Legend Chapter 43

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The day after the duties of the Orc subjugation force were completed. Due to the fatigue from fighting, Rei slept until noon before waking up due to hunger. After having an early lunch at the Dusk Wheat, he headed to the guild with Set.

Among the people who saw the figure of Set in the parade the day before, there were probably many who were taught of his existence. Different from usual, they only gave cries of surprise at seeing Set at first instead of running away, there were even some people who would give food to Set.

To say thank you, Set gave a cry and shook his tail each time. Seeing that, the person would cautiously pet his head……and because of this, it was already into the afternoon when they finally arrived at the guild.

「Then, Set, wait for me at the usual place.」

As Set went to the place he was familiar with, opposite the carriage waiting area, Rei entered the guild.

If there was something different from usual, it was the figures of several adventurers, who participated in the Orc subjugation force, who went and petted Set on the head or gave him some food as a substitute greeting before entering the guild. Receiving friendly attention, he gave a happy cry.



Upon entering the guild, he went straight to the counter without looking at the request board.

Looking around, he saw several adventurers in the guild, but he went to talk to Lenora without bothering them.

「Ah, hello Rei-san. Have you come for the rewards for the Orcs?」
「Ah. Yes, I also want to hand in the proof of subjugation parts as well as sell materials.」
「Yes, no problem.」

Lenora confirmed it as she nodded, A lot of right ears, which were the proof of subjugation, came out of the Misty Ring. The skin and teeth of Orcs, Orc Archers, Orc Mages and Orc Generals were usable materials. Because of the magic power residing in them, the eyes, heart, tongue and back teeth of an Orc Mage could also be used in medicine and alchemy. The internal organs of Orc Generals could be used in alchemy while their bones and tendons could be used for weapons and bowstrings. And then there were the magic stones of Orcs and Orc Archers.

In addition, there were obviously differences in how the materials were collected. There were those that were collected perfectly like Elk’s and there were ones damaged here and there like the ones handled by Rei, who was lacking in this area.

「Um, please wait a minute. Kenny, you help me for a bit.」

The reason was that the amount placed on the counter was a lot more than expected. Lenora called out to Kenny who had been next to her, smiling, eyeing a chance to talk to Rei.

As if waiting for that, Kenny approached the counter to continue screening the materials.

「As for this and this, the collection was perfect. This one is useless. This……though it’s close it’s still okay……」
「Hey, Kenny. I did ask you but don’t be partial to Rei-san. Because the collection was sloppy, don’t put the tongue of the Orc Mage with the quality goods.」
「Ah, really? Un, I feel that Lenora is a bit harsh……」

While carrying out such an exchange, they processed the materials and classified them into ones that could be used that those that couldn’t



「Hey, what’s with that amount of materials. Moreover, aren’t those the teeth of an Orc General. Why does that brat……」

Surprised at the mountain of Orc materials at the counter, one of the adventurers who was drinking in the bar in the guild asked his friend who was drinking next to him.

Though the adventurer was amazed for a moment when he saw it, he immediately nodded as he remembered something.

「Ah, you returned to Gilm this morning.」
「Hm? Ah.」
「Haven’t you heard the rumors in the city? That Orcs built a settlement near the city of Gilm.」
「Of course I know it. I mean, I’ve been forced to hear it at the inn and shops ever since I came back to the city this morning. Seriously, if it wasn’t for the escort request, I would have joined the Orc subjugation force……hey, no way.」

Talking up to there, he finally understood what his friend was saying.

「Hey, wait a minute. So what is it? Did even that brat join the Orc subjugation force?」
「That’s right.」
「You’re kidding? However you look at it, that brat is still in his mid teens.」
「However, did you know, according to the story I heard from some other guys who participated in the subjugation force, that guy killed an Orc King?」
「……An Orc King? That brat?」
「Ah. And guess what, he recently registered with the guild as a G rank adventurer and defeated an Orc King. ……Like I said don’t be surprised at having to take your words back.」
「G rank……」

While looking at his friend who was dumbfounded at the contents of the story which was beyond his understanding, he lifted the wine to his mouth with a nasty smile as he was just as astonished when he had heard it for the first time.



