Legend Chapter 214

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Rei read Elena’s letter and gave a sigh.

However, the sigh held some sort of satisfaction.


While watching Rei, the dragon……Yellow, tilted its head.

「……A familiar created using her own magic power, was it?」


That’s right! Yellow seemed to boast proudly as it puffed out its chest. Rei smiled involuntarily and stroked its head.

Because it was only 20cm in length, it could only be described as adorable regardless of its posture.

However, Rei’s smile left his face as he stroked Yellow’s head.

(Using magic to create a familiar. ……That’s very similar to the Magic Beast Art. Given the contents of the letter though, it might not be able to absorb magic stones……could the Magic Beast Art possibly be Dragon Language magic, or at that time, Dragon Language sorcery? Either way, was it at least created based on it?)

Incidentally thinking to himself, he brought out Zepairu’s knowledge.

(……It’s quite complex. Certainly, ever kind of magic was taken into consideration during its development, and it contains Dragon Language as well. However, all sorts of other magic were also crucial because of the wide variety used.)

Looking through the knowledge he had pulled out, what was the difference? Rei turned to look at Yellow, who was looking back up at him.

(Now then. What’s important is Yellow. What should I do? Even if it’s just a creature of this size, it would be quite noticeable if it accompanies me as I walk, especially since it looks like a dragon. Under normal circumstances, I’m already quite conspicuous, I would stand out even more with a small dragon following beside Set. Well, it wouldn’t be too bad, but best to avoid it……)

「Any how, I’m going to take you along with Set regardless, but you might be targeted by strange people.」

「Kyu? ……Kyu~!」

While Rei thought to himself troubledly, Yellow decided to flap his small wings and flew away from Rei.And.


After a short cry, the next moment, it started to turn transparent as its figure melted away into the surroundings.


Rei raised a voice of surprise involuntarily and reached out his hand. However, when his hand reached the space where Yellow had been, there was certainly something there.

「Was that the special ability written in the letter?」


That’s right, Yellow seemed to say as Rei heard its cry from the empty space. The next moment, it released its transparency and reappeared.

As he watched that, he remembered the contents of Elena’s letter.

「I see. Certainly, there’s no need to be worried about being attacked if you can’t be found by the enemy. Not being attacked by enemies is quite nice.」

Rei nodded in understanding, but the reality was a little different.

Elena had been collecting old books and ancient documents little by little in order to learn Dragon Language, but even then, it was basically a magic that no one used anymore. It was difficult to learn and although she had succeeded in creating Yellow, it’s ability was only on the level of fighting Goblins. Still she had the luck to create Yellow and was also fortunate enough for Yellow to be created with the ability to become invisible.

「Well, I guess that’s fine. So, will you deliver the letter I wrote to Elena?」


Leave it to me!  Yellow seemed to say with as it puffed out its chest with pride.

While watching it, he immediately grabbed the pen on the desk in his room……and stopped moving.

「……What should I write about?」

Speaking of letters, Rei had basically only written new year’s cards. He thought that it would be nice to write about what had happened in Baar. But that would just be telling her again as she should have heard from Ara.

(In that case, after returning to Gilm……ah, that’s right. I received a magic item from the guild master……I should also write that she is a Dark Elf who was originally in a party with the guild master and lord in Baar.

Rei thought about that in his mind and wrote it down as it was.

Although his words weren’t written beautifully, it still had a feeling of good handwriting.

……However, Rei’s only mistake was writing that the guild master was a beautiful Dark Elf. To Elena, who had given her first kiss to Rei, seeing on the letter that the guild master, Marina, was a beauty, would make her quite flustered in future.

(Afterwards, I took on a Blue Caterpillar subjugation mission with Rhodes, who is a member of Axe of the Thunder God, which Elena knows about. As for the spies……I don’t know if I can tell her about that or not.)

After writing about how weird the Blue Caterpillar looked and how Set refused to eat it, he added that he hoped Elena would stay healthy as well.That was how he finished his letter.

「Hmm, something like this? Well, this is the first time I’ve sent a letter to a noble since I was born, even if something is wrong, Elena won’t mind.」


Don’t worry, it seemed to say with a cry.

For Yellow, Elena had only ordered it to bring back a letter and the contents of the letter were not so important to it. It had no life experience, or experience as a dragon, because it had only just been created recently. It couldn’t be helped that it didn’t care much about the details.

Seeing Yellow like that, Rei, who wasn’t really familiar with writing letters, made a brief conclusion.

「So, what do you want to do now? Do you want to bring back the letter right away?」


Yellow shook his head when asked by Rei. Of course, his biggest job was to bring back a letter from Rei, but it also had another task that Elena had ordered it to do.

However, Rei had no such knowledge of that and just tilted his head slightly at Yellow’s response.

「Hm? You don’t want to go home yet? Hm, well then, do you want to look around the city?」


Yellow gave a small cry at Rei’s proposal.

「Okay. If Yellow also wants to do that, then let’s go out to the city for a bit. Set would also be bored in the stables.」

Putting on his Dragon Robe, he got ready to head out.


