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Chapter 36 – A moment at the Tavern
On the night of the day when a typhoon name Irene-san came.
We were, neither in room nor in the dining hall of inn, rather we had come to a big restaurant on the main street.

This restaurant……or rather, it is a shop more like a tavern. It was at a nearby place, only some minutes walk from inn.

Upon entering the tavern, for a moment, the stares of people gathered at me.

Half of those gazes returned to eating their food and friendly chat as if nothing happened, on the other hand, the rest seemed like they recognised me as『person from rumors』.

Some indirectly, while some directly, sent their stares at me.

Well, my clothes are black as usual, so this is only obvious.

My clothes do stood out, so I thought of buy new clothes, but my hair and eyes, both are black. So if I am going to be found out either way, there was no need to change the clothes.

That’s why, I had thought some would come talking to me the moment I entered the tavern, but though I felt the stares, nobody came upfront.

Is there some unspoken rule of not getting involved too much, or, is there some dangerous rumor about me flowing……

We walked somewhat further and found the person we was looking for.

「What, I thought that I would be able to see different clothes here. Are those your casual clothes too?」

「Ah, yes. It is one good set of clothes after all」

「It’s not the same for me, but there is no reason to change deliberately, right? You’re the same too」

「Pu, certainly」

The moment we met the person who invited us, Suura-san, we started that conversation. We sat on the chairs which Suura-san had secured.

Incidentally, today Alva is staying at home. Because, this place is a restaurant.

Then, while chatting I held the menu in hands, and ran my eyes over it. What to ta~ke?

Eh, are you thinking that why I came out of my room when I didn’t want it become an uproar?

That is true, but……Irene-san said these words to us.

『It seems like you are trying to be holed up in your room till the time uproar passes by, but I think it has already gotten too late, how about giving up♪』

I was told that flat out, clearly, and so deeply, that I wanted to cry.

However, thinking upon it, it really was a just reasoning.

In the first place,  adventurers’ occupation is where equation of『Strong = Capable = Famous』works in the truest sense.

It is pretty obvious. If one is strong and superior, then others can leave being escorts or investigator to them with a peace of mind. The sense of security during putting up quests is different from this.

And, more often people are wanting to hear the information about people like them, except the one part of people, others proactively help in information sharing, with gossips and whatnot.

Becoming superior among adventurers means, one would get more trust from Guild and the client, many convenient things would increase, at the same time, the fame would also increase proportionally, and the person’s name would be spread far.

Therefore upon becoming famous, one would obviously gather people’s gaze, and various sorts of rumors would be made up, furthermore other adventurers would send invitations too.

So to say, this is like the rite of passage an adventurer passes through while becoming famous. Anyone famous, more or less, is experienced.

And since being an『adventurer』, other adventurers would have to approve of it to some extent.

Thinking like that, although it might be awkward, but the strange ones would be us, avoiding all the uproar.

No well, I vaguely knew about it, but in my case, it felt like the way of thinking from the previous life was pulling the strings…… . Originally I, in both previous life and right now too, didn’t want to create uproars centred around me.

If I had tread on the steps one by one, slowly becoming famous then it might have been different, but here I have subjugated a rank A monster and gained war results unworthy of an rookie.

Just like I had said before many times, the disadvantages of becoming famous in one shot are more than advantages, so I cannot deny becoming cautious and coward.

But, from now on, that too won’t work. For better or worse, I would have to experience the feeling of becoming『famous』. Irene-san told me all this, with just one sentence.

Well, like that, I stopped secluding in the room, and unleashed myself in the night market……this way of speaking seems quite strange, I think.

Then, at the right time Suura-san invited us for eating, so we informed Tanya-chan that we would be eating outside, and like that we had come to this public tavern.


The reason Suura-san invited us was for thanking us.

This store has, quality OK, quantity OK, price OK……all in all, it is an great store with 3 best things. It neither has some strange high-class feel to it, and seats are plenty. And because the turnover rate is also good, that they don’t make customers wait for much time. It is a great store for adventurers. It seems.

And, because of that, lots of sorts of costumes come here, from gentleman-type to violent-type, but because of an unspoken agreement, they all are treated equally.

Well, normal picking up on women do happen here (vice-versa too), but that is within tolerable limits as it just a part of meeting with someone.

In fact, it might be because of this rule, that though they realized me (adventurer in black) and sent stares, but no one has come up.

I need to really thank Suura-san for introducing such a great store to me. Though I had come here with determination, but if other adventurers had come up to me, then it would have become problematic for me.

And personally it is great that food comes fast. Since the previous life, I had hated waiting at restaurants like this, so I always prefer the 3 points I stated earlier.

