Maken no Daydreamer Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 – Labyrinth | Beautiful Girl | Unexpected Accident

“—What the hell is this?” [ET: Says ‘何だべーこりゃ?’] Yes, for some reason I said it Tohoku dialect, but I am really Minato.
And it’s not like I’m a native from north-west Japan.

By the time I jumped on the magic circle in-house …… I was completely fine.
I really though I will be sent out of forest to some plains, but I was wrong.
That’s because the place I see in before, looks like a damn dungeon.

There is wall of stone and floor too along with torches like things on the walls. Though there are no windows present here. [ET: The mom is so great for making her son to start his journey through an adventure inside Dungeon.] For what reason did mom link the magic circle to this damn place?
By the way, that magic circle can be used one-way only, so no way to return back. It’s not like I want to go back so it’s fine with me.
But I even in my wildest dreams would think of having a dungeon in front of me after flying.
Anyway, it would be boring or rather damn silently boring if I don’t do a thing, so I decided to look around for understanding my situation.
I came here while traversing through another dimension but there is no damage or anything with the equipment. All things I have from tools to provisions are perfectly fine. The money mom left for me is also fine. Thank God.
Next, shadow training.
Punches, Kick, Flying Kick, Roundhouse Kick, Backhand Blow.

And with vigour tried to do a 3 turn flying kick, but gave up on it as I would collide with the ceiling otherwise.
So I checked my magic control.

Yea, I can use magic. Magic reload to hands and legs is also faster. No abnormalities.
Alright, Status Check Complete!

……So I’ve now run out of all things I could do.

Now that I think about it, it ain’t normal to think about what to do inside an unknown dungeon.

Places like these, have some sort of purpose in them.
I think it’s not inefficient to come here by default and think about ’What should I do?’.
In that case, there is only 1 thing I need to do now.

If I want to do something else, and I want more information, and so it will be good to get out of here, right? Well then, now my next mission is to get out of this labyrinth like dungeon.


After coming here, I met with a simple and serious problem and that stood in my way.
“How……will I get out of here?”
I don’t know what place this is and what sort of dungeon this is.
Before that, if this is dungeon is it filled with floors?

And it doesn’t has any windows, So I don’t know if I’m above ground or underground, and so I don’t f*cking know if I should go down or up.
This maybe more dangerous than being send to an unknown plains.
Hey mom, you there.

Ain’t this hurdle too high for you son who was departing for a journey.

Well, for the time being, let’s walk. I don’t know any route from the start, so there is no chance for me to get lost or so.
Yea, I’m serious.


(POV changed to???)
“Yo-you deceived me deviant! Coward!”
“What are you saying about? I am escorting a girl adventurer like you who has got no damn fighting power. This is much service is natural right?” [ET: Just what you can imagine.] “D-Don’t joke around! I didn’t had any intention like tha……No! Don’t touch me!”
Ku, it was a failure!
No matter how much fast I needed to come here, I shouldn’t have taken a man like this with me!

I would’ve understood it before, if I was calm.
It all because of the rumours of treasure lying in this dungeon which I heard from fellow adventurers and guild.
The rumour is about the ‘treasure rooms’ which were hidden before the strong earthquake from some days ago broke down the walls hiding them. In reality, many have already been discovered.
I had some reasons for getting money so I urgently came here prepared, before anyone other discover them.
And even I felt uneasy doing so alone, so searched for a similar adventurer who seemed free, but looks like I failed in selecting the right person.
Even though I didn’t had time to search thoroughly, but why this guy……!
He didn’t show his true colours right after entering the dungeon. He can’t use magic, but can fight and has repelled many demons by now.
Just when thought, that this dungeon’s level is not so high and will work out one way or other but it came to this.
After moving a little more in dungeon and just the moment we came to a place with low monsters, this guy shows his true colours.
“I was thinking today to go to brothel in the night , but you’re a great thing I found.”
“Leave me you Pervert! To do it here, you sane!?”
“It’s arousing those strong willed eyes and face. I wonder what face you’ll make a little later.”
I tried to push him aside, but he’s a man and to top it off he’s a robust well-trained adventurer. Even I am trained well, but the difference in power is obvious.
In short, this man (don’t f*cking care about his name!) put his hands on my clothes.
My clothes are made for moving easily, and due to that it has more exposure of skin than normal clothes. If one things of taking them off they can do so easily.
A high-grade one will be different, but this was the best I could get based on my strength and funds.
While I was looking in amazement, he tore off out garments and armour too now the only that is covering my upper body is under garments.
The cold air inside the cave comes in contact with my skin directly. Without paying attention to that, the lustful eyes of the man in front of me moves towards the lower part of my body which is still covered with armour.
I found out cold sweat running down my cheeks.
My stiff face which was full of confidence soon distorted with fear. That is due to the smile that spread on the man’s face and also due to the bad feeling.
“Sto-Stop it! He-Help me!”
“Hehehe, no one is gonna save you!”
I was also thinking the same within my mind.
This place is at the corner of the path in which even monsters rarely ever come. There’s no way a person who can save me will pass through……