「That? Rei-kun. Is this all the materials?」

In front of the counter that was filled with materials, Kenny asked Rei.


However, Rei only gave a small nod.

「There’s still magic stones of Orcs and Orc Archers……and materials from the Orc King.」
「I’ll explain the situation a bit. I have uses for the magic stones of Orc Mages and Orc Generals here. I regards to the material of an Orc King, I’m sorry but I don’t want to sell it.」

Because he was only able to get two magic stones each from Orc Mages and Orc Generals, thinking about the possibility that Set and the Death Scythe could learn skills, he couldn’t sell them. Similarly, I couldn’t sell the magic stone of the Orc King, of which he only had one of.

As for materials, he stored the precious B rank monster materials into the Misty Ring, the same way as with the Queen Ant.

「Un, though I wanted you to sell it if possible……it’s no use?」

Though Kenny said that while emphasizing her proud chest, Rei only shook his neck slightly.

「It’s because there are circumstances for the time being.」
「Is that so……well, it can’t be helped. Then, are you selling all these?」
「With this quantity, you might have to wait a little because it will take a while.」

There was no helping it as that much was that much, in the meantime, he looked at the request board until the assessment and appraisal were completed.

(Because I heard I’ll be going up to rank E today, first of all, I’ll look at the D rank and E rank monster subjugation quests.)

Muttering in his mind, he only looked at the subjugation requests, he suddenly discovered a urgent request.

「……Dragon Lizard?」

Yes, a subjugation request for Dragon Lizards with a request rank E was pinned there.

(Is it a Dragon? Or is it a Lizard? ……Ah well, because it’s rank E it’s certainly a Lizard, it’s too a low rank if it’s a Dragon.)

Rei, who was concerned about the strange name, took out the monster dictionary, that he had bought in the bookstore, from the Misty Ring.

『Dragon Lizard』

Though it had dragon in it’s name, it’s species was a large lizard. However, it was called a dragon because its size was larger than that of an adult human. Since it was a lizard, it obviously didn’t breathe fire, but because it’s attacks boast a considerable strength, it required care when fighting.

Though its toxicity was weak, it’s fangs contained a poison that dulled movements. Because it was a lizard, ice magic was it’s weakness. Moreover, it would not falter due to pain from injuries. For this E rank monster, the tip of the tail was the proof of subjugation. It’s selling price was 1 silver coin. In addition, it’s meat had a strong taste which gourmets liked.

(A giant lizard……though it’s interesting.)

「Rei-san, the assessment of the material has been completed.」

Being called by Lenora, he stored the monster dictionary into the Misty Ring and headed to the counter.

「The reward for proofs of subjugation, the purchase of materials and magic stones and the reward for the Orc subjugation quest, adding individual achievements all together……the reward comes down to 9 platinum coins.」

The moment Lenora said the amount of money at the counter, adventurers inside the guild who had secretly been watching Rei became noisy.

「Hey, you’re kidding? Isn’t 9 platinum coins the average reward of a rank A or rank B request?」
「Idiot, that kid Rei played an important role during the Orc subjugation.」
「That’s amazing, how about he enters our party.」
「It’s useless. Isn’t one of the rumors he defeated an Orc King?」
「Ah. I mean, think about it. The reward of the Orc subjugation is two platinum coins. Even if there are materials and proofs of subjugation, will it amount to 9 platinum coins? You won’t reach that amount unless you defeat the enemy’s leader.」

While hearing such conversation, he received the 9 platinum coins from Lenora, took out a pouch from the Misty Ring to put the money in and stored it back into the Misty Ring.

「……That’s convenient as usual, isn’t it. Ah, because your rank has also gone up, please hand over your guild card.」
「Ah, that’s right.」

After collecting the guild card and heading to the back of the counters, she returned after a few minutes. Though she tried to look calm, her face had the colour of unrest.

「Here you go, it’s returned. Rank up, congratulations. But, that……」
「I was surprised that I suddenly went up to rank E, right?」
「Yes. That, to be honest, I was pinching my cheeks thinking that it was a dream. ……I’ve been a receptionist here for several years but it’s the first time I’ve seen a person rise 2 ranks from a single request.」
「Uwa~, really? As I thought, you’re amazing Rei.」

Hearing Lenora’s words, Kenny looked at Rei’s guild card.

