Maken no Daydreamer Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 – Raw Materials and Inn and Prospects and Secret Meeting
[ET: Tense is always changing.]

Some time after the attack from Goblins (from both sides). We both decided to continue investigating the ‘Labyrinth’.

After that, we met various types of monsters en route.

But they all were different from the ones in the forest or it’s surrounding areas. Just what I expect from a Dungeon.

For example,

‘Wolf’. It was just like it’s name says.

‘Lizard’. This one is a big skink lizard. It’s over-all length is about 1-2 metre.

‘Rabbit. This one is a wild rabbit about the size of dog. By the way it is edible.

For some reason, these all are demons which don’t give the monster like feeling. If you ignore their largeness and body color then they can be found on earth too.

Doesn’t something like……erm, dragon appear here?

When I asked that to Elk, I was punched and yelled at ‘You got a death wish? Idiot’

No but everyone wants to see it once right? Fighting it is……you know.

Anyhow, after defeating those guys, we completed the established practice of ‘Tearing Off’ in this world which is the same in hunting games too.

The fangs or fur for Wolf, skin for Lizard and like that the useful parts are teared off and then sold within the city.

……or so Elk was saying.

And after we both grabbed some resources (I can call it that,right?), we both left the dungeon.

It was already Evening outside. Well, ain’t that fine?


After that,

When I asked Elk ‘Isn’t there any good inn?’ she replied that the inn she is staying at is good. Her inn is the ideal inn with ‘Safety’, ‘Cheapness’ and ‘Tasty Food’.

And so, it ended up me heading there.

I thought if it is fine to let one unknown man live in the same inn in which she is living. But then I recalled the incident of the morning.

Even so, when I asked about it indirectly,

“It will be good until you try to do something?”

Fast Reply.

There are also girls like this who are frank or act manly.

Or else, am I being trusted? or am I being underestimated……

Rather, the talk just went too smoothly!

I if object her words, won’t I be thought as a man who can self-constrain himself?

That……yep, it will definitely be hard to live on afterwards.

No well it’s a complete truth that I can’t sef-constrain myself, but I want to avoid letting a girl I’ve just met know about that fact.

And the inn has favorable terms so I really don’t want her to reject me living there.

And so, I accepted her and let her guide me.

The inn Elk is living in is called ‘Bermuda’.

……I thought ‘What if I went in there and can’t ever come back out’ for a moment……anyhow, putting off the first impression I got from the name,

I enter the inn thinking that it would be good if it’s a comfortable place.

“Welcome! To Bermuda where ‘Once you enter you can’t leave out!’”

We are welcomed by an excessively energetic girl.

Her age is maybe 2 years lower than mine? She has brown pony tail hair reaching her shoulders. Her face is childish and is fair-skinned. More than anything her smile is really bright for my eyes!

I ignore the welcoming lines which actually are the same as what I thought before entering.

“By the way, I’m Tanya, the self-proclaimed poster girl of this inn! Welcome Customers♪”

Self-proclaimed hell with it. But she really is girl full of spirit, to the extent that it will irritate most of the people.

I don’t hate it, though

“Ah, Yes Thank you. Er, is there any room vacant? I want to live here for some time.”

“Yes, with pleasure~!”

Is this a bar or what. [ET: ‘with pleasure’ is said mostly at bar or love hotels, that’s why MC says as such.]

When I glance at my side, Elk is face palming with a worn-out expression.

“The only flaw of this inn……”

I see, so this girl is always full of spirit.

From what I heard, looks like Tanya-chan who is also the daughter of the owner of this inn helps from being a poster girl to being a waitress in the dining hall.

She is good-looking and has cheerful personality, so she is popular among the customers, but looks like Elk is not good with noisy places.

“Ah? Isn’t it Elk-san. Eh, What, you brining a man here, is spring finally going to come for you?”

“It’s not that, you don’t need to pry to any further.”

“Aw, boring. I thought I will be getting the chance to choose the name of the future child.”

“Just how many steps forward are you thinking about, idiot! Stop speaking ridiculous jokes in front the person himself! I’m sorry Minato, you don’t need to pay attention to this girl at all!”

“Hmm, so he is called Minato? Is it beginning of a love story?”

“I’m telling you it’s fricking different! ……Minato let’s change this inn, ‘kay? I know other good inns too!”

“Aww, don’t say something so lonely, Onee-sama♪”

“Who is the Onee-sama you creep! Geez, it’s good that you are popular right now, but if you keep on serving them with this attitude soon enough they will disappear?”

“It fine, It’s fine. I only serve and tease Elk-san to this extent.”

“What the !!”

Elk, your character is changing.

I’m curious that why Elk became like this, but for now let’s ignore it.

