Disciple – Chapter 149

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Chapter 149: Unfortunate Female Deity

“Master, I seem to have found that female deity who was bullied by Dog-Egg.” The red-clothed woman, who had just walked into the room opposite from hers, was indeed the person she saw in the forest earlier in the day.

“Mn, looking from her aura, it’s indeed her.”

“Then why is she still staying here?” Clearly, she knew that this city was Goudan’s territory. Wasn’t she afraid of him coming to settle the score? She actually returned here to court death?

“Yu Yao.” Yu Yan’s voice was solemn. “That woman is not simple. There’s no need to interact with her too deeply.”

“Ah?” What did he mean?

Yu Yan did not explain, instead, he lightly said. “Her level of cultivation was higher than that arrow spirit in the first place.”

Zhu Yao blanked. Indeed, although that lady’s cultivation was merely at an unstable Earth Deity level, at the very least, she was still a human practitioner who had ascended to Divine Realm. She clearly knew how hard it was to become a deity from the Lower Realm, and not a single one of these ascended people had simple backgrounds. Though Goudan had gained a human form, he was still merely a pure spirit. That fierce aura of his could scare people, but, after all, he did not possess actual strength, so he could not even be called an actual Earth Deity. How could that woman possibly be captured by Goudan? Furthermore, even though she cried so miserably back then, why did she not cast any arts to resist at all? Why?

“Could it be…” Zhu Yao frowned. “Dog-Egg really caught that female deity’s eyes?” Could it be that she had unintentionally broken apart a good marriage?

Yu Yan: “…”

As expected, he shouldn’t harbour any hopes for his disciple’s intelligence. “That female deity must have sensed that you’re nearby.”

Uh, so she was actually using her! The hell. Her acting skills were so good, did her parents know about it?

Zhu Yao felt a squeeze in her heart. Initially, she had thought that she had done a good thing, but she never expected that the woman did not even need her help, and her dimensional space was even accidentally bound with someone else. This matter was simply…

Right now, the only thing she could do was to quickly think of a way to dispel the bind with Goudan. Zhu Yao closed her eyes, and began to guide divine energy out of her divine sense region to cultivate. Because it had already recognized an owner, her dimensional space was currently so small, it was hard to look straight in the eyes with. Though, the divine energy was still as dense as before. She tried her best to use the divine energy to refine her meridians, and time unconsciously passed just like that.

“Yu Yao!” Her master’s voice once again rang, and it faintly carried a degree of heaviness. “I sense the aura of the person who attacked us before.”

Zhu Yao immediately stopped her cultivation, and opened her eyes. “The person who attacked us? In Lightning Divine Palace?”

“Mn.” The heaviness in Yu Yan’s tone rose. “That person should be in the room directly opposite from ours.”

Directly opposite? That Oscar woman?

In an instant, Zhu Yao leapt up. Opening the door, she walked right out. As expected, she saw that a layer of sealing formation was added to the room at the opposite side.

“Be very careful.” Yu Yan instructed.

Zhu Yao pondered for a moment, and once again returned to the room. Opening the window, she flew out, as she planned on circling around to the other side to take a look at the situation. However, the moment she lowered her head, she collided with the arrow spirit Dog-Egg that had similarly crawled out from the window.

“Boss!” Goudan’s expression was filled with a pleasant surprise.

What’s the deal with ‘boss’?

“You heard the sounds of battle as well?”

“Mn, let’s go take a look!” Zhu Yao simply brought him over. Before they could even approach the room in time, suddenly, they heard a loud blast. Not far away from the front, a hole was blasted out from the wall. A figure instantly charged out from the dense layer of smoke, anxiously sprinting towards the night sky. Another figure was following close behind.

Without any hesitation, Zhu Yao chased after them.

“Boss, wait for me. Boss!” Goudan waved his hands about, yet, the person in front of his eyes had long disappeared from her original position. Hence, he could only accept his fate and follow after her, hoping that he would not lose her along the way.

As she concealed herself, Zhu Yao chased after the two people. The one in front was the female Deity she met in the day, as for the one black figure at the back, though he seemed to be concealing himself on purpose, she sensed a familiar aura from him. She felt the same sensation she had when she was at the Lightning Divine Tower back then, as that dull pain once again surfaced in the depths of her heart. Why is the pain back? Just who in the world is that person?

The two people flew extremely quickly. When it looked as though she was about to catch up to them, suddenly, her body felt light, and with a poof, she fell from the sky.

The hell, why did she revert to her original form again?

Why did she always have to disconnect at the most important times? And what’s with not giving any notifications about this?

Zhu Yao was both furious and anxious. She wanted to circulate the divine energy within her divine sense region in order to materialize again, however, she realized that her own divine sense seemed to be sealed, as she was basically unable to circulate divine energy at all. “Master…” She anxiously called out, yet, she did not get a reply at all. With a solemn heart, she looked into her divine sense region. Forget about a dimensional space, she couldn’t even see anything at all. She became flustered in the depths of her heart, as she continuously tried over, and over again, yet, she still received the same result. What was going on?

“Boss, boss…” From afar, Goudan’s voice could be heard.

Zhu Yao felt her body easing up. The divine energy that was sealed earlier, instantly returned to her body. In but an instant, she once again regained her human form.


“Mn.” The familiar voice once again returned in her mind.

Zhu Yao suddenly had the impulse to cry. At that moment, she had really thought that something had happened to her master in the dimensional space.

“Just what happened?”

“Earlier, your divine sense was sealed.” Yu Yan said with a solemn tone. “Because the owner of the dimensional space was too far away.”

“You’re talking about Dog-Egg?”


She couldn’t be too far away from Dog-Egg? Otherwise the dimensional space would automatically seal itself? And she would revert to her original form? The hell, what kind of dog-shit setting was this?