Certainly, the guild rank had been changed from G to E.

Hearing Lenora and Kenny’s words, the guild became noisy again, but he stored the guild card into the Misty Ring without minding it.

「Well then, thanks for your help.」
「Have you picked up a request for today?」
「As expected of yesterday, I’ll be slowly spending today with Set.」
「Ah, that’s a shame. When I’m free after this, lets go to a place and drink together.」
「Wai-, Kenny!? What the hell are you thinking?」

Though Lenora’s angry voice came out at Kenny’s invitation to Rei, she waved her hand at Rei without caring to explain.

While smiling wryly at the state of the two, he left the guild with a light goodbye.




As Rei came out of the guild, Set greeted him with a happy cry.

Though there were a few adventurers and residents nearby, Set gave a short cry and left the place as soon as he saw Rei.

Some of them sent Set off with regretful faces.

To the changes in the surroundings, Rei recalled the events from several days ago as he scratched Set’s head while smiling involuntarily.

「I’ve kept you waiting. Then let’s go out.」

Giving a small cry at Rei’s words, the headed towards the gate on the main street.

「Huh? Another request right after yesterday’s?」

Rei handed the Necklace of Subservient Monster and guild card to Ranga, who was in charge of the procedures.

「No, not at all. However, I thought I’d take a short trip with Set in the sky.」
「I see. Ah, as I said before, please don’t take off or land near the city.」
「Ah, I understand.」
「At the same time, congratulations on your rank up. Still, to rank up two ranks at once. That’s amazing.」

Ranga said that as he saw that the rank displayed on the guild card had changed from G to E, Rei gave a small smile.

Ranga seemed satisfied and returned the guild card to Rei.

「Well the, I’ll return the guild card to you. ……Rei-san.」
「The Orc subjugation, thanks for your hard work. As a commander of the security force, I wish to express my gratitude as one of the residents in the city.」

Rei was taken aback for a moment by Ranga’s lowered head but immediately put up a wry smile.

「Don’t worry about it. I also obtained various things from the request. As you said, my rank also went up. I myself have also set up residence in this city of Gilm. It was fortunate that the danger of the Orcs was avoided.」

Lightly waving his hand, he sat on Set’s back as they moved a short distance away from the city.

「Set, I’m counting on you.」

With a sharp cry, he flapped his huge wings after a run up of a few steps before stepping into the air and going up into the sky.

Although there were thinly spread clouds, unlike yesterday’s weather, they weren’t rain clouds. If anything, Rei felt that in this summer weather, it was like a small thunder cloud.

As Rei was wearing the Dragon Robe, which could be called a simple air conditioner, he could bathe in the sunlight mindlessly without caring for the temperature as Set flew for several hours.

However, it was a distance of a few hours by Set’s wings. If a person were to walk normally along the ground, it would take a whole day, several days if there were issues.

Naturally, there was a reason to go that far from the city. The purpose was to perform the absorption of the magic stones that he had gotten from the Orc subjugation.

Rei looked down at the ground while flying through the sky and discovered a clearing in the forest where no trees were growing. Looking roughly at the surroundings, the figures of monsters or adventurers couldn’t be seen.

「Right, Set. Go down there.」

Giving a small cry at Rei’s words, Set landed at the designated location. After landing on the ground, he quickly looked at the surroundings.

As Rei sharply looked around, he also took the Death Scythe out of the Misty Ring in case of a surprise attack by a monster.

「……This seems to be okay.」

In the surrounding area, there were only young saplings covering the vacant land, in particular monsters hostile to Rei and Set could not be seen.

No, though there were monsters like Horned Rabbits for which there were G rank subjugation requests, they had all ran away at full speed from Set’s overwhelming appearance.

「Now then, it seems there isn’t anything to stop the absorption of magic stones here.」

With that, he took the Orc meat and magic stones, for Set’s meal, that he had gotten from the Orc subjugation without even glancing at the Misty Ring.

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