But still, they are too fast. Almost as fast as a person in Gyudon-shop.

There are various lato barely fine cuisines, are they using magic? For making these. ……It’s not completely impossible. Though they wouldn’t have made the cuisine itself with magic, but they might have magic to cook the food fast, it’s just that I had not yet seen it.

While eating, we had a harmless and inoffensive talk with Suura-san. Like we had relied on each other during time of fight inside the forest, or if our lives were going well.

I should obviously, Suura-san asked me curiously about my strength that『Where did you train?』, but telling her the truth, like about my mom would be a pain-in-the-ass, and there is no guarantee that she would believe it.

So I made do with telling that I grew in an hostile environment.

Though Suura-san wasn’t convinced completely with it, but she didn’t persistently asked about it.

「Still……being watched time-by-time is not a good feeling」

「It is only natural that it would become like this every time your name spreads. Though I’m not an adventurer, but I too have experienced it. You have to get used to it」

said Suura-san. She was pretty strong in fights before, so maybe the army to has the same system as for adventurers.

「Not that, but being glanced at this many times, kind of kills my appetite」

「Don’t lie idiot. You say that with a straight face while ordering seconds of that big meat set.」

Elk retorted with reproachful gaze.

Yeah, well I am currently holding the menu again for re-order the roast-beef-like cuisine because it was just too tasty.

But you see, the impression for taste compensates for the declining appetite and is balancing it……I won’t say this because it seems like she would retort again.

「Well don’t say like that. Though that line had some points to point out, but if he likes it then it’s all fine. Eat without caring for cost」

「No, like I said before, we can split the cost……」

「Then I also said before that it won’t help me thanking you. What, though I look like this, I had lots of surplus in my purse because of my post. And, looking a boy eating lots of food, feels good」

While inclining a very-powerful alcohol mug on her shoulder, Suura-san said as such along with a smile.

She also gave me alcohol to drink, but, in truth, I don’t like drinking.

It’s not like I cannot drink it, but I don’t even think it is tasty. The more alcoholic it becomes the more I hate it.

The feeling of the throat becoming hot after drinking……the drinkers ay it is good, but I just cannot bear it. That’s why, things like whiskey have already gone from『not good』to『hate』levels.

In addition, I don’t like bitter taste and carbonated drinks too, so beer too is no-go for me.

So, I would rather like juice of the same flavor as cocktail. Definitely. The thing I’m drinking right now is also oolong tea……-like tea. I forgot the name already.

Incidentally my sense of taste is the same from my previous life, at first I had thought what if I can now drink alcohol, but I was wrong. I was made to drink it by mom, and from that I found out about it.

Eh? My age at death in previous world? I was an high-schooler? No well, that……aren’t there relatives that get in high spirits upon getting drunk? To the extent of recommending a minor to drink. Due to that, on the spur of moment……yeah, I’m regretting it.

Well anyway.

People like this are not rare in this world, but among the army and adventurers they sure are, even Suura-san said she saw it after a while. Well, there might be people who might drink it forcibly for matching up their friends.

But, I know from my previous world’s knowledge that『drinking oneself dead drunk』is getting near『true death』, so I think to refrain from drinking at all.

With this and that, I called the waitress, and ordered some more cuisines.

Once again with terrifying speed, stir-fried meat vegetables, potage soup, minced cutlet and risotto was brought. Their names are different, but they seem all too similar to the things in my memories.

「Well, I did say to order without restraint, but……can you eat it all?」

「Ah, no problem. Though looking like this, I’m quite a glutton. Well, I don’t have this much appetite always, but because it is tasty……that perhaps my stomach got elated」

Saying that, I stuff my mouth with risotto and minced cutlets. Yeah, freaking tasty.

「Even so, you do eat a lot at the time of eating. Do you have any preferences?」

「Except alcohol I can eat and drink anything. Well I like meat more than fish」

「I see, you sure are admirable. You even know courtesy, not many young’uns have that recently」

Is, that so? I think I’m being pretty normal. Well there are more strong-willed violent bunch of people, so people with my attitude might be rare among the adventurers and army affiliated people. Let’s go with this thinking.

「And you have lots of experience in military arts at that age. In near future, the surroundings will sure have a great uproar, don’t you think so?」

「Hahaha, well we’re adventurers after all. Just like Suura-san said before, looks like I will have to get used to it」

「Hm? Yeah, that is true……」

Then, Suura-san raised the corners of mouth.

「Well, you have good manners, are strong, and are honest. Simply put an excellent man. And an excellent man will either be admired by other men or become their enemy because for women……you’re a suitable prey」

She grinned.

「……Come again?」

Err, that means?

Ah, well maybe things like that exist?

