Legend Chapter 23

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The Adventurers Guild in the city of Gilm. The receptionist Lenora played around with her ponytail while she depressingly looked at the document her boss had passed her.

Although various complex sentences were written in the document, it could be summarized as follows.

・Keep an eye on the adventurer Rei.
・If the adventurer causes trouble with the aristocratic faction, report it to the boss immediately.
・Similarly, report to the boss immediately if the adventurer gets tangled up with other adventurers.


She involuntarily spat out a sigh while reading the documents.

Fortunately, as there was only a little while before the noon bell, there were few adventurers in the guild. There were only several people eating an early lunch.

「What’s wrong, sighing like that?」

The co-worker next to Lenora asked curiously. It was Kenny, a cat beast person. She stretched herself, showing of the flexible limbs that were a feature of the cat family, Lenora felt some envy when she looked at her own small chest.

TLN: So Kenny is female. The name Kenny is usually male but was used as a female name about 500 years ago or so.

「Here, look at this.」

Diverting her gaze from Kenny’s large chest, Lenora passed the documents.

Because it was before noon and there were no adventurers around, it was her free time. She looked at the documents without any hesitation.

「Umm, what? ……Wait, what is this?」

Although Kenny was reading the document with curiosity at first, her cheeks started to cramp as she kept reading.

「It’s as you see.」
「Doesn’t the guild maintain neutrality with disputes between adventurers? But if anything happens you have to report it immediately.」
「That’s not all, look at the seal of approval at the end.」

Kenny turned her eyes to the seal of approval at the end of the document, she stopped moving for a moment. She finally spoke after a few seconds.

「Wait, isn’t this the seal of the guild master!」
「That’s right.」

The seal of the guild master. That is, the instructions written in the document were ordered by the guild master.

「What did you do?」
「I haven’t done anything in particular!」

To Kenny’s doubtful look, Lenora retorted with a strong tone.

「But, if you haven’t done anything, why did you personally receive orders from the guild master? I mean, what’s your relationship with the adventurer Rei?」
「There aren’t any special relations in particular.」
「In that case, why this instruction?」
「Perhaps because Rei is a human adventurer, I talked with him when he registered with the guild. When he completes requests, he brings them to me.」
「That’s, isn’t that Rei guy hitting on you?」

Lenora shook here neck slightly at Kenny’s words.

However, what Kenny said wasn’t wrong at all. After all, receptionists were the face of the guild. Naturally, the person who employs receptionists would chose beautiful women. As a result, the receptionists were idolized by the adventurers. An unattainable object, someone they want to be their lover, someone they wanted to spend the night with, they became that kind of existence.

Kenny was trying to say that in that sense, Rei was trying to chase Lenora. But with the contact Lenora had with Rei, she didn’t feel that he was trying to woo her.

There were many times where the adventurer would come to visit the same receptionist. No, it could be said that it was a daily occurrence. Because there was a bar in the guild as well, there would be several people each year who would get drunk and call out to Lenora. ……More than that and they would be sent to the guild jail for interfering with guild business. However, they would still end up tearfully paying the fine for a decent amount for obstructing business the next day.

「He isn’t. In the first place, the Rei written in the document is a child. You know, the one that got in trouble with the Claws of the Hawk.」

Kenny easily knew who Rei was from Lenora’s plain words. It wasn’t uncommon for bad adventurers to mess up those who came for guild registration. However, it usually ends up with the other party sucking up to them. As a result, a hierarchical relationship between adventurers would be formed and used in various ways. However, in this case, they’re mainly ordered to do trivial chores. Because of that, as experience as an adventurer could be gained, it wasn’t always bad. Therefore, the practice was tacitly consented to in the guild.

However, the adventurers who were involved in the fight were D rank adventurers who had acquired experience and could be regarded as an independent group. Yet she heard from Lenora that they lost and even had their gold and weapons taken away.

Of course, the aim of the hot blooded adventurers was to beat up the person they fighting, Rei. Compared with the experienced adventurers, the difference in combat experience with someone who just became an adventurer was overwhelming. That’s why Rei left a strong impression.

「That kid is it……I heard that he tamed a Griffon, the guild master must have expectations of this rookie.」

Kenny remembered the figure of Rei in her mind. Wearing a robe, the figure with a large scythe stood out, it was someone you could remember without trying hard.

However, his facial appearance could not be remembered clearly due to the noticeably evil look of the scythe standing out.

「But, does the guild master hold that much expectation of the rookie to give special treatment?」
「Well, what’s the ability of that Rei kid?」
「He has only received two quests. Subjugation quests for Goblins and Soldier Ants. He brought 10 proofs of subjugation from the Goblins. But for the Soldier Ants, he brought more than 30 proofs of subjugation.」

Goblins aside, defeating 30 Soldier Ants was something an organized C or D rank party would struggle with, yet he was by himself. Not many people could do that, let alone a rookie who just registered with the guild.

