Disciple – Chapter 158

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Chapter 158: Recognizes Blood, but not the Owner’s

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Rather than witnessing one, you were struck by one, right!

“That’s true.” That disciple immediately flattered a few words. “Among us disciples, only senior martial brother has personally visited Lightning Divine Palace.”

“Mn.” Miao Lin nodded complacently, and then with a complacent expression, he said. “I really wish I can once again witness the arts of Lightning Divine Palace.”

Zhu Yao: “…” Are you a masochist?

“I have already said this before, no lightning type arts are allowed to be executed in Advent Cloud Palace. Seeing that this junior martial sister has just entered the sect not too long ago, and has already suffered her punishment, I will leave this matter to rest. Disperse.”

“Yes, senior-martial brother.” The two followers expressed their thanks together, however, they then looked at Tao Manfeng, who was lying in the pool of water, with difficult expressions.

Miao Lin frowned. After casting an art, the water on the ground once again condensed into a water dragon, and flew up. Only then did the two followers lift Tao Manfeng up and leave.

Pulling along the mushroom, Zhu Yao was just about to flee as well.

However, she heard Miao Lin’s suddenly shouting out. “Stop.”

In a flash, his figure had already blocked in front of Zhu Yao’s path. “This junior-martial sister, have we met somewhere before?”

I’m doomed!

In front of her, Miao Lin had already reached out his hand. “Why are you constantly lowering your head?”

Out of desperation, Zhu Yao retracted all of the divine energy in her body, and poof, she returned to her original form.

A piece of snow-white jade instantly landed on Miao Lin’s palm, which he was unable to retract in time.

“Why did you return to your original form?”

“Senior-martial brother… I’m your aficionado.”

“Aficionado? What’s that?” Miao Lin blanked.

“Aficionado. It means that I really like, and really worship you.” Zhu Yao immediately activated her bluffing mode. “This disciple has long heard of senior-martial brother’s mighty name. Now that I finally managed to see the person himself, I got a little excited, and returned to my original form.”

Miao Lin was filled with smiles. As expected, he dropped his suspicions, and flipped the jade in his hand about. “You sure have good eyes. Cultivate well. In the future, you will have the same level of achievements as me.”

Zhu Yao tried her best to express her own excitement. “Thank you, senior- martial brother. I will definitely work hard.”

“Mn.” Miao Lin passed the jade over to the mushroom at the side, and instructed. “There’s no need for the both of you to be afraid. Our Advent Cloud Palace isn’t a place without rules. If junior-martial sister Tao comes to trouble you again, you can look for me.”

“Really, senior-martial brother?”

“Of course.” Miao Lin nodded. Most probably because this was the first time he had a fan, the expression he was looking at the mushroom with had become gentler as well. “If you have any concerns, just look for me.”

“Yes, senior-martial brother. Thank you, senior martial brother.”

“Mn. Go on then.”

Zhu Yao never expected that she could actually pass this off so easily, and she immediately urged the mushroom to bring her back. It seemed like she could not continue to stay in Advent Cloud Palace for long. There would come a day that someone could recognize her. She had already found her clue anyway, so right now, she just had to find the opportunity to rush over to Fluorescent Wind Clan as soon as possible.

The two of them travelled in an urgent manner, and the moment they returned to the lodging, they closed the door. Only then did Zhu Yao heave a sigh of relief. She habitually circulated her divine energy so that she could return to her human form, only to realize that her body was completely empty. A hint of pain came from her Dantian, and she could not transform at all.

“The hell. What’s going on?” Zhu Yao’s jade-body instantly felt uncomfortable. “Master, I can’t return to my human form.”

“No need to worry. Earlier, when you forcefully returned to your original form, your withdrawal of divine energy was too rapid, which caused some damage to your Dantian.” Yu Yan gently said. “You simply have to stop circulating your divine energy temporarily, and it will be restored in a few days.”

“That gave me a fright. That’s good, that’s good.” So it was because she withdrew her divine energy too quickly, causing her to have a stitch.