“Then doesn’t that mean that, I have to be stay by his side the entire time in the future?”

In the beginning, she had thought that the dimensional space recognizing an owner was just an issue regarding the dimensional space itself, allowing Goudan to freely use it. She never expected that this so-called binding, had really bound her along with him as well. From the looks of the situation earlier, giving an estimate, the distance between the two of them could not go beyond more than ten kilometers. This was simply too unbearable.

“Boss, I finally found you.” Student Li Goudan popped out from the forest, and looked at her with a happy face.

“Hoho.” Seeing his radiant and shining expression, Zhu Yao suddenly felt her hand itching.

“What… What is it? Boss?” This expression was kind of off, eh? Li Goudan shivered, as he weakly took a step back.

“Nothing much!” Zhu Yao patted on his shoulders. “I simply felt that you’re especially handsome all of a sudden. So heroic, so elegant, you’re so beautiful… I feel like disfiguring you!”

“Boss…” Goudan blushed, as he scratched his head in embarrassment. “These are all my inborn traits, there’s nothing I can do about it.”

“The hell!” Raising her hand, Zhu Yao slapped towards his head. He actually admitted to them so shamelessly. “Let’s go. We have to hurry and chase after them.”

To prevent him from flying too slow and becoming a deadweight, Zhu Yao simply dragged him onto her own sword. There were no longer the two people’s figures in the sky, even that female deity had disappeared. She had no choice but to search for that aura earlier and chase after it.

Most probably she had delayed with her chase for too long, after flying for a period of time, the aura disappeared. Zhu Yao could not help but land onto the ground and search her surroundings. Yet, she was still unable to find anything.

“Boss, what are you looking for?”

Zhu Yao turned her head around and glared at him. If not for you, how could this lady here lose sight of them? “Why are you calling me boss?”

When Li Goudan saw that she was finally asking about this, he said with an excited look. “Because great deity is incredible. At our hometown, whoever’s incredible has to be called boss.”

“You want to become my underling?” Zhu Yao glanced at him from head to toe.

Goudan instantly stood with a straightened back, and said with much bootlicking intentions. “Heheh, great deity, I’m very useful.” He had long heard that other than forming a practitioner-pair, one could still raise his cultivation by seeking the guidance of someone incredible. Ever since Zhu Yao brought him into the city, he decided that he definitely had to tightly hug onto the bulky huge thigh of this great deity. “You carry the kindness of saving me and bestowing me a name. Goudan has no other way to repay you, and simply hope that he could be your follower in the future. If you instruct me to go east, I will definitely not head west, so please take m-”

“Alright, I will take you in!”

“Eh?” Goudan was a little dumbfounded. “T-T-That…” That’s too random, right? She agreed to it so easily?

“That’s what? Call me boss.” Earlier, she was still thinking about how to pull him over. However, he came to request it on his own. There’s no need for thanks. I’m just that easy going of a person.”

“Alright, boss. No problem, boss.” Li Goudan was still silently excited in his heart for successfully hugging onto such a huge thigh. “Boss, I…”

“Enough, there’s no need for words. Let us go!” Zhu Yao waved her hand without a mind, as she turned around, planning to head back to the city.

“No, boss, I wish to say…”

“I don’t wish to hear!”

“I’m saying…”


“Up in the sky!”

“Ah? Ow!” Before Zhu Yao could even turn around, she simply heard the sound of the wind. Her vision darkened, and with a ‘pata’ sound, something directly smashed onto her body, instantly slamming her onto the ground. She seemed to have heard the sound of bones cracking.

“Boss…” Goudan trembled from fright, as he hurriedly took a few steps back. “Earlier, I wanted to warn you to be careful…” He wanted to warn her, but her boss simply did not give him the chance to do so.

“Li. Gou. Dan!” She gritted her teeth. You little cannon after the horse. “Hurry and pull me out!”

“O-O-Ou…” Only then did Goudan run over, and push away the unidentified flying object on her body. Only after turning her head to take a look, did Zhu Yao find out that the thing that pressed on her body earlier, was actually a person. Yo! After a careful look, she was even a familiar person. She was the female deity who was fleeing earlier.

Why was she here? And she seemed to be injured severely as well?

“Boss, it’s her!” Goudan revealed a curious expression which looked as though he had picked up a treasure, as he reached out his hand to support the female deity. Zhu Yao simply slapped away his claw. “You’re still not giving up?”

Only then did he retract his claw aggrievedly. “I simply wanted to support her up.”

After a careful look, Zhu Yao realized that the female deity was already unconscious. She then checked her meridian gates. Her meridians were in a mess, and her Dantian had shattered as well. As expected, she had a heavy injury. Most probably, she was injured by that black shadow who was chasing after her earlier. Just how did she escape? And she had even intentionally fallen right in front of them. She was actually so sure that they would save her?

“Boss, so how is it, how is it?” Goudan came popping over with a worried look.

Alright then, with a fool like him here, they would actually save her alright.

Zhu Yao frowned, as she faintly sensed a discomfort in the depths of her heart. Although she was not someone who would not save a dying person, the feeling of being used and plotted to save someone was really irritating.

“Her injuries are very severe. Bring her back to the inn for now.”

Goudan nodded. Helping Zhu Yao on the other side, one on the left and the other on the right, the two of them raised her up. He glanced at the woman beside him. Though he wanted to reveal a shy smile, the scar on his face had simply influenced his demonstration, completely changing the shyness into complete obscenity. “Boss, do you think that… since I saved her life, after she wakes up, will she repay me with her b-“

“No way!” Zhu Yao said with emphasis on every word. “Absolutely. No. Way.”

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