But well, if she is always being teased like this, it’s natural for her get fed up.

“Incidentally, which is your room, Elk?”

“My room is in the inner part on the second floor.”

“Is that so, I see. Then Tanya-chan if you can do it then I want my room to be……—”

“Understood~, You want your room next to Elk-san’s room,right?”

“—On the first floor.”

Well, I want to have the floor different at least. It’s not like I would do something if it is the same floor.

Tanya-chan made a face saying ‘Tsk’ but she does her work ‘honestly’ because she quickly brought out necessary documents.

“Fill the name and number of days you want to stay here. The rest we will write. A-And if possible write the type of girl you prefer here.”

I take back what I just said.

And from what I hear, there are not many rooms vacant on the first floor……the ones that are vacant are big sized rooms and medium-sized rooms.

The medium-sized rooms are about the size of a normal room in a Japanese-lodging. 50 copper coins for 1 night.

The big sized rooms are almost the size of a room in a high-class hotel. 1 silver coin for 1 night.

Well from the currency values I heard from Elk, I have a lot of money with me. I’ll go with the medium-sized room, it isn’t like I desire a high-class room.

In truth they also have small rooms around the size of ‘small rooms’ in a business hotel. It’s price if also pretty reasonable, 30 coppers for 1 night, by the way Elk is also living in this type of room.

But unfortunately, these rooms on both floors are full and only the other types of rooms are left. Can’t be helped.

Incidentally, there is a common bath. The people living in small rooms have to give extra fees but the people living in big-sized and medium-sized rooms don’t have to.

I pay the price for a medium-sized room on the first floor for 1 week. In total it is 3 silver coins and 50 copper coins.

I take the key for the room and when I glance at my behind, Elk was getting red due to the jokes by Tanya-chan. It seems like she will throw her anger towards me if I say anything, so ignore for now.

Elk spoke ‘Good grief……!’. Thank you for your hard work.


A little later, Elk asked me to come to her room saying ‘I have to talk about something’. So, I lock the room which I just now took and head towards her room.

Though I lock it, it’s not like there is anything valuable inside the room.

Anyhow, every adventurer including me and Elk moves here and there with their personal belongings……or perhaps I should say, equipments. And those equipments mostly are of good quality.

So, there are most people who don’t leave their equipments in the inn and keep on wearing it to prevent theft.

And above all I have gotten the ‘Hyperspace Backpack’ from mom. And if I have this I don’t have to worry about my living space.

It has limits, but still it has the capacity as that of a large storage room.

And should I say as expected? because Elk doesn’t has much belonging inside her room. The only things there are things needed for daily life and things needed for adventurer work.

It somehow feels just too low things……well, it can’t be helped even if I think about it.

Elk puts away the bag filled with the raw materials brought from the labyrinth and gives me an eye signal saying ‘Sit’. I accept her offer. I sit on a chair while Elk sits on her bed.

“Minato, the raw materials we brought is it alright to sell them at the guild tomorrow?”

“Eh? Ah, Yeah it alright. Is it something you can sell just by bringing it over there?”

“More or less. Though it takes time for investigating the origin of the raw materials, but these are of low-level so it will be over in some minutes. And, erm……”


“Erm, the distribution of profits from selling it……”

Yeah, the money comes after selling the raw materials.

Well it will be good with 50-50, it is the basic,right?

Elk was also saying that, but right now her words seem evasive.

And keeps on murmuring to herself.

“……No, it will be good if I speak it out straightforwardly.”

? What does that mean?

Elk takes a deep breath while I’m trying to find the meaning of her words and—

“You see, Minato. I have some troubles going on and so I need money. And that’s why……can you increase my share even if a little bit?”

–sincerely requests.

Ah, I see, this really is something that is hard to say.

“Yeah, it’s fine with me.”

“That’s right, you won’t increase……EH!? i-Is that fine!?”

For what reason are you freaking out?

I thought she will happily accept my words, but what came back was an expression full of surprise.

“N-No, but can you that easily……”

“After all, Elk has taught me many things and you see, I don’t have any need for money right now.”

“B-But is it fine? You were the one who killed most demons?”

That much is nothing for me.

Surely, I did kill the most of the demons, but rather, I requested her to let me fight them.

After all, all the monsters(The animal types were more though) we met were full of spirit and came at us in large crowds.

And so, I fought against them to my heart’s extent. There is no need to worry about it.

Argh, it was a let down.

I speak to Elk who doesn’t seem like she is digesting my words at all.

“Elk, you can take the whole profit for yourself?”

“No, T-That, I can’t do it!?”

Why? You need money, right?

She doesn’t seem like she will tell me the reason for it, so I won’t ask about it.

Just like I said before, it’s not like I have a need of money right now, so it’s completely fine with me even if Elk takes all the money.

