Disciple – Chapter 151

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Chapter 151: Heading Towards Advent Cloud Hall

Momentarily, Mo Xianxian showed a face of disappointment. As expected, he was not going to help her? That’s true. Just how many people had simple backgrounds among those who deities who ascended? How could someone extend his kind hands because of a few words from her? It was already a rare event for him to save her life. She heaved a sigh, and just when she was about to give up…

Suddenly, a loud crash could be heard from the door. A human figure was thrown into the room. He fell on the ground, and painfully rolled about.

Mo Xianxian was startled, and she then took a closer look. “It’s you!” It was actually that spirit which molested her before. Back then, she was injured, and adding that she wanted to find out who was the person behind all this, she pretended to be captured by him. Who would have known that instead of luring out the mastermind, she was saved by a little deity who passed by?

Why would senior know this person, and even bring him here? Could it be in order to help her? A slight bitter yet joyful intent flashed past Mo Xianxian’s eyes. It seemed like that senior was not completely heartless.

As expected, those who are capable of acting would usually supplement themselves with imaginative information in their own minds. When Zhu Yao went out, she simply realized that Goudan was sleeping by the door. Hence, she casually gave him a kick…

She had to admit, the cold and mighty expression package was really useful. Earlier, she was even wondering how she should make the female deity speak about the information regarding the people chasing after her, so that she could deduce who the person that appeared in Lightning Divine Palace was. She never expected that without even uttering a single word, that woman would clearly explain the entire situation just like that.

It was no wonder her master often carried a cold expression, and it was no wonder the Floor Master would use such a cold and mighty business-like expression as well. Mn… Next time, let’s try tilting her face forty-five degrees towards the sky.

Right now, the most important matter at hand was to find the key figure – Xu Nuoyan, and find out just who he had offended, which caused his wife to be chased after by knifes the moment she ascended. However, if Mo Xianxian were to be brought along on their journey, putting aside the fact that Zhu Yao herself was merely an average Profound Deity who could be instantly killed off by an above average Gold Deity, that Dog-Egg couldn’t even be considered a deity. Bringing along these two people at the same time, forget about protecting them, she herself would be dragged into the mess as well.

Though, Zhu Yao really wondered how Mo Xianxian recognized her as someone reliable. Could it be from looking at her face? As expected, the cold and mighty mask was overpowered.

She had looked at the face she had after changing into a man. It was very familiar, because… it looked exactly the same as the past ‘Soi Sauz’. She felt that this little Realmspirit was just trying to save some trouble, and was lazy to make a completely new face for her. It was no wonder when Mo Xianxian saw her, she looked as though she was looking at a stranger. There wasn’t even the slightest of similarity between her male and female forms.

Just as Zhu Yao was worrying how she was going to protect Mo Xianxian, who knew that on the second day, she actually brought up the topic of disbanding on her own.

“I have thought it through. I do not have any foundations in the Higher Realm. If there’s really someone who really wishes to send me to my deathbed, then, no matter where I run, it will be useless.” Mo Xianxian’s expression was exceptionally firm. She had long kept that gentle and frail expression of hers, as though she knew that it was useless against Zhu Yao. “So, I wish to first get accepted into Advent Cloud Palace of the East, before looking for my husband again. With the protection of a sect, even if the people in the dark wish to act against me, they would still be a little opposed to the idea.”

This was indeed a good plan. In the four continents of Divine Realm, the Advent Cloud Palace of the East was the strongest.

“Thank you, senior, for your saving grace.” Mo Xianxian gave her a heavy and solid bow, yet, she no longer gave any comments of repaying Zhu Yao or whatsoever. “This little deity shall take her leave.”

Zhu Yao nodded. Thus, Mo Xianxian turned around, summoned her divine sword, and rose into the air.

Though, Goudan on the side, was looking at the beautiful woman gradually moving away with teary eyes.

“Stop looking. Even if you look, she still won’t be yours.” Zhu Yao raised her hand, and gave a slap to his head. “That person is already married. Didn’t you hear that she’s going to find her own husband?” She really didn’t know how he heard ‘finding her own husband’, into ‘finding a practitioner-pair partner’.

