Legend Chapter 172

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「Tch, so troublesome!」

A big and swift swing of the Death Scythe sliced three Goblins at the torso.

Goblin blood and entrails scattered everywhere. Frowning at the uncomfortable sweat coming out around his eyes, Rei looked towards Hasta, who was fighting nearby.

Avoiding a wide swing of a rusty long sword, the next moment, the tip of his estoc quickly pierced into the Goblin’s forehead before being swiftly withdrawn. It looked like a practiced series of movements.

「Heh, as expected of a D rank adventurer. His strength is quite good.」

Muttering in admiration, Rei decided that Hasta didnt’ need any help and turned to look at his partner, Set.

「……Thought as much.」

What had unfolded was a one sided stomp rather than a fight.

A Goblin desperately wielded a rusted spear, which Set struck and destroyed with a swing of his claws. It wasn’t hard for Set to avoid any stones thrown at him as he danced freely in the skies. A single blow from Set easily stole away the Goblin’s life.

A group of Goblins that had recklessly attacked Rei’s group didn’t even need 5 minutes before realising they couldn’t win and running away.

「I really didn’t think we would get attacked by Goblins.」
「Me too. I don’t think there were any reports in the guild of Goblins appearing along here.」

Both Rei and Hasta gave a sigh as they cut of the right ears, as proof of subjugation, and removing the magic stones from their hearts.

「The meat……I don’t need it. What about you?」
「Me neither. The meat of Goblins tastes bad. ……If it was delicious, it would probably be more attractive. It is a troublesome monster for adventurers since they reproduce so quickly.」
「Their rate of reproduction is so high that if you see 1, there’s probably 30 around.」

Regarding the corpses, they decided that other monsters would just eat them up if there were only 10. Leaving them as they were, the three of them started walking again towards the area where Gamelions appeared.



「Is this the first time you’ve tried hunting a Gamelion?」

As they walked along the road, Rei asked Hasta, who was walking next to him. Hasta shook his head.

「I’ve experienced it several times before. However, back then I was with a party. The amount of meat I received was inevitably small. Because of that, I made a request to Rei-san this time.」
「I see. By the way, did Goblins appear that time?」
「Mm……I don’t remember, but in this direction towards the Forest of Monsters, there are many kinds of monsters that appear. I guess it wouldn’t be surprising even if there were Goblins.」
「……In that case, that’s fine.」

Maybe feeling uneasy about Rei’s mutters, Hasta asked about it. However, Rei shook his head as if it wasn’t much.

(Yes, if there are a wide range of monster from the Forest of Monsters, it should be difficult for monsters like Goblins to survive here……in this large plain. Luckily, we haven’t run into any other monsters.)

Thinking to himself, he brought himself back to reality and continued talking.

「By the way, can I ask what other monsters will come out to the plains aside from Gamelions?」
「That’s right, aside from them, Floating Jellyfish also show up around this time of the year.」
「……Floating Jellyfish?」
「Oh, right. If you lived in the mountains before you came to the city of Gilm, you probably don’t know what I mean by jellyfish.」

Although Hasta was about to explain in a hurry, Rei shook his head to stop him.

「No, I’ve read about them in a book my teacher had. Is it a creature with tentacles growing from a transparent bell shape?」
「That’s right. It’s said that they were originally jellyfish that became monsters for some reason. Well, as a D rank monster, it’s not that strong. However, if the tips of its tentacles touch you, you’ll get numbed. Following their name, they fly in the sky……in your case, there’s Set, so I don’t think that will be a problem.」

You called? Set seemed to say as he tilted his head in puzzlement behind Rei.

「It’s nothing. We’ll just be relying on you.」

Rei stroked Set’s head, who rubbed his head against Rei.

The three of them continued to chat as they walked while watching the surroundings, killing monsters such as Poison Toads and Fang Boars along the way, harvesting their materials, meat and magic stones. After several hours, they reached a place where the surroundings became dark green with the long grass that grew.

It was a mysterious sight. Although it was already late autumn and close to winter, the grass hadn’t withered and instead had grown lushly in all the places they had walked by. It was a scene that you could mistake for summer. But even though the view was like that of a summer field, the surrounding temperature was definitely that of late autumn with the temperature being below 10C.

「This is……」
「It’s strange isn’t it? Apparently around here seems to have received some sort of magical interference from the Forest of Monsters, so grass grows here all year round.」
「The Forest of Monsters is it?」

In a sense, Rei’s surprised expression when he heard the name was because he didn’t expect that it had anything to do with the place where he was born.

Any how, the Forest of Monsters was a few hours away from Gilm even by flying on Set. When walking by foot, it would take several days. From this, you could see how big the impact the Forest of Monsters had.

「Yes, that seems to be the case. Well, it’s also the reason why Gamelions will come out so far, so it’s not a bad thing for the residents of Gilm.」
「No, is that fine? To leave a phenomenon like that as it is.」
「Well, nothing particularly bad has happened because of it. So I guess it’s okay?」

(It seems there are various inconveniences. ……I might as well investigate it a bit later. No, I can’t sense magic power well, so it’s impossible for me. In that case……)

At that moment, Rei recalled an adventurer who could see magic power directly with his magic eyes, Runo.

(Of course, I can provide my own skills as compensation……now then, what should I do.)

「Ah, it’s been a while.」
「Hey, if it isn’t Hasta. Long time no see. Even you’ve come here……ah, I see. Mm, I get it now.」

Rei, who had been thinking to himself, brought himself back to reality at Hasta’s voice.