To put it bluntly, I can earn that much every time. Only the prey is needed for it.

“You really gonna give me all that? Aren’t you being too nice?”

“I don’t know if I’m being to nice, well, there is no reason to reject your request. Just think that I’m doing it on a whim.”

“I-I see, Thank You………It’s difficult for me to say…………I already have a feeling of guilt from before (depress)……”

She shows a somewhat depressed face, but a little after shows a happy expression.

Taking all the money does feel awkward.

Anyhow, we talked for a little while and then made our way to eat meal together.

In this dining hall, only the breakfast is free. Well for the guests there are discounts.

And I have a lot of money in my purse, so I ate a lot of food.

When I asked that why the dinner isn’t made in sets, though breakfast is. The reply that came was that adventurers in general like to eat and drink as much as they want in night and so the dinner in sets is not made.

And after eating, I bid farewell to Elk and return to my room.

Well anyhow my first day as an adventurer went smoothly. I lie on the bed which is the first bed I lay down on after leaving the home.

Well then,

For the first time I fought against demons different from the ones in the forest, honestly speaking……

No, let’s leave it.

It’s not good to think about something that will lead to carelessness.

Even Elk said that only ‘weak’ demons appear in that labyrinth. There will be many chances to fight against strong monsters from now on.

Though I don’t know if Elk will be there with me at that time.

Well I can’t do anything by thinking. Let’s sleep.

I turn off the lights.

I’m one of those people who can’t sleep in a complete dark room. And so, I set the candle in the candle-stand.

And when I bring my palm near there.

The candle catches up the fire in an instant.

“……I didn’t even had chance to use ‘this’ today.”

I mutter words to myself.

Today I didn’t use this and only took care of demons with normal ‘Taijutsu’, but……chances will come to use ‘this’ which I used always in the forest.

I want to fight against those guys before my instincts become blunt. It might be imprudent, but I’m itching to use my skills.

I close the curtains and close my eyes.

Ah, by the way, the share distribution ended up with being 8:2 of Elk and mine.

It feels like not much changed.


In late night,

Elk left the ‘Bermuda’ inn and entered the small dark alley behind the inn.

In general, the so-called back alleys are dangerous places for a woman in night. The usual Elk always stays on her guard and doesn’t leave the inn at night-time.

But, today she went inside the back alley.

And the one she is meeting is there.

She entered the back alley and after turning on some corners reaches a place with some light.

The men gathered there all had dangerous and grim expression. They all turn their line of sight towards Elk who just came in.

But, Elk knowing that they will not attack, starts walking while pretending to be calm.

One of the men from that suspicious group of men steps forwards towards Elk.

“You know what to you have to say, Elk?”

“……You guys got problem with the incident in morning?”

“Of course. Just what were you thinking by bringing that monster……though no one is dead but everyone is injured and now can’t move.”

“I can’t do anything about that. ……Even I didn’t knew that he would be so strong……And furthermore, you guys were the ones who made this plan, it would’ve been fine if you used your minds?”

“What did you say bitch……”

“Stop it, nothing good will happen if you argue here……. And I now understand that it’s not only your responsibility this time. But casualties did appear and we all are right now angry. So stop from speaking in a provocative tone. For the sake of both of us.”

Another man comes in and calms down the man who got worked up due to the argument.

He speaks in a soothing tone. He warns everyone and all shut their mouth.

When he sees that both parties have calmed down. He then faces towards Elk.

“So what are you going to do? I will regard this time as bad luck but what about your older problems that are yet to be solved?”

“You gotten friendlier with that man,right? He has some good equipments, snatch a single weapon from him!”

“It’s impossible. At a glance he does seem like someone who isn’t thinking about anything, but he has ridiculous physical strength. If I make a blunder while doing that, I might be killed.”

“That is troublesome. But what are you gonna do, go for some other adventurer?”

“……I reject. I really don’t want to involve unrelated people in this.”

“You say that after doing it, huh, did you go blind by the money he has? I won’t let you say that it’s wrong?”


“……Let’s say you don’t do that. Then how are you going to make money? You won’t make it with proper means, even you should know it, right?”

“……I might be able to make it from those proper means. If I can get him to fight for me……”

“Hmm, I see. In that case, well, good luck. I’m telling you once again that I won’t increase the deadline.”

He steps near Elk and then whispers in her ears.

“You know what happens……if you don’t make it?”

Saying that the man turns back and leaves the place.

The other men follow after him.

There are those who are cursing Elk, some are clicking their tongues and those who don’t have any intention to both are looking at her with lustful eyes,

After they all disappear in the darkness after following the man at front,

Elk clenches her fist very tightly that blood starts flowing from it.

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