“Boss…” With a pair of teary eyes that was about to pour out, Goudan sniffled. “I really like her.”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Yo, you actually found true love from playing the ruffian?

“Forget it. Boss will introduce you to more beautiful girls in the future.”

“Really?” Goudan’s eyes shone.

“Of course.” Zhu Yao patted on her chest to guarantee it. “I guarantee that every single one of them is more beautiful than her.”

“There’s no need for that, my standards aren’t high.” Goudan scratched his head, and chuckled. “As long as… she’s a little prettier than boss, I’m fine with her.”

“The hell.” Zhu Yao sent him a kick. Just stay single till you’re dead.

A broken-hearted man would not listen to reasons. Ever since Mo Xianxian left, Goudan had been severely depressed, letting huge sighs in front of Zhu Yao every single day.

After taking a step, “Haah…”

After taking another step, “Haaaah…”

After continuing with another step, “Haaaaaaah…”


“Enough!” Zhu Yao was so irritated to the extent she wanted to flip a table. In the past, why didn’t she feel that other than being stupid, Goudan was so irritating as well? If it wasn’t because of the fact that she couldn’t be too far away from him, she definitely would have sent him to Mars. “Isn’t it just looking for Mo Xianxian? We will head out now, is that enough?” A broken-hearted man really couldn’t be reasoned with.

“Really?” After a jolt, Dog-Egg squatted in front of her, all that was missing was a woof.

With itchy hands, Zhu Yao sent a slap towards him. “So? Aren’t you going to lead the way?” She didn’t know which way it was to Advent Cloud Palace.

“Alright.” Instantly, Goudan exited the door joyfully, and flew at the front.

Flying on her sword, Zhu Yao slowly followed behind. She had planned on following Mo Xianxian to Advent Cloud Palace in the first place. Her master and Sesame were still trapped in the dimensional space, if she could find the person who assaulted them at Lightning Divine Palace back then, then there was a possibility of getting them out sooner. Right now, all the clues were leading up to Mo Xianxian, so it was natural for Zhu Yao to follow after her.

However, she could not openly head over together, as it would be easily exposed then. After all, the enemy was hiding in the dark, while she was out in the open. It would be bad to beat the grass and frighten away the snake. Hence, she wanted to wait for a few days on purpose. However, Dog-Egg, this piggish teammate, was simply too irritating.

Fortunately, she warned him yesterday not to disclose the fact that she was the female deity who saved Mo Xianxian in the forest back then. The two of them flew in the eastern direction for exactly half a day, yet, they were still unable to see even the shadow of Advent Cloud Palace. Goudan however, suddenly made a turn, and instead flew towards the western direction.

“Didn’t you say Advent Cloud Palace is in the east?” Why the sudden change in direction?

“Boss, it seems you’re unaware of this.” Goudan explained. “Advent Cloud Palace controls the entire eastern continent, and their disciples are everywhere. If one wishes to enter the Sect, there’s a need to first register at the various provinces. After passing the tests could one then enter Advent Cloud Palace.”

“You seem to know a lot, huh?” Zhu Yao looked at him with narrowed eyes. What happened to materializing a human form just recently?

“Heheh. Little sister Xianxian said she wanted to head to Advent Cloud Palace, so I have been inquiring about it in the Divine City.”

Yo, you’re even calling her by her given name now?

“I have even heard that these provinces are situated on lands where the Heavenly Doors open when the practitioners from the small worlds of the Lower Realm ascends. As long as they’re human practitioners who ascended into deities, most of them will choose to enter Advent Cloud Palace.”

So these provinces were all merely set-up to conveniently pull in talented people.

Goudan then imparted her a few more basic knowledge about Divine Realm. Only now did Zhu Yao understand that other than the forces of the four different continents, there was Scattered Fif Hall, which was created entirely by wandering deities who were unwilling to join any faction. This was also the reason why there were five groups of people representing the various factions back then at Lightning Divine Palace.

Scattered Fif Hall did not have much restrictions placed on their disciples. Seemingly every single one of them was left to their own devices, and people would only occasionally appear when there were important matters. They were similar to wandering practitioners in the Lower Realm, however, the wandering practitioners in the Lower Realm did not belong to any organizations at all, nor did they have any regulations to follow. Scattered Fif Hall simply had an additional binding force from a pledge.

