Disciple – Chapter 147

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Chapter 147: Release that Lady

At the corner of the forest, three men and a lone woman were in confrontation. The woman’s clothes were in a mess, she was panting heavily, and her eyes were filled with fear. This woman was an Earth Deity, but the divine energy on her body was not exactly condensed. Her footing was a little unstable, and one of her hands was holding onto her other shoulder. As her fingertips were faintly dyed in red, it seemed that she was injured as well.

The three men in front of her were surrounding her, and the man at the center should be the one leading the group. He carried a fierce-looking face, and there was even a long scar cutting across it.

“Come on, run. Why don’t you continue to run?” The man smiled complacently, but he had already forced the woman into a position where she could no longer retreat.

“You people… What are you planning to do?” The woman’s voice was already faintly carrying a tearful tone.

“What we’re planning to do?” That person gave an even more obscene smile, as he sized up the woman from head to toe. “Heheheheh, I have already told you in the city, that I will have you obediently become my practitioner-pair companion.”

“I don’t want to become your furnace!” The woman loudly rebuked. She experienced so much hardship in order to finally ascend and become a deity. Even when she was in the Lower Realm, she had never stooped down to such a level, so how could she endure such humiliation the moment she ascended?

“That’s not up to you to decide.” That man cast an art, sealing the woman’s movements, and instantly pulled her into his embrace. With a forceful tug of his hands, he ruthlessly tore a part of her mystic robe, revealing the snow-like skin within.

“Don’t be anxious. As long as you’re obedient, I will naturally treat you well.” The man smiled especially complacently. Even the two people at the side were simply smiling as they watched this scene, as though they had long gotten used to this.

“Release me, release me…” The woman struggled with all her might, and even her throat was turning hoarse from all the screaming.

Zhu Yao could not stand to watch this any further, as she instantly flew down, and shouted out loud. “Release that girl, let me do it!”

The three ruffians: …

Girl: …

Uh… Pui. That was out of habit.

“Kuh… I mean, hurry and release her.” As expected, when seeing such irregular events along the road, there’s a need to properly prepare her lines as well. “Bullying a maiden under broad daylight, you people are acting too outrageously, don’t you think?”

“Where did you pop out from? Such a busybody.” The leader did not feel even the slightest of fear, though, his anger had surged. “If you’re sensible, then go away for this great deity. Otherwise, I will give you a sound beating.”

“Save me!” Before Zhu Yao could even reply, the woman anxiously called out for help, and her tears were even beginning to pour out. “They want me to become a furnace, and when I was unwilling to do so, they… Fellow deity, please save me?”

“Wrench.” The man scolded out, raised his hand, and gave her a slap. “This great deity have thought highly of you, yet, you don’t know how to appreciate it. Come on, scream for help. Continue with your pleas. Even if you scream till your throat breaks, no one will come to save you.”

Zhu Yao was already bursting with flames of fury. Casting a wood type divine art, a long vine was formed. The long vine wrapped itself around the woman’s waist, and with a forceful pull, it pulled the woman away from the man.

“Hello. I’m Till Your Throat Breaks.” Zhu Yao took a step forward, and shielded the woman. I’m going to handle this meddlesome affair alright.

“You’re going to step in for her?” The man instantly furiously exploded, as killing intent emitted out from his body. “You best think carefully. If you offend us three brothers, there’s no need for you to think about peacefully going around these parts.”

Zhu Yao did not even feel like bothering with this little ruffian. Turning around, she glanced at the woman whose clothes were in a mess. “Leave this place.”

The woman blanked. She hesitantly looked at her for a moment, before nodding. Summoning her own divine sword, she flew away. Even if she stayed behind, she would simply be deadweight for her.

“You’re courting death!” The man’s anger had reached its peak. Instantly, a gigantic ferocious aura exploded forth from his body. The aura was astonishingly dense, even the sky had instantly darkened. In a moment, a terrifyingly strong wind blew.

