Disciple – Chapter 142

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Chapter 142: Great Great Grand Master

“That’s not what I meant!” Who would want you to literally fool around with flowers and tender grass!?

Then what did you mean? Yu Yan gave a clueless look.

Zhu Yao felt a little weary in her heart. “Alright, let’s not talk about this topic. Back then, I asked you a question. You said that you will tell me after I have ascended. You can tell me the answer now, right?” Do you like me or not?

“The question back then?” Yu Yan blanked. “You’re talking about… being practitioner-pair companions, is that correct?”

“Right. So, what’s your answer?” Zhu Yao stared intensely at his eyes, with an expression that looked as though she would eat him up if he rejected her.

Yu Yan’s expression, which was still ice-cold from habit earlier, grew slightly red. After a while, he replied. “Regarding this matter… We can talk about it after you have put on some clothes.”


It was initially an interrogation with an intense atmosphere, but it ended because of her naked body. Zhu Yao felt that even the morals of her next lifetime had been entirely spent. Yet, the person involved did not even have the slightest bit of reaction at all. After pulling out a large bundle of clothes, he even asked her with a calm look. “Do you want pink? White? Or pink and white?” Not only did they come with full sets of inner and outer wears, there were even aprons as well.

Zhu Yao really wanted to pound her fists onto the ground and cry out painfully. What happened to the promise that all men were animals who only think of their lower body? Why was one of them left out?

Because of this ruckus, Zhu Yao lost all of her intensity.

“You’re not allowed to change back into your former state.” Yu Yan pulled away the blanket, dug out the stupid disciple who was buried within and acting dead. Tapping on the core of the jade with the tip of his finger, a pure lightning energy was inserted, forcefully changing the jade back into her human form. “You have only gained your human form not too long ago. There’s no benefit to your cultivation if you regularly return to your former state.”

Zhu Yao continued to act like a corpse. Her heart had suffered a huge blow, and she did not wish to get up at all.

“Be obedient.” Yu Yan stroked her head, as he glanced at his disciple who was emitting out a dispirited aura. His brows furrowed, as he instantly picked her up from within the blanket. “Your master shall teach you the cultivation technique.”

“Oh.” Zhu Yao responded, but she was still unable to garner even the slightest bit of enthusiasm.

It was rare to see his disciple as unenthusiastic as this. Yu Yan was at a slight loss. He faintly sensed that she became this dispirited due to the matters yesterday. Actually, it wasn’t because he did not want to answer her, but…

After hesitating for a moment, he clenched his fists. Then, taking the opportunity, he placed her in his embrace, and slowly spoke. “Yu… Yao.”

“Mn?” Zhu Yao curiously looked up at the certain enlightened person who suddenly took the initiative.

Yu Yan’s expression sank. Looking at the nearing pair of rose coloured lips, he unconsciously pressed towards it. The two lips connected, and unlike the puzzling and numbing feeling he felt before, he felt strangely hungry for more. He could not help but wish to taste it even more.

Zhu Yao was a little muddled. The scenario was developing too fast, and her brain basically could not keep up with the change. She simply felt that dazzling stars were in front of her eyes, as though countless fireworks were being endlessly released at the same time. That was when she felt it was a little hard to breathe…

“Wait… Wait a minute.” Zhu Yao quickly pushed away her master who was evidently still trapped in his lust. “Let me catch my breath.”

Only then did Yu Yan’s eyes looked a little clearer. Seeing his disciple’s lips which were evidently swollen red, the arms which he was embracing her with once again tightened, as he suppressed the urge to press his lips against hers again. After a moment that felt like eternity, he spoke. “Yu… Yao. You have only just gained your human form, and your cultivation level is too far from mine. I’m afraid you might not be able to endure the divine energy in my body, so we must not be anxious regarding the matters of us becoming practitioner-pair companions.”

“Ah?” Zhu Yao felt a little giddy in her head, and for a moment, she could not clearly understand what he meant.

However, a little embarrassed, Yu Yan released her. He tried his best to fixate his line of sight right below her forehead, as he did not dare to look at the place which he ravaged earlier. “If you really wish… Ahem, once you have raised your cultivation, naturally, we can do it then. Your master will wait for you.” After saying that, throwing her aside, he headed outside, and his tone had intentionally turned a little colder. “So, shouldn’t you be hurrying to practice the cultivation technique? I will wait for you at the peach blossom garden.”