“Rock spirit, who are you speaking to?” The mushroom curiously lowered his head.

“Uh…” She had forgotten that the mushroom was still here.

His familiar face suddenly closed in, and Zhu Yao simply felt a shiver in the depths of her heart, as a strange feeling surged. As she thought, she was still unable to get used to Mushmush’s human form, especially this little wimp look-alike face of his.

“Nothing much. I was muttering to myself.” Zhu Yao chuckled.

“Oh.” The mushroom glanced at her and furrowed his brows, as though he wanted to ask something. After opening and closing his mouth a few times, he still changed the topic in the end. “You’re not going to revert to your human form?”

“Mn.” She however, did not conceal this matter from him. “I transformed a little too quickly earlier, so I can only restore my human form after a few days.”

“Oh, then have a nice rest. I’m going to head back first.” The mushroom gave her a few words, before returning to his own cave residence. However, before he left, his expression was a little heavy, as he turned around to give her a few glances.

Did rock spirit have a master? Master… In the depths of his initially pure-white heart, an indescribable emotion suddenly surfaced. Why did he feel that this word sounded a little familiar?

Zhu Yao planned to head over to Fluorescent Wind Clan when she regained her human form. Currently, as a piece of jade which did not have any movement ability, the only thing she could do was – sleep. However, she never expected that there would actually be someone assaulting her at night.

That person suddenly appeared in her house. There weren’t any ripples produced from divine arts, and furthermore, the door and windows were nicely shut. In a blink of an eye, the lodging simply gained an additional human figure. His figure was especially tall, and she could faintly see that he was a male practitioner. Even though the moonlight was especially bright within the house, she still couldn’t clearly see that person’s appearance.

Just as Zhu Yao was about to speak, she was interrupted by Yu Yan.

“Yu Yao!” Carrying an anxious tone, her master’s voice resounded in her mind. “This person is the individual who infiltrated Lightning Divine Palace.”

Zhu Yao blanked, and was thrown into elation a moment later. She hurriedly transmitted her voice. “Then does that mean that as long we capture him, master can leave this dimensional space?” Various age-restricted bondage methods began to fill her mind.

“Yu Yao.” Yu Yan’s voice was solemn. “This person’s cultivation level is higher than mine.”

“Uh…” Then how the hell was she going to play this? Fortunately, she did not speak out earlier, otherwise, she would have been the one trapped. “Then what do we do?”

“Do not make any noise. Wait and see.”

Zhu Yao withdrew from her inner view, and quietly continued to act like a piece of jade. The room was strangely quiet, and even the cicadas outside the window had stopped singing.

It was unknown for what purpose this person came here for either, as ever since his appearance, he had been standing inside the room without moving from his position. Even Zhu Yao was about to believe that the reason why he was here, was simply because he liked the floor he was stepping on. Finally, he moved. Turning his ahead, he swept his eyes around the room, as though he was searching for something. A moment later, she sensed a divine sense sweeping over.

At this moment, Zhu Yao rejoiced that she did not have a single strand of divine energy in her body, and had returned to her true form. Without any ripples of divine energy, even if someone else’s divine sense were to sweep pass her, she would still just be a regular piece of jade. That person definitely wouldn’t be able to discov-

Ehhhhhh? Why was he coming over?

That person retracted his divine sense, and walked straight towards the table. As though he had identified her, there wasn’t even a single trace of hesitation in his footsteps. Did she have to be this unfortunate!?

In an instant, Zhu Yao felt that even her heart had popped out. What happened to the promise of being undiscovered?

A pair of cold lines of sight fell on her body. Even though he clearly did not do anything, Zhu Yao still felt a cold intent penetrating the depths of her heart, as though she was about to choke from his gaze. Just when Zhu Yao couldn’t bear it any longer and was about to speak out, he suddenly shifted his line of sight. In a flash, just as how he had appeared, his figure disappeared from the room.

What kind of situation was this?