Furthermore, in the entire Divine Realm, other than the human practitioners who ascended from the Lower Realm, there were various spirits which awakened their spiritual consciousness. Like Goudan, and Mushmush.

Divine Realm was filled with divine energy at every single corner, it was extremely easy for objects of Divine Realm to be affected by divine energy and awaken their spiritual consciousness. As long as they had awakened their spiritual consciousness, they would have the qualifications to cultivate. After a spirit’s cultivation improved, they did not have to suffer the agony of the lightning tribulations. However, the cultivation of spirits was extremely difficult, and they require an extremely long span of time to do so.

Especially for most spirits, due to the pre-awakening of their spiritual consciousness, their wisdom and thought processes could not be compared to the human practitioners who had lived for several thousand years in the Lower Realm. Due to these deficiencies, even if their level of cultivation rose astronomically, they still wouldn’t be a match for human practitioners. It was extremely common for spirits to awaken their spiritual consciousness in the Higher Realm, and their numbers were usually double of human practitioners. Hence, spirits were worth even less. Just like the pumpkin, watermelon, and sugarcane buildings that filled the Divine City which she saw earlier, actually, all of them were the true bodies of spirits which had long awakened their spiritual consciousness. When Zhu Yao recalled that she had actually once stayed in the stomach of a spirit, she instantly felt a little uncomfortable.

All the human practitioners and spirits in Divine Realm reside on the four great continents, but there were still other places other than the four continents. Away from the continents, was the Spiritual Void Continent. The land mass of this particular continent was larger than the four great continents combined. The reason why that was place was even more unbelievable, was because it was the territory of demonic immortals.

The so-called demonic immortals, were demonic beasts of the Lower Realm which broke through the tenth rank, underwent the lightning tribulation, and ascended. The strength of demonic beasts was stronger than human practitioners in the first place, and to be capable of ascending into the Higher Realm, they would be even sturdier to a certain degree. Even the demonic immortals which had only just ascended to the Higher Realm, possessed might stronger than a Profound Deity.

The human practitioners and demonic beasts were in a state of endless opposition in the Lower Realm, and the situation wasn’t any better in the Higher Realm. However, the human practitioners possessed the upper hand in the Lower Realm, while in Divine Realm, evidently, the might of the demonic immortals was stronger. Although the two were separated by land, there would occasionally be slight conflicts. With the addition of spirits, the human practitioners had the upper hand in numbers, but the demonic immortals had the upper hand in terms of strength.

Today, I will stab you. I will give you a slash tomorrow then. Such conflicts continued endlessly.

Simply by walking through the city, Zhu Yao heard of several spirits and deities speaking about matters regarding demonic immortals. Every single one of them was gnashing their teeth, and had expressions that looked as though they wanted to give them a thrashing so badly. However, without any exceptions, the divine practitioners were unable to gain any advantages over them.

It seemed like the relationship between the two sides were really bad.

However, all of them had the same enemy to fight against now, so why were the four great continents not working together to against it, and were instead fighting among themselves?

Zhu Yao, who were once a beast, curled her lips with thoughts of returning into the dimensional space to let out some fumes at the demonic immortal Sesame. You guys can stop challenging the divine practitioners now, in any case, just by them fighting among themselves, most probably, it would all end too.

The province Goudan chose was very lively. It was said that there were several Heavenly Doors from dozens of small worlds all congregated here. Hence, the streets were filled with people. They finally managed to arrive at the registration point, only to realize that the place was filled with various types of…


That’s right. There were radishes, cabbages, and even a green onion queuing in front of them at the registration point.

Zhu Yao did not even regain her senses for a long while. With a single glance, what filled her vision were various types of spirits. The only ones which kept their human forms were just Zhu Yao and Goudan. She suddenly had the feeling that she had been transported into the world of Plants vs Zombies. The two of them were zombies, and the ground was filled with plants. Would a pea be shot out from somewhere?

“Hey hey, little lady.” Someone patted on her shoulder. When Zhu Yao turned around to look, she saw a gigantic… peapod. Zhu Yao reflexively took a step back. It wouldn’t actually spew out peas at her, right?

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