「Strong adventurers are『attacked』for that reason, it happens a lot. There are many sorts out there……try not to get involved with them」

「Ahaha……well, yes, thank you for the warning」

I had been told many times about this topic……by mom.

Among adventurers ruffian-like lively people are not only men. Women too are the same. There are elegant, nice and tidy women and also wild lively women too.

Among people like them, they tempt the man they like and goes onto work like that.

There basis for『prey』differ for every person, but according to Suura-san and Mom too, the more excellent the man the better chances of becoming a prey to them.

In other words, I need to be careful because I’m too strong compared to normal standards. For people who even attack people of Rank D and C, I sure will look like a great prey, after all I’m young and very strong.

I see. During the time with mom, I had though this talk as『rubbish』due to『not having any girlfriend for my whole life』in my previous life, but……

After getting out like this, I have seen the people, though they are of different kinds, and am getting used to this reality. It’s strange.

Any normal man would be ecstatic, but……no, I too am happy upon getting loved by women, but changing the perspectives lets me recognize it as a starting point of a pain-in-the-ass development.

Seriously, let it be men or women, I still don’t want to get in anymore troubles. Like Seriously.

「*sigh* ……well, I have recently left the countryside, or rather my home, so I don’t have many people with that sort of relationship, or rather I don’t have much girl acquaintances near me」

This is the truth. I have recently left the western-style house called ‘my home’, and the woodlands called ‘countryside’, so I don’t have much acquaintances.

So my acquaintances in this world, except Mom and Noel-neesan because they are blood-related relatives, would be

Elk who is my partner both in public and private,

And Riin-san, who for some reason, always is the receptionist when I go to Guild and the last one would be the guild master and mom’s old friend, Irene-san.

And, ah also Zari who fought with us in that forest. As for those two delinquents, I don’t think of them as my acquaintances.

Other than all them would be, Tanaya-chan from inn, or Suura-san.

Huh, unexpectedly the sex ratio is 1: 5…… Well, as the overall numbers they are not much, but the girls are more……

Maybe she too reached the same conclusion, Elk sent a scornful gaze to me. No. This is different, this was not based on my act, but my introvert nature did some plusses and minuses and it became like this, I seriously had no ill inte……

Seeing my reaction, Suura-san broadly grinned……tch, for some reason that smile is getting on my nerves……

「Well, I don’t know the circumstances, but in near future it will get rowdy. The person in question seems all-too-optimistic so……try to keep the reins in control」

「……Why are you saying that to me?」(Elk)

「Who knows. But, I don’t think that you should think about it as other’s problem, but rather pay more attention, it would help」

「……Thanks for the warning」

Suura-san’s smile and Elk’s reproachful gaze intersected. Moreover, it had become a dangerous atmosphere, why?

In between all that, the waitress suddenly came, and put a expensive-looking alcohol to me.

「? Err, this……?」

I hadn’t ordered it, I tried to say that but,

「……Sorry, Suura-san, Elk, I’m going out for a while」

I said that, and drinked the alcohol in one gulp. ……It is still strange tasting.

「? What happened? Toilet?」

「In that case, there is one on the other side」

「Yeah, I will be back」

While informing the two, I stood from the seat……pretended to go towards toilet, and head towards someplace completely different.

With a coaster in hand which was put along with alcohol before. It had words written『I am waiting on the balcony seat of the second floor』.

Ah, coaster, is the cloth or paper that is spread on the table before putting a cup on it. It is used for not leaving stains on table.

On it, the person who sent this to me, had written this message with an oil-based ink.

Then, after reaching the balcony seat where the person it waiting,

「Huh, you seriously came here? I thought you would become vigilant, but this is somewhat unexpected」

「Well……if it was someone I don’t know then I wouldn’t have come, Zari」

And the person waiting there was Zari.

Though his attire are different, but due to his distinctive hairstyle and the fact he fought with us, though only once, I remember him clearly.

At the time I looked the balcony seats from quite some distance, because my eyes were better than normal, I was able to see him too at that time.

There, after knowing Zari sent the message I came here. Or who in their right minds accept such a suspicious summon.

Zari signaled with his hands to sit. I will hear his request or not, but because I’m making those two wait, so let’s reject the offer.

「Ah, I see. Indeed, making a lady wait is ill-mannered. Sorry sorry」

「You got that right. So, I don’t want to waste time, why did you call me here?」

「Okay, then without beating the bush. It is just normal salutations, because in future we might rely on each other」

「Do you mean being as friends because we are fellow adventurers?」

「That is half. The other half is……because I have heard something from a person」

What is that suggestive attitude?Who the hell is that『person』?