……But, at that moment

“Now obediently Guboahh!!!”



Suddenly the man sitting on top of me flies horizontally and crashes into the wall. It’s as if someone punched him flying away.
Eh, What? What happened just now!?

And then,

From my front, came an hysteric sort of voice.

“Noo!? It’s bad it hit someone!?”

…………Who is that man?


(POV changed to Minato)
It’s bad! I made a mistake!
In the beginning I was exploring the dungeon (?) by walking, but from the time I thought to try some skills, demons possessed me, ah damn it!
It’s a hassle to roam slowly, so I used magic to accelerate.

I gained a lot of pace and searched here and there while running, but know what, it’s kinda fun if you do it.
And this dungeon is not so complicated and is wide and spacious so it wasn’t a problem to run.
And then, that, Er, got elated and ran in full speed.

The basics of traffic rule. Stop at the corners for a moment and after confirming there’s no problem then move forward. If you don’t, in distant future it might turn into something bad.
Well, it’s already too late for that.
I get even more elated and accelerate a bit more than my full speed. I sped up to up to a vehicle and then when I thought ‘ah, crap, a corner’s coming, need to decelerate’……

But, after decelerating a bit, I tried to perform a daredevil’s stunt of making a sharp turn at good speed around corner and this is what happened
Ah, not so good sound
“Noo!? It’s bad it hit someone!?”
And the next moment, I sent someone who was at the blind spot of the corner grandly flying away.
And I have enhanced my body with magic. So I sent him flying with a not so powerful power for me but dangerously powerful power for the other party.
And when I came to my senses a bit later I found that someone (It was shaved beard old man) sunk into the wall just like what I’ve seen in manga only. aaa, what a great pose it is! But I can’t laugh!
No you’re wrong! I never had the intention to kill him!

It’s just that while turning around the corner came a not so nice handsome old man and we clashed. It’s not at all an intentional murder! And this might be a character elimination, so sorry for that. [ET: Just can’t understand what it meant by last line in raws.] Calm down. Who  am I even trying to explain this to.
and, just when I thought that.

“E-Erm……Excuse me?”
came a voice. What the hell, there was a witness too!?
I timidly turn back, and there was a single girl.
Her hair is of green colour and, is almost shoulder length long. Somewhere between long than semi-long hair and short than long hair. They are tied near the ends so as to not split easily.
Her face, has slightly sharp eyes, is HELLA pretty. Her face is full of vigor and what’s more she is wearing glasses.
She is fair-skinned and her body is slender, but her hips, breasts, and hands and legs are toned better as if she has trained her body a lot……
……Nh? Breasts?
I then noticed her crouching on the floor half-naked.
The down part is not like that, but the above part is only the under garments left, that if just dislocated a bit you can see a lot of things. [ET: Shangri-La]

And besides her, the clothes and armour are lying. It can be understood that she took them off just now.
Now then, what sort of situation is this?

This is a dark place……
Nice and handsome (?) middle-aged man……
Half-naked beautiful girl……

……’Kay, I got it to somewhat extent.

“Erm, I’m sorry for intruding……”
“Wait there!”