Zhu Yao was shocked as well. Earlier, she was unable to see through this person’s cultivation level, and thought that he must had concealed it. Seeing this amount of force now, his cultivation should be above hers, he was either a Gold Deity, or even an Ink Deity!

Zhu Yao gritted her teeth as she tightly grasped the sword in her hands. Whatever, giving a trash like him a beating would just be light punishment for him. Taking a step back, that woman had already left anyway, if she couldn’t beat him, she could run as well.

Furthermore, master had said that she could face him.

“Heheheh, little girl, are you afraid now?” The man seemed to look very complacent at the effect he had created. With belittling narrowed eyes, he looked at her. “If you admit your mistake now, and give me a hundred sounding kowtows, I can leave your life intact.”

“What’s with all these nonsense in a fight?” Raising her hand, she summoned a bolt of heavenly lighting, and struck it towards the position where he was standing on. At the same time, she flew up, and charged towards him with the intent to attack.

The man blanked, and his expression instantly paled. However, he did not take the bolt of heavenly lightning head-on, nor did he cast a defensive art. Instead, he swiftly rolled on the ground, leaving the radius of the lightning attack.

Zhu Yao, however, did not mind about his battle methods, because she had already flown right about the man. Aiming at the man who was still rolling on the ground, she forcefully kicked him…

And… She hit him.

It was just a casual attack, but she actually landed her mark!

The man groaned as he flew several meters away from the kick.

For a moment, Zhu Yao did not know if she should sigh in praise at her good luck, or if it was because he did not open his eyes. With a kick like that, even if it was a regular Earth Deity, he should still be able to dodge it easily, right? But her attack had actually landed right on target.

Zhu Yao frowned, and for a moment, a daring guess surfaced in the depths of her heart. Flying towards him, she continued with her attacks. The situation right after, had stemmed her guess. In every attack that she had thrown out, he did not have the intention to block any of them. No, to be exact, he was basically powerless to block them, let alone make a counter attack.

In an instant, in the entire field, only the screams of a man could be heard, as though they were the cries of a pig which was about to be killed.

This person, was simply… delightfully and refreshingly weak.

The hell. His cultivation level was as low as this, yet he actually had the galls to become a ruffian?

She did not even need to use her sword, you know? Zhu Yao simply stabbed her sword into the ground, rolled up her sleeves, and concentrated on greeting that ugly face of his. Left hook punch. Right hook punch. Uppercut. Overhand. Vertical kick. Horizontal kick. She struck him with a stream of various attacks.

“Ow, ow, ow… Stop hitting, stop…” The man covered his face with his two hands, yet, it wasn’t the slightest bit effective at all. His face quickly swelled up like a pig’s head. And even the hands which he used to try to block her attacks, had swelled up like a pig’s trotters as well.

“This is what you get for learning bad things. This is what you get for playing around with maidens. This is what you get for acting strong when you’re not…”

“Great deity… I admit my mistake, please have mercy. I really admit my mistake… Ow, ow, ow… It… It hurts…”

Zhu Yao bashed him for exactly an hour. Only when she could no longer find anywhere she had not bashed on that pig-face of his, did she finally stop.

It had been a long time since she bashed someone to her heart’s content. So refreshing! It was no wonder her master said that she could face him head-on.

Zhu Yao slapped her hands, picked up the sword by her side, and turned to stare at the other two men at the side.

The two trembled, and their faces instantly turned as pale as paper. Without any backbone, they knelt onto the ground, and, as a huge gift, prostrated in front of her. “Great deity, spare our lives. We admit our mistakes as well, really!”

Zhu Yao kicked the pig-face on the ground. “Speak. Just what level of cultivation do you have? What’s with that aura earlier as well?” Although this person was unbelievably weak, that surging aura did indeed come from his body.

“I will speak, I will speak…” The man instantly pleaded for his life. With his swelled eyes that looked like light bulbs, he looked at sheepishly. As fear still lingered in his heart, he crawled back a little distance. “This little one, is an arrow spirit which has gained a human form after cultivating for seven thousand years in the mountains.”