After saying that, he had already stepped outside. With flying steps, he ran off, as though he was being chased by something behind him.

Zhu Yao: “…”

What did he mean?

Only then did Zhu Yao recall what the words he said earlier. Her cultivation level was too poor because she had only just gained her human form, and thus, she could not endure the divine energy in his body? Why did she have to endure the divine energy in his body? He couldn’t have thought of something impure, right? Wait a minute. According to her master’s usual way of interpreting words, then practitioner-pair companions would mean…

Zhu Yao instantly recalled a certain island action film¹.

Master, come back. Let me explain!

After listening to Yu Yan’s teachings, Zhu Yao finally had a certain degree of knowledge towards this new world. After ascending, one still had to cultivate. However, different from the cultivation world, they would not have to absorb the corresponding spiritual energy to raise their cultivation level. Instead, they had to take in divine energy. However, divine energy was not differentiated by the five elements. Most probably, it was due to the Ascension Lightning Tribulation which eliminated the restrictions of the spirit veins, allowing everyone to start at the exact same point.

All deities who had ascended to the Higher Realm, after a series of cultivation, would still be categorized based on their cultivation level. The poorest was termed Earth Deity, and following after it are Profound Deity, Gold Deity, Ink Deity, and High Deity respectively.

Her master’s cultivation level was currently at the early stages of Ink Deity. That person who had made the best use out of her completely, and had helped her materialize a human form, was actually a High Deity, who was even more incredible than her master. This point was something Zhu Yao was especially unable to accept. She felt that she was unable to return to the good times when she could stay reckless and arrogant because of her mighty master. Initially, she had thoughts of frying a certain someone, yet, the thoughts were shattered by a blow from reality.

“He’s the Floor Master of Lightning Divine Palace. Remember to stay far away from him.” Yu Yan heavily emphasized.

“What’s a Floor Master?” It sounded pretty incredible.

“Naturally, he’s the person who is in charge of Lightning Divine Palace.”

“What!?” The hell, that person was actually a manager. “Then, what’s he called?”

Yu Yan was startled, as a hint of confusion flashed past his face. Only after a moment later did he straightened up his expression. “You… can simply call him Floor Master.”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Master, be honest. You basically did not remember his name, right?

“Remember, if you do not have any concerning matters, do not head to the main palace.” He’s a bad example for you.

“I understand.” She obviously wouldn’t head up there to seek abuse. With a single glance, it could be seen that demon wasn’t a good person. Furthermore, no matter how it was, he was still her master’s immediate superior, so it’s best for her to be a little modest. “Oh right, master. How many disciples do our Lightning Divine Palace have?” She had to understand the leadership structure of Lightning Divine Palace.

Yu Yan frowned, as he pondered for a moment. “Currently, including you… Three!”

“Eh!?” She didn’t mishear, right? Master, don’t fool me. “Uh… Master, what you mean is, other than the two of us, in the entire Lightning Divine Palace, the only one left is the Floor Master?”


Mn, my ass. What happened to the promised ‘tall, large, and mighty’? What happened to the promised awesome and overpowered sect? Furthermore, since there were clearly only three people, why was there a need to choose a Floor Master? Why did she feel this sect was at the bottom of the barrel? Wait a minute, wasn’t it said that the people of Lightning Divine Palace were largely comprised of ascended Jade Forest Peak disciples? Then, other than master, there should still be a large number of old ancestors, right? Where were they?

As though he had sensed her doubts, Yu Yan pointed to the peak of the tall tower. “As long as one is a disciple of Lightning Divine Palace, after cultivating to an Ink Deity, they will cultivate inside the tower. According to legends, a heavenly secret is sealed inside. If it’s comprehended, one can enter the Realm of Gods.”

“Realm of Gods? God Race?” Wasn’t it said that all the God Races were dead?

“The Realm of Gods and the God Races are different. The Gods of the God Races are ancient races.” Yu Yan explained. “While Gods of the Realm of Gods, are Gods above the Heavenly Dao. No one has seen an actual Highgod. They are people who control the laws of the Heavenly Dao.”