Zhu Yao was completely lost. However, that terrifying feeling earlier still lingered in her heart. Just who the hell was that person?

A moment later, a slit of the door was suddenly pushed open by someone. A head sneakily came inspecting the room.

Little bitch!

It was actually Tao Manfeng who came to seek trouble with her during the day! Was today labelled Night Walk Day on the calendar? This was even a team night assault?

Tao Manfeng looked around for a moment, before she carefully pushed the door open and came in. She first quietly looked at the bed. As though she had confirmed that no one was in the room, her brows furrowed, as she searched around. Just as she was about to leave, she discovered Zhu Yao on the table, and in an instant, her eyes lighted up.

Zhu Yao suddenly had a bad premonition.

“Divine jade!” Tao Manfeng picked up the piece of jade from the table with an excited look. After inspecting its front and back, she muttered. “As I thought, it’s the same piece.”

What was this little bitch trying to do? She couldn’t be planning to pose as her again, right?

Tao Manfeng, however, did not speak up again. Instead, she held onto Zhu Yao, and left through the door with a happy look. Her flying sword rose, and she directly flew out of Advent Cloud Palace. Just where was she bringing her to?

She seemed to be really excited, as she looked at the piece of jade while flying. The other hand of hers was even constantly stroking the surface of the jade.

She stroked her to the point Zhu Yao was feeling as though all her hair were standing on ends. After restoring her human form, she was definitely going to take a bath. The type where she was going to vigorously rub every nook and cranny of her body.

She flew for exactly an entire night, and she only landed on the ground right after arriving at a small market. She then however entered a very secluded courtyard, and only after setting down several layers of concealment and isolation formations outside, did she finally enter the manor.

After looking around her surroundings, she then pulled out the jade with a serious look, and began to carefully inspect it. In order to prevent herself from being exposed, Zhu Yao did not let out a sound during the entire journey. Tao Manfeng clearly recognized her true form, but seeing her worriless expression, evidently, she did not know that Zhu Yao had already cultivated a human form.

Tao Manfeng flipped the jade back and forth, and stared at it for a long while. The more she looked, the deeper her brows furrowed. She then muttered to herself. “Could it be that this piece of jade is simply used to prove one’s identity as a Lightning Divine Palace disciple?”

Zhu Yao rolled her eyes in the depths of her heart. It seemed like she still couldn’t forget about Lightning Divine Palace, huh.

“An item belonging to Lightning Divine Palace definitely isn’t that simple.” Tao Manfeng took a deep breath, and continued to inspect for a long while. First, she merely used her naked eyes to look, and then, she used her divine sense to sweep through it. Then, she even inserted a little of her divine energy.

“This is impossible.” Seeing the completely unresponsive divine jade, her expression became a little ugly. She then tried to use various other methods, such as bathing it in the water, burn it under a fire, and plant it under a soil. Even Zhu Yao was about to praise her for her dedication and perseverance. She silently rejoiced that she was currently a piece of rock. Otherwise, if this continued, even if she wouldn’t die, a layer of her skin would have been ripped off.

Tao Manfeng continued to toss about for an entire night, and throughout the entire thing, Zhu Yao was quietly acting dead. Finally, she gritted her teeth, condensed a spiritual sword, and then sliced it across her own finger. Suddenly, a large number of fresh blood pearls were produced, merrily flowing down her finger. She raised her bleeding finger, and pressed it on Zhu Yao.

Alright, she finally found the correct method. However, she was simply too late, as Zhu Yao had already been sprayed with someone else’s blood. No matter how much she were to drip her blood on…


Binding of Dimensional Space – Success!

The hell!

Just how much love did this dimensional space have to give? How could it be bound with just any random person with a single drop of blood, hey? This thing recognized blood, but not the owner’s. In an instant, Zhu Yao felt like she was going insane.

“Master, what do we do?” This woman wasn’t as easy to hoodwink as Dog-Egg. “We definitely mustn’t allow her to enter the dimensional space.”

“She hasn’t come in.” Yu Yan said with a solemn voice.

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