「……Ahh, I see. If he brought his Griffon then he could do that. 」
「I think the fact that a Griffon follows that kid shows his ability.」
「So in the end, that Rei kid is a promising rookie……speaking of which, because he is already counted as part of combat forces, the guild master favours him?」
「Well, that’s most likely.」
「Is that kid only 15 years old? With that talent and ability at his age, he can likely aim for S rank in the future.」

Guild rank S. In this world, there are only three people who have that power level. The Rei that she was told to keep an eye on might become such a presence. When thinking about that, Lenora felt a zokuri~ feeling inside her.

「So, did the important Rei come today? I don’t recall seeing him in the morning.」

Receptionist were truly the face of the guild, remembering individual adventurers during the morning rush.

「Because he received two subjugation requests on consecutive days, maybe he took a rest today?」
「Well, it could be so. It was over 30 Soldier Ants.」
「How should I say it, why are you suddenly interested about Rei?」
「Well, I want to get closer to that kid as its certain he’s going to rise to the top in future. Is an older wife okay? And you know, I have the men’s favourite body.」

While saying so proudly, Kenny placed her arms across her rich breasts to emphasize them.

To that appearance, Lenora wore a thin smile and blood vessels appeared as she twitched with a pikuri~ sound.

「I see that Kenny doesn’t seem to know that it’s not necessarily so? Roughly speaking, no matter how much talent you say he has, he’s still a rank G. It will take even longer even if he is promoted to S rank, by that time, I’m sure that when the time comes, Kenny will still look great.」

To Lenora’s words, Kenny started twitching.

「Ara~ ara~, I wonder if the child with the poor body also has poor ideas.」
「……Kenny, are you trying to pick a fight?」
「Are you, Lenora?」

An explosive tension. Right when those two people were in that state, the sound of the bell informing them that it was noon, could be heard.

Disregarding the two people in that state, the rest of the staff and receptionists looked away and left the counter in order to quickly have lunch.

With all the people leaving, the unfortunate noon duty was left to Lenora and Kenny, who were staring daggers at each other, betting their woman’s pride.

Getting along by fighting, relatives that abhor each other, it was that kind of friendship. Although there are various similar words, Lenora and Kenny were two people who symbolized that.

Thus, though it wasn’t peaceful, the daily life of the guild wasn’t dangerous either.

「So this is a potion.」

While the battle for honour unfolded between the women in the guild, Rei was looking at a beaker that he held in his hand while sitting on the bed in his inn room. A blue liquid sloshed around in the beaker.

A blue sky was spread outside, with the sunlight pouring down, this weather could be called good summer weather. However, Rei hadn’t received a subjugation request from the guild today.

He was aiming to examine the materials that could be removed from the Goblin rare the day before yesterday and the Queen Ant from yesterday. Therefore, he went to the bookstore from before in the morning and bought several books for a few gold coins. On his way back to the inn, a shop dealing in second hand items caught his eye. Besides potions to recover one’s physical strength, standard mana potions that recovered magical power, medicine that recovered abnormal states and antidotes for paralysis, there were various other things sold such as traps and vices. He wasn’t so interested in the gear as he had the Death Scythe for a weapon and the Dragon Robe for protection but he did buy several types of potions and stored them in the Misty Ring.

It should be noted why there wasn’t any potions in the Misty Ring. It was because the developers of potions, Zepairu and his group has passed away.Takumu, who knew a lot about game development, tried to develop them but his research regarding potions didn’t make any progress while he was still alive. Even if progress was made, potions were rare items and were not at a price where commoners or nobles could get there hands on.

「Even if I drink it it should be OK.」

Rei muttered while looking at the blue liquid.

The usage of the potion was extremely simple, drink or, as he heard from the second hand dealer, pour it onto a wound.

If you drink it, the effect is much higher. First of all, the effect reaches the whole body and not just the injured part, the helaing effect also lasts longer to some degree. In addition, physical strength is also somewhat restored. Although if applied at the location of the wound, the healing is a bit faster, that’s it. There are no additional effects such as sustained healing or restoring physical strength.

But still, most people would apply it to a wound, the number of people who drink are few. Why was that? It was simply because potions were unpalatable.

「Yuck, I certainly would like to refrain from drinking this if possible.」

To confirm the story he heard from the second hand dealer, he dipped his finger in and licked a drop before frowning at the distaste.

The taste was like a concentrated green soup he had drank out of curiosity in Japan, that was what he felt.

「Even though it’s good to have some effect, it wouldn’t help if drunk in battle.」

Even if the effect was high, drinking it in combat would be impossible due to the taste, it would be suicidal for Rei.

It should be noted that there are some people in this world who willingly drink it……but Rei couldn’t believe it.

Still, as there was a risk of not being able to recover in battle, he bought a few potions and stored them in the Misty Ring.

Was it possible for him to equip accessories with continuous healing effects such as the one he passed to Set? Thinking about it, Rei’s joy ended prematurely as an item with a healing effect didn’t exist on the list in his mind.

Afterwards, Rei’s break passed while reading the book he had bought in the bookstore, studying the materials from the Queen Ant and other monsters.


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