Laws of the Heavenly Dao? They were so incredible? Then, weren’t they the controllers of the Three Realms?

“Your Grandmaster is also within the tower.”

“Oh, I see.” And here she was wondering why there was only the three of them in this huge Lightning Divine Palace. “Then, what about that Floor Master? Didn’t you say after achieving the cultivation of an Ink Deity, we will have to enter the tower?” That Floor Master was a High Deity, a level higher than an Ink Deity, right?

“That’s why, Little Yan Yan should hurry and take over the position of Floor Master, so that I can enter the tower.” Before Yu Yan could answer in time, he was interrupted by a voice filled with seductiveness. After a rain of flower petals, the red-clothed man appeared within the peach blossom forest.

“Floor Master.” Yu Yan called out, however, his tone was freezing cold. Reflexively, he stuffed his disciple, who was by his side, behind him.

“Haah, Little Yan Yan, you’re still so cold, huh.” Yu Jin seemed to have gotten used to his attitude, as he turned his head and glanced at Zhu Yao who was hiding behind him. “I say, Blossoming Jade.”

“Your sister’s Blossoming Jade!” Zhu Yao, who now had someone who could support her, instantly became tougher. She had to firmly reject that name.

The great master Yu Yan, as expected, shifted a step to shield her, hiding his disciple even more thoroughly. With a justifying tone, he corrected. “She’s my personal succeeding disciple, Yu Wang!”

“Your sister’s Desire!” Being called Desire was even worse, all right? Zhu Yao instantly felt irritated. Such a casual naming sense like this, was this a tradition in the sect?

“Stop fooling around!” Yu Yan raised his hand, and once again stuffed his disciple towards his back. Then, he glanced towards the person on the other side. “What is it?” If there are matters, spit them out. If there’s nothing, scram.

“Hah~” Yu Jin let out a heavy sigh. “I say, Little Yan Yan, at the very least, I’m still your senior. Is it really wise for you to be this ruthless?”

“It’s wise.” Yu Yan nodded without a fluster on his face.

Yu Jin’s feet slipped, and he had almost fallen onto the ground. This Yu Yan actually shamelessly admitted it.

“I will not take over the role of Floor Master.” Yu Yan once again stabbed with another blow.

Finally, Yu Jin could no longer maintain the smile on his face. “This is an order from the Floor Master, you dare to disobey it?”

Yet, the other party unhesitatingly replied. “I dare!”

Towards his reply which did not leave the slightest room for negotiations, Yu Jin, however, completely did not look furious at all. Instead, he smiled even more enchantingly. “The role of Floor Master, has been passed down from generation to generation in the first place. I have waited for a very long time, and it’s time for you take over as well.”

“My master never accepted it.” Yu Yan stabbed with another blow.

“Don’t remind me of that traitor.” Yu Jin seemed to have recalled something, as he finally became irritated. “I was after all, still his grandmaster. I can forget about him not obediently taking over the role of Floor Master, but he even silently entered the tower behind my back. Otherwise, why would I need to look for you?”

Historically, the disciples of Lightning Divine Palace would all enter Lightning Divine Tower to comprehend the laws of ascending to godhood. However, it was impossible to leave the huge Lightning Divine Palace unattended, hence, they would always leave one person behind to manage the place. This person would thus be the Floor Master. Initially, it had been well passed down generation by generation, yet, an irregularity occurred when it came into his hands. Firstly, a complication arose during his disciple’s ascension. He had no choice but to send him into the tower, in hopes that his own master could save his disciple. However, who would have known that after he placed his disciple into the tower, he would never come out?

And after that, his grand-disciple ascended as well. He was a very obedient disciple and was usually very respectful towards him. Just as he was about to hand over the role of Floor Master to him, who would have figured that right after cultivating into an Ink Deity, he actually quietly ran into the tower himself, causing Yu Jin’s years of yearning to be all for naught.

And right after, it’s this Yu Yan. This person actually did not have any intentions to enter the tower. Even between life and death, he simply wouldn’t take over the position.

“Regarding the handover of the Floor Master role, it’s not up to you to decide.”

¹It’s best for you guys not to know.

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