“An Ero spirit¹?” Zhu Yao sized him up for a moment. “Mn, you indeed lack of morals.”

“It’s not that ‘ero’, it’s the ‘arrow’ that is used for shooting with a bow.” The man hurriedly explained, as he rubbed his purplish face. “My true body is an arrow which belonged to a High Deity of Divine Realm. After the fall of the deity, I fell deep into the mountains. Due to a great opportunity and coincidence, I awakened my spiritual consciousness, and I was then able to become a spirit.”

“Then what’s with that fierce aura of yours?”

“That’s because before the fall of my owner, he followed the Dao of Slaughter. All of his weapons possessed an immensely fierce aura.”

So that frighteningly fierce aura belonged to his former owner. Zhu Yao looked at him with narrowed eyes. “I say, you. You’re called ero, so why do you have to be so cheap as well? Can’t you just cultivate properly? Why the hell do you have to bully a lady? What kind of hatred or enmity do you have, that made you want to kidnap that lady as a furnace?”

“Great deity…” That man no longer had the fierce and forceful look he had earlier. Raising his purplish face, he said aggrievedly. “I’m not entirely at fault either. On the streets, she loudly proclaimed that she wanted to look for a husband. This little one has been single till now, and she was even dressed that way, so…”

“The hell.” Zhu Yao once again kicked him. “What does a person’s fashion style have to do with you? This isn’t a reason for you to be a greedy beast. Based on your logic, if a person carries money on the streets, then he should be robbed, so that person has to be blamed for being rich? If a person has a life, then he should be killed, since that person has to be blamed for reincarnating?”

“But…” The man was at a loss of words. Just as he was about to explain, she once again interrupted him.

“Furthermore!” Zhu Yao glared at him coldly, as she cracked her fists. “I disfigured your face, because you were born ugly. So you deserve a beating!”

“Great deity, spare me! This little one admits his mistake, I will never dare to do it again.” The pig-faced arrow instantly submitted to her, bent onto the ground, and became even more honest. “This little spirit will definitely mend his ways, cultivate properly, and be a good arrow.”

“If you want to be ero, don’t do it on others, just do it on yourself!” Eh, something’s a little strange here?

“I have learnt my lesson, great deity.”

“Scram then!”

“Thank you, great deity, for the kindness to spare my life.” The pig-faced arrow then slowly crawled up. With a bun-like head, and a respectful look, he bent his waist. Suddenly, he twisted his wrist, pulled out something from his sleeves, and threw it towards her.

“Yu Yao!” Her master’s voice instantly rang in her ears.

Zhu Yao reflexively summoned a bolt of Purple Extreme Heavenly Lightning.

A bolt of purple coloured lightning struck directly onto the pig-face in front of her with a loud bang, even the talisman in his hand had disintegrated into dust. The pig-faced arrow’s Dantian instantly shattered. Puah. He spat out a mouthful of bad blood, splattering all on her Zhu Yao’s face.


The hell, this pig-face actually dared to launch a sneak attack on her! With her fist raised, she thought about pummelling him.

Suddenly, an immense red light emitted from her entire body. The light was so glaring, the two followers at the side even had to turn their heads away. Everywhere visible to the eyes was enveloped by the red light.

What’s going on?

Immediately after, she simply heard a ‘ting’ sound by her ears. The divine energy in her entire body was currently dispersing at an extremely quick rate, and in the next instant, she reverted back to a piece of jade.

Zhu Yao fell onto the ground, and within that flaming red light, she saw a row of large golden words.

Binding of dimensional space: Success!

The hell!

¹箭(Jiàn) – Arrow, has the same pronunciation as 贱(Jiàn) – Cheap and despicable. In regards to why I chose ‘Ero’, which means pervert, as the translation, I did not want to translate the pun literally, otherwise, the impact for you English viewers wouldn’t be there. Ero, though stems from Japanese, sounds the same as Arrow, and since it fits the context, I went along with it.

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