I tried to leave from there as if I saw nothing at all, but suddenly that beautiful girl stopped me. The girl stands up from her posture and bends forward while holding the nape of her neck.
Wait, what!? What the hell is she doing, when I’m showing a good adult’s cooperation and trying to leave them alone!?
“I know you have a lot to say, but you’re getting a wrong idea here!”
“No, no-no no no, I didn’t get anything wrong. I thought that the age difference was a lot but that is all up to the person’s own preference. I have nothing to say at all? But yes, it’s weird to do something like that in places like this……”
“That’s all the thing you’re getting the misunderstanding about! I was attacked! By this man!”
“Yes Assaulted……what?”
Ah, so that’s how it was?

So they didn’t have that sort of relationship, or some sort of agreement?
“So don’t get wrong problem! I don’t know who you are or where you from! But thanks to you I was saved! Thank You!”
I think the way you’re giving me your gratitude is completely abnormal.
Well, if what she is saying is truth, she might be emotionally unstable, I do a nod to her…… by holding hands in front of hips, this is a type of very intimidating ‘thank you’. To be frank   I never got used to saying ‘thank you’ or ‘sorry’ even in the previous life.
That girl looks toward the man who has sunk into the wall about 3 cm  (He is twitching a bit so he is not dead!) with hateful gaze and returns her line of sight to me.
“So are you an adventurer?”
“Eh?  Um, that, how should I say it……”
The girl looks at me with disgusted eyes.

Though she has thanked me, but she is still staying on her guard.
I see, this might be a good decision. She has just gone through a serious situation so it’s natural for her to be vigilant.
But,  what should explain to her?
I am not an adventurer as of yet and was thinking to learn what an ‘adventurer’ is, so ain’t got much information on them.
I came here by flying with the help of a magic circle, no, well it’s the truth but I doubt she will believe it.
It’s hard to make a lie so soon, and even if I say the truth it’s highly likely to be regarded as a lie, no words are coming to my mind to make the girl full of vigilance (Is this girl even an ‘adventurer’?) nod.
Then, she herself speaks up
“……Is it something you can’t say?”
“Not something I can say, or rather, I don’t have anything to say”
“You a nomad or something? You got lost in this dungeon? …… well it’s alright.”

The girl quickly wears the clothes and armour while talking. And then checks the position of the dagger? like think hanging on her waist.
“I want to know something? What are you gonna do from now on?”
“What? Well, it’s getting out of here.”
“I see, then let’s go together”
“Eh, isn’t that alright?”
Now this is unexpected development! Maybe if I stick with this girl, I’ll be able to get out of this dungeon? She still hasn’t taken down her guard, but speaks in a somewhat calm tone.
“Well, though this is the 1st floor, but it’s disheartening to roam around alone. I would love to go with someone else but this pervert is out of question.”
“Is that so? Then Great~, I didn’t know which way should I go”
“Wha!? Wai, You, didn’t even check the route you came from!?”
She is saying as if saying ‘unbelievable’.
“Even if you’re not an adventurer, but making a map when searching through the dungeon is the basic of basics!? If you don’t do it, then you can’t get out! Even if the level is low……”
To hell with making a map, I just came here by warping and even before I told her this off, she entered a lecturing mode.
“God, This is the first time I saw someone as optimistic as you? If you didn’t meet me, how would you have gone back home?”
If you can do it then do that to mom. No actually I will also help in it.

I seriously after so many years, couldn’t get what the hell is she thinking.
Well anyway, I stick with her now. No, I was really sad to roam lonely. I was already thinking about living here till old age without getting out. I am lucky to stick with a person who actually knows the way out here.
After completing her preparations, the girl said ‘come on let’s go’ and I in a panic followed her.
Hey, what? You gonna leave that old man?
“It’s alright. I don’t have any obligation to save him. And his hand is standing up, so he will not die……And I don’t care even if he died (deadly stare)”
Whoa, you say a lot
Well, what was about to occur to her, then her actions are normal.
“What’s your name? You didn’t tell me yet?”
Nh? Ah, Self-Intro is still not done. Due to all this rapid development I completely forgot about it.

Or rather, I’m already at my limit to call her ‘this girl’.
“My name is Minato. Minato Quadrille”
“Hmm……Unusual name it is. I’m Elk. Elk Caucus. Nice to meet you. ”

This was the meeting between me and the bespectacled girl……Elk.

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