Monohito – Chapter 9

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Monohito Chapter 9 – The Large Bird Carrying the Letters

“I was going to use the ancient magic I learned during this vacation on the thieves, but the consumption was too intense and I ended up misfiring.”

Mikene forces her way between the two who are laughing strangely, when asking Litris to come together with them, she declined at first, “It’ll leave a bad aftertaste if you were to die on the side of the road so come with us. I also just saved you!” with Riheed’s words, Litris is added to the party and the carriage rushes towards the royal capital.

Inside the carriage, the young magicians are talking about their respective circumstances.

In the middle of that Riheed was cornered by Litris and is answering questions.

“Hmm, which magic did you try to use?”

“This one.”

Merely looking at Litris, it is understood that she holds considerable magic power.

For Riheed, there is interest in the misfired magic that this Litris couldn’t achieve.

Litris takes a bundle of papers out from her satchel and shows Riheed the magic art’s formula.

Not just Litris, but all magic researchers have become considerably secretive during these 200 years.

With the magic books being bought by someone, in an era where the inheritance of magic techniques came to an end, the outcome is that the remaining techniques are excessively defended.

Thus it’s rare to simply show the results of one’s own research, Litris seems to be greatly pleased with Riheed and shows it quickly.

“Let’s have a look.”

Riheed receives the paper bundle, and Mikene looks at it over his shoulder.

However Mikene was able to understand almost nothing of what was written.

Mikene who is stumped looks at Riheed, but his face gradually grows stern.

When he returns the papers to Litris, as she leans forward to receive them his fist descends on her head.

“Fool! If you used this the whole area would become a vacant land! And if used unskillfully even the practitioner can possibly be blown off!”

Even Hyph who is the driver is surprised at that anger and the carriage sways.

However it wasn’t even noticed as everyone inside the carriage was astonished.

Litris is holding down her aching head, Mikene and Aryu who always see him being weird are dumbfounded at Riheed being angry for the first time.

“B-but, that was written in the ruins…”

Not used to being scolded, Litris refutes while being disordered.

Litris is too excellent and as a consequence there were almost no cases where her parents got angry at her.

But here is a man of the same age she’s just acquainted with who is angry, her level of confusion is larger than the pain in her head.

“They had a different standard of common sense! Their ‘slightly dangerous’ is ‘very much dangerous’, remember that!!”

Though Litris is able to understand the ancient scrips to some extent, it seems her understanding isn’t sufficient in some places.

What’s written inside the ruins is naturally the common sense of the ancient people, and thus ‘a small quantity of magic power, small powered magic’ nowadays is ‘a large quantity of magic power, greatly dangerous’ is what wasn’t understood.

“It good that no-one was injured this time, you need to study the ruins a bit more, and ancient magic should be practiced while minding your surroundings until you’re familiar with them.”


Riheed thinks he might have said a little too much seeing Litris hang her head in shame.

“W-well, I’ll accompany you next time you practice.”


Litris, who should have been looking down, raises her head with great force looking at Riheed with a happy face.


Riheed is also somewhat perplexed over that appearance.

The shock Litris had from being scolded disappears when she can be taught by Riheed who is probably knowledgeable.

A delighted Litris questions Riheed in rapid-fire about points of uncertainty regarding ancient magic.

Riheed also adequately answers this and that to those questions.

Mikene and Aryu watch that scene while Hyph who from time to time looks inside the carriage from the driver’s seat, is relieved.

On the other hand, a little bit of a bored looking face is turned to the two who are conversing on good terms.

“Oh, please stop for a bit.”

The voice of Riheed comes from the carriage on its wat to the royal capital.

Due to that abrupt request, Hyph stops the carriage while slightly panicking.

“What’s wrong?”

“Hm, what I asked for seems to have arrived.”

Riheed answers Mikene’s enquiry, the party is puzzled at that remark.

A large shadow covers the party from overhead.

Together with that large shadow comes a fierce wind, and Mook with his wings spread comes down in front of the party.

“Ooh! Mook, how’d it go!?”

Rushing over to the giant bird, Riheed with his small body starts jumping, trying to peek into the basket around Mook’s neck.

“Several have been gotten. I’ll bend down now so calm down a little.”

In front of the gigantic bird, with the exception of Mikene who saw it once, everyone’s thoughts have halted as the conversation between the small human and large bird continues.

“Whoa! You got so many! Ooh! So that guy’s still alive. Ooh, the queen of the forest’s handwriting is as steady as ever.”

Riheed says his impressions while reading the several letters which were included with the signed papers.

“The king of the demon clan says he’s bored and you should go visit him, he also says is should be soon because of his life span. The queen of the forest people also wants to see you. It’s fine to make an appearance some time.”

“Hmm, the Maou used to say that about his life span even in the old day so he won’t die any time soon. And I can’t go see the queen now.”

“Despite appearances the king of the demon clan easily gets lonely, you should show yourself occasionally. Now then, I’ll go back soon. Call if there’s something again.”

When Mook says so, his body which is wrapped in light gradually disappears.

“Sorry everyone. My business is finished with this, let’s return to the carriage.”

Turning around without a change in tension, in front of Riheed is three people who can’t swallow the situation and Mikene who is flustered from seeing that spectacle.

“Hmm, is something wrong?”

“Perhaps, surprise from Mook.”

Riheed spoke his doubts, Mikene answered.

“Nu, he’s only larger than other ordinary birds. It’s not really something to be so surprised about. Well, he does occasionally pick fights with dragons.”



Mikene lets out a question to Riheed’s words.

“How can you call a bird who fights with dragons an ordinary bird!?”

Mikene is in extreme disorder.

In the end everyone inside the carriage is confused together while Riheed throws himself down and takes the time to thoroughly read the letters from his old friends.

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