. Probably because she possessed the Chaos Origin spiritual energy, she realized the spiritual energy in her meridians had already calmed down. The lightning spiritual energy which she guided out earlier was in a rampage earlier, but was immediately suppressed by those transparent strands of spiritual energy.

In an instant, she had already opened her eyes.

“Little martial… Sovereign.” Qu Ying took a step forward, his face was filled with immense guilt. Never would he have expected that the person who saved the entire Ness Cesary Sect, would be her! He opened his mouth several times, as if he wanted to say something. However, he felt as if no matter what he were to say now, it was already too late.

“Do a roll call.” Zhu Yao however did not care about his complicated emotions. Looking around, he realized that not only Ness Cesary Sect, even the entire forest had turned into a flat piece of land by the explosion earlier. From her line of sight, everything was just scorched earth.

As expected of a weapon of mass destruction. If she hadn’t been here earlier, most likely, not a single person from Ness Cesary Sect would have survived. She could not help but question just what were these heretic practitioners trying to accomplish. Normally speaking, though heretic practitioners had ruthless personalities and would not hesitate to use any means to accomplish their goals, they were people who cherished their lives the most as well. To self-destruct without any hesitation, and four of them altogether even, was indeed a little strange. It seemed like it was not as simple as taking revenge or robbing resources. There must be an even larger goal behind all these.

“Hurry and look up in the air!” Suddenly, a disciple exclaimed out.

The crowd raised their heads one after another, only to see a lonely single mountain floating in the air.

“Skybond Peak!” Qu Ying stared with wide eyes. “How… How is that possible?”

The self-destruction earlier had even destroyed the forest within a hundred kilometers radius, yet Skybond Peak was still intact!

“There’s people over there! It’s those heretic practitioners!”

There were indeed several people standing on their flying swords in the vicinity of Skybond Peak. They were the few remaining Nascent Soul practitioners from earlier. They distanced themselves several meters away from each other, forming a strange formation. Furthermore, the dazzling lights of a formation could be seen between them.

“Hurry and look at Skybond Peak!” Another disciple cried out. The entire Skybond Peak suddenly shook like a blurred image for a moment, and then, in a blink of an eye, they disappeared in front of everyone’s eyes. It was as if it had been erased from the sky itself.

“This… What in the world…” The crowd exchanged glances as they astonishingly watched this strange event unfold. They could not believe such a large floating mountain like Skybond Peak would disappear from everyone’s eyes just like that. Even those few Nascent Soul practitioners had disappeared without a trace.

Even Zhu Yao could no longer sense their presences in the slightest.

The hell, just what in the world was that formation?

“Teleportation formation!” Her master’s voice resounded in the depths of her heart.

Zhu Yao was startled. “Can teleportation formations transfer an entire mountain?” Those few practitioners were the Foolish Old Men, right!?

“That formation must have been activated by an unique energy, and not spiritual energy.”

“Unique energy…” Zhu Yao’s heart clenched. She suddenly recalled that Pervert Cheng from that dimensional space. “Is it an unique energy like Little Eighth’s blood of a God Race?”

“Yes, but it’s not godly energy.”

If it isn’t godly energy, then what is it?

“A formation like this isn’t capable of transferring long distances. Its exit most certainly requires a large amount of spiritual energy as support for it to succeed. Most likely, the place the mountain has been transferred to, possesses spiritual energy far richer and denser than usual.”

Spiritual energy far richer and denser than usual? Zhu Yao was startled for a moment. It seemed as though something was popping up in her mind, but she just could not recall what it was at all.

“Foolish Old Men” is a reference to the Chinese fable “Foolish Old Man Removes the Mountains”. You can look it up on Google, though be warned that the attached picture on the Wikipedia article about this is a little… ahem… lewd.

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