「Well, thought『that person』is normally free and uncontrollable, but because of the social position, they cannot possibly meet an adventurer frequently, and at times of passing messages to/from『that person』, there is a need for a trustable person. There, I am introduced as person who will accompany you in public and private matters and will be the indirect line connecting you and『that person』. Still, for『that person』to be so courteous to you makes we wonder about your history, just who the hell are you?」

……He just declared it all of a sudden, but it means something like this, eh?

That『that person』introduced Zari to me. As a messenger for themselves, and for me an advisor. Of course, our relationship is only normal fellow adventurers.

I see, courteous to me……oh f*ck it, who on earth is『that person』?

Then, Zari guessed I wanted to know the person, and without making any voice moved his mouth……






……Ah,『that person』, eh.

「I’m also an adventurer specializing in that aspect. It might sound conceited, but I’m quite excellent in this work. And my face is well-known at many levels」

「That aspect?」

「You can call it Information investigation specialist. it’s not frank like a spy, but……we people not only investigate and explore danger areas but also get any information client needs and take rewards upon offering the information. It is also OK for interpersonal information, of course, we protect the secret of client?」(TN: That infor investigation specialist in short is an high-class information broker)

「……Something like detective?」

「Fighting scenes, to some extent, are OK. Without any request, for gaining rewards, we sometimes roam here and there independently」

Hearing more, he was independently snooping around those traders who were smuggling『Blood Maple』 because there was suspicious air around their shops too.

But because the security was tight – that wrap of『maple』, if it was opened even once others would have known it -, so he wasn’t able to confirm the contents inside. The numbers too were always checked, so even after confirming that it was something bad, he wasn’t able to take it out.

I see. If it was like he tolerated even after knowing, I would’ve gotten angry, but in this case, it can’t be helped.

So, Zari is superior among those type of adventurers. To the extent that one of the big shots of Guild gave him a work.

Ire……『that person』know his name, so he must quite famous. So it was because of this high abilities that he was able to……peek Suura-san and Elk taking bath that day. I can agree to it then.

……Of course it wasn’t to peek Elk or Suura-san but for confirming I and them were not related to that smuggling case.

「So if there is any message from 『that person』or if you have any message for『that person』, I would pass it. Of course, you can personally request something from me too. Though it would be need suitable reward, and I will be able to help you」

「……About that」


「Well, you’re personal history is all fine, but……It’s hard to trust that『that person』said to watch over me, it’s just too crazy」

「Ah, well, you’re right……then, look at this」

Then Zari……opened up his bag and took out something. And, presented it to me.


「To me……it looks like normal feathers of bird.『That person』was saying you will believe me if I show you this. If you like, you can confirm it when you meet that person……」

「……Ah, Yeah. Got it, I will believe you」

「Oh, really? Well, if you’re going to believe then there is no problem. Anyway, nice to meet you, Minato Quadrille-kun」

「Right. Same here Zari……err……」

「I’m Zari Torantor. I don’t remember telling my full name to you, so no problem」

Saying that, we shaked hands. I also returned the feathers.

Well, I don’t know if his character is made from being in a dangerous faction or because of something else……well I will know in future. If that Irene-san sent him, so though being peculiar, he can be trusted.

The proof for that was, these, golden『feathers of bird』. They are the feathers of『Stork』, I saw them at the time I met Noel-neesan. There is no difference, neither in appearance or scent.

But because there was no letter then it must be because Irene-san wanted me to trust him. It won’t be strange for that person to get feathers from mom.

Then, I can trust him for the time being.

Like that, I tried to return back down to the two ladies who were waiting for me, but Zari called out to me as if he suddenly remembered something.

「Ah, that’s right Minato-kun, as the sign of our friendship let me present you an information」


「Yeah. Do you know about『other name』?」

……other name?

That, alias type of thing which is added in front of name?

In a sense it is cool, but in another sense it is like incarnation of a person suffering from 8th grader syndrome……so thought cool it is bad. I do want it, but yeah it’s better to give up.

Famous adventurers have that. There are also cases people introduce themselves using the other name and surrounding people start making rumors.

Similarly, Zari has『sandstorm』as his other name, though not many people know about it. ……In other words, he might be called as『Zari of the Sandstorm』?

Yeah, in the fight before he did use sand magic, so his other name is fitting him but……no comment.

And, know what, Suura-san too has a other name. Her name is『Frost Archer Princess』. It came because she could use bow and arrow, and ice magic skillfully.

Well, I do think it is cool……but I still don’t want it. If I was called as『Minato of the ☆☆』, then I would want to dig a hole and bury myself in it.

When I think about this,

「It is still not well known, but……it is spreading gradually, so it would be good to tell you about it. Even you would want to know, right? Your『other name』」


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