Yellow, who was watching him, gave a short cry as it landed on Rei’s shoulder, turning invisible at the same time.

「……That’s convenient.」

Rei muttered unintentionally.

Rei had taken on many requests in the guild, but most of them had been subjugation requests in order to collect magic stones. Being able to turn invisible to hunt monsters, it was clearly obvious how advantageous that would be.

(But, there are a lot of monsters that rely on sounds, smells, sensing magic and many other methods that don’t use sight, so it wouldn’t be completely safe either.)

Thinking like that, he went to the stables from the entrance of the inn.

The snow outside had already fallen to about 10cm in depth and it was still snowing, although lightly.

「Well, it seems that Set doesn’t seem to dislike the snow.」

If Set was the type to curl up like a cat, Rei thought that it would be amusing……however, if that happened, it would probably become troublesome to leave the city in winter. As he entered the stables while thinking of that, a horse and a large deformed bird monster turned to look at Rei with interest.

(……It’s probably because they haven’t been in the stables long enough that they’re still scared of Set……ahh, come to think of it, some mercenaries had come over.)

Over the past few days, Rei had seen strangers in the cafeteria several times. It also reminded him of the parties they had had at night.

As expected, they were tamed monsters belonging to the mercenaries. But before Set, they weren’t much different or greater than the horses that had belonged to other guests.

Of course, they weren’t restless. But it was more obvious when Set was around compared to when he wasn’t. That said, they still weren’t calm enough to move around normally when Set was around.


Guessing that Rei had come over, Set left the stables.


As usual, Set tried to get Rei to dote on him but soon noticed the presence on Rei’s right shoulder with his senses as a Griffon.

Still, he didn’t move to attack immediately, probably because he understood that Yellow, who had been invisible on Rei’s shoulder, was not dangerous to Rei.

What’s on your right shoulder? But as Set was about to say that, his eyes went round as he looked at Rei’s right shoulder.


Even Yellow had noticed that Set was looking at it. It gave a small cry as it reappeared and used its short wings to fly towards Set.





「Guru~, Gurururu~. 」

「Kyukyu! Kyu!」

(……They’ve established a conversation……have they?)

For a while, Set and Yellow made small cries to each other. In the end, maybe they managed to communicate their intentions with body language. In any case, after a few minutes, Yellow had become completely attached to Set and was riding on his back.

「Well, that’s better than getting into a fight. ……Yellow, don’t forget to hide yourself if someone comes.」


With a short cry, Yellow lay down on Set’s back.

While smiling involuntarily, Rei asked as he stroked Set’s head.

「I’m thinking of going for a walk in the city, do you want to go as well Set?」


Of course, Set seemed to say. Rei prepared to leave the stables as he smiled at Set, who was quite excited.

When Rei and Set left stables, the horses inside seemed to relax somewhat while Yellow turned invisible on Set’s back.

「……That reminds me」

Seeing the snow that had falling lightly and piling up on the road, Rei muttered to himself.

(Yellow is a familiar created using Dragon Language, but it still looks like a dragon. ……Is it okay in this cold weather?  I wonder if it needs to hibernate.)


Rei had considered dragons and lizards to be the same thing, but that was just his own thoughts. A cry was heard from on top of Set. Yellow couldn’t be seen because it had turned invisible, but it was still quite easy to guess that he was tilting its head to one side puzzledly.

「No, it’s nothing.」

Thinking that it probably wasn’t right to lump dragons and lizards into the same group, Rei shook his head as if it were nothing.

As Set walked along and enjoyed the feeling of crushing snow with his forefeet, they eventually made it to the main street.

Due to the cold weather and the fact that it was snowing, most of the street stalls that had been around previously had all gone. Overall, the number of stalls had decreased. However, the stalls that remained had quite a few customers. The food served by the different stalls were all slightly different with one exception. They all had udon.

「Heh. A lot of different types of udon have appeared.」

While looking at the food stalls, Rei murmured.

The main ingredient was udon, but the soups were all different. The most popular was a soup that contained plenty of meat and vegetables, like the one that was first made in the Satisfied Stomach. However, there were also stalls where you could eat it with something similar to a minced meat sauce. There were also stalls that offered a salty grilled udon, as soy sauce didn’t exist.


Set, who smelled the scent of food in the surroundings, gave a cry that he wanted to eat.

However, hearing that, Rei looked at the stores around him a little troubledly.

After all, udon was basically a soup dish. Some restaurants offered grilled udon noodles, but they were different from the sandwiches and skewers that were often eaten by Rei. And if they ate at the stall, Set with his 2m large body would obviously get in the way of other customers. If it were a stand without customers, that might have been fine, but from what Rei would see, most stalls selling udon had at least several customers around.

「……It’s not udon, but skewers are fine right?」

Rei finally chose a food that was good for eating while walking.

Although udon was now mainstream, it was typically only offered as a side menu to some extent by stalls.


Set gave a regretful cry.


As if to comfort Set, Yellow gave a cry from Set’s back.

Ultimately, he ended up buying about 20 skewers and ate them with Set and Yellow as they walked under the lightly falling snow.

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