Looking ahead, there were about 5 adventurers who had stopped when they saw Rei……no, to be exact they stopped when they saw Set.

Some of the adventurers were pulling a cart that held the corpses of a few dead monsters.

A long supple tail, pure white fur, sharp ears and blade like fangs. They all matched the characteristics of the Gamelion he had heard from Hasta.

(I see. So they are also an adventurer party hunting for Gamelions.)

「……I thought that it would be reckless to challenge a Gamelion with only two people. But if the rumors about Rei are true, it will be okay for the two of you. Or rather, with a Griffon, a Gamelion will be hard pressed.」

After the first person said that, the rest of them nodded in agreement.

「Ahahaha. I was able to negotiate well, so I managed to borrow Rei-san’s strength.」
「I see. ……I don’t think I need to worry too much if there’s a skilled adventurer like Rei, but stay safe. Be careful. We hunted a Gamelion, but it was strangely belligerent. It’s somewhat different from last year.」
「Ahh. It’s as I was thinking. I heard a story about a rare species as we were leaving the main gate……is it that? On a side note, since you’re coming back now, did you stay overnight?」
「Ah. It’s hard to find. It can’t be helped. Fortunately, we weren’t attacked overnight.」

Ahahahaha, the adventurers laughter echoed into the surroundings.

Nevertheless, the fact that they stayed overnight in the plains near the Forest of Monsters indicated that they were quite skilled.

「Aside from us, there are still some other Gamelion hunting parties scattered over the plains, so I don’t think there’s anything too dangerous……」
「Well, I guess you did mention that earlier.」

When Hasta spoke to the leader of the party, he replied with a wry smile.

「Well then, we’ll be heading back to the city of Gilm soon. It will be troublesome if another monster come because of the smell of blood.」
「I understand. Stay safe on the road.」
「Ah. ……Well, do you have a moment?」

With a glance towards Rei, a man called out.

「I don’t mind. ……What is it?」
「That, that is. Although it may be unreasonable to ask this of you, please look after Hasta.」

Probably so that it wouldn’t be heard by Hasta, the man whispered into Rei’s ear.

「That fellow, he’s an energetic and polite adventurer. However, his feelings for his family are too strong. Sometimes he will charge ahead recklessly. Because of that, I will be grateful if you can look out for him.」
「I’m also a rank D like him. Isn’t he a more veteran adventurer than I am?」
「Hey, don’t say something that stupid. There’s no adventurer in the city of Gilm that doesn’t know of your skill. Most people who’ve just come to the city or just became an adventurer don’t know left from right. You’ve piled up a lot of achievements. It’s strange that you’re still in rank D. In addition, you’ve also got a Griffon.」

There was no sense of lying in the man’s words. He genuinely admired Rei’s ability. Rei could tell that by the eyes that looked straight at him.

(Hasta is loved by the veteran adventurers quite a lot.)

Giving a small sigh, Rei nodded.

「I see. If you trust in my skill that much, it would be sad to disappoint you.」
「I understand, I’m very grateful. Well then, I’ll leave it to you.」

With a manly smile, he struck Rei’s shoulder lightly, who was a whole head shorter than him.

「Um? What’s going on?」

Seeing Rei and the other man, Hasta asked. But the man shook his head to say it wasn’t much.

「It’s a long story. ……Well then, we should get going soon, hunt carefully!」

Finally, the men continued pulling their cart as they left of the city of Gilm.

「……Well then, let’s get going.」

Hasta said that as he watched the other party of 5 leave. Beyond his gaze lay a lush, dark green plain.

Perhaps he was focusing his mind only on the Gamelions, the monsters he had come to hunt.

「That’s right. We should get going.」

Rei nodded at Hasta’s words and stepped onto the plains with Set.

「Rei-san, can you find where the Gamelions are if Set flies above? Even if we can kill it, we can’t do that without finding one first.」
「Hmm, I see. Set, can you do it?」

With a cry saying leave it to me, after taking a few steps, Set stretched his wings and rushed up into the sky.

「Wow……it’s really amazing isn’t it.」

Hasta raised a voice of admiration while watching Set rise from the ground.

To Hasta, who was a mere rank D adventurer, it was impossible for him to fly through the sky.

After about 5 minutes, Set flew back down.


As soon as he landed on the plain, he turned to his left and gave a cry to indicate the direction as he walked forward.

「Apparently he seems to have found one.」
「To find one in such a short time……」

With a surprised expression, Hasta spoke in admiration.

Set walked straight across the grassy plain for about 20 minutes before eventually stopping and looking towards a small forest in the plains.

「You’re sure it’s over there?」

Set gave a quite cry at Rei’s question.


Hearing his cry, Rei and Hasta decided there was no mistake and nodded at each other before moving closer towards the forest while keeping their footsteps unheard. Hasta had already taken out his estoc to use at any time. Rei also had his Death Scythe in hand.

And what they saw when they entered the forest was……

「Ga, gaa……」

A 3m white monster was was eating the entrails of a Goblin that was in a half dead state……no, in critical condition.

Rei was familiar with that monster. Because he had seen a dead body of it being carted before they entered the plains.

Sharp, blade like ears and a tail 1m long. From behind, it was impossible to check it’s fangs, but there was no mistake. As Rei was about to name the 3m long monster, Hasta spoke it first.

「A Gamelion.」

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