Legend Chapter 171

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「Well, regarding the food, is it fine to leave it until after we’ve taken down that monster you called the Gamelion?」
「Ah, yes. I would appreciate it greatly if you did that. But first of all, the Gamelion’s meat is the priority.」
「So, I heard that Gamelions can be found about half a day’s distance away from here……but are we heading out now?」

At those words, Hasta turned to look out a window in the bar before shaking his head.

「The place where Gamelions appear is half a day away from here. Even if we left now, it would be into evening by the time we get there. Searching for our target in that situation would be tough. No, even if Rei doesn’t have any issues, it’s a bit harder for me……」
「That’s true. I had hoped that both of us could ride Set, but unfortunately, he can only handle one.」
「If I’m not mistaken, Set was the name of your Griffon. ……Mm, then, we’ll leave the city early tomorrow morning and arrive at the Gamelion hunting grounds just after noon. After that, the best would be to smoothly hunt some Gamelions and then return to the city of Gilm.」

Speaking up to there, Rei and Hasta both shook their heads.

「That’s impossible.」
「I agree. I don’t think things will happen that conveniently. I don’t know if we’ll be able to find a Gamelion right away after we get there. ……Or rather, that would normally be impossible.」
「In that case, we might need to prepare to stay for at least one night at worst. As for dismantling them, it won’t be a problem if I store the killed Gamelions into my item box and bring it back to the city. The main problem is how quickly we can find a Gamelion.」
「That’s right. However, I don’t want to have to spent a night outside the city if possible at this time of the year. It’s quite cold and stronger monsters also tend to appear around this time compared to spring and summer.」
「Heh~, is that so?」

Rei, who hadn’t heard about that before, replied in surprise.

As for Rei, a monster he hadn’t met yet meant a magic stone that he hadn’t tried to absorb before. It was like a dream come true for him for new stronger monsters to appear.

「……Actually, why don’t Set and I just fly over to the plains ourselves and hunt some Gamelions? In that case, it shouldn’t take too long and wouldn’t it be much easier?」

Rei would hunt some Gamelions and a few other unknown monsters while he was at it to get their magic stones. Hasta could just wait in the city of Gilm. Rei brought up the idea that he had thought of but Hasta shook his head.

「I’m sorry. Because of the conditions my father set, I have to do it myself. Because of that, I can’t entrust it to you entirely. If, for example, the debt was to a corrupt money lender, I wouldn’t care about the conditions at all. But in the end, this just started from me not wanting my father and mother to be in debt……even if I left everything to Rei-san and received the Gamelion meat, I’m sure that my father wouldn’t use it.」
「……You must have a hard time dealing with your stubborn father.」
「Ahaha. But it’s because my father is like that that I want to become stronger.」

Seeing Hasta say that with a smile, Rei was momentarily reminded of Bolton and Galahat from Azoth Firm.

Bolton, Postguerra, Minas and Cordo. The four of them had already been escorted to the Imperial Capital. While they were being escorted, there had been a rumor that an unearthly cry would be heard every time the date changed, but even though Rei heard the rumors, he didn’t show any particular expressions.

「Well then, in that case, can we meet at the front of the main gate tomorrow morning? After that, we’ll move to the location where Gamelions appear and start hunting as soon as possible. Then, we’ll hurry back to the city of Gilm. If we don’t make it back in time before the city gates close, we’ll stay outside the city for the night.」
「That’s fine. Then that’s that. ……Although it can’t be helped, it’s hard when sunrise is so late. When it’s still dark outside, monsters are quite active.」
「It can’t be helped. But it’s precisely because Gamelions only come out at this time of the year right?」
「Yes. Probably to save up energy before winter, it’s said that Gamelions come out to the plains to prey on other monsters and wild animals. ……In fact, I had the opportunity to eat the meat of a Gamelion about 2 years ago, it was very delicious. The taste of its meat was comparable to to rank B monsters.」

Maybe he was recalling the taste of the meat, Hasta seemed to have a happy smile on his face.

Seeing that, Rei started to feel hungry, even though he had just finished a light meal.

「Anyway. Tomorrow morning. Can we meet at the front of the main gate at just about sunrise?」
「……Ah, y-yes! I’m okay with that. Thank you very much!」

Hasta gave a quick bow and Rei gave a small nod back before they parted ways to prepare for the next day.

However, in Rei’s case, since the Misty Ring held a lot of adventuring equipment already, he had nothing to buy in particular and ended up heading back to the inn while buying food to eat with Set.



Dawn the next morning. Rei woke up earlier than usual, had a quick breakfast and paid extra to have plenty more sandwiches for snacks and lunch before walking towards the main gate with Set while it was still dark.

「Hm, it’s getting colder afterall.」

Rei muttered to himself as he saw several other adventurers heading for the main gate aside from himself.
Unlike a while before, many people were wearing robes and coats on top of their armour. There was also a mage who seemed to be wearing several layers of robes.

Meanwhile, Rei’s Dragon Robe kept the temperature comfortable for whoever was wearing it. Such a small change to the temperature was also inconsequential to Set. The two of them were quite out of place in the surroundings. If it was just about how conspicuous they were, there were hardly any people who didn’t know about Set now. Still, since Rei was hardly wearing anything aside from his robe and coat in 10C temperatures, it was no surprise he attracted attention from the surroundings.

It was clear to everyone that he was using some sort of magic item, but Rei had become known as someone that should be avoided as much as possible. As a result, he arrived at the main gate without anyone asking any questions. The main gate hadn’t opened yet, but some adventurers were around waiting for it to open.

「Ah, Rei-san. Good morning!」

As soon as he found Rei, Hast gave a quick bow as he greet them.

「……You don’t have to put up a brave front.」
「Heh, I’ve seen it several times from a distance in the city, but this is my first time seeing it so close. Um, nice to meet you Set……is that right?」

Set gave a cry at Hasta’s words.

Seeing that, Hasta took something out of the backpack he was carrying and gave it to Set.

「Um, I brought some cooked dishes from our eatery. Would you like to eat it?」

He held a sandwich in his hand. However, inside the sandwich was a large serving of meat. Rather calling it bread with some meat inside, it was more like meat covered by bread.


Giving a cheerful cry, Set used his beak to bring the sandwich into his mouth.

「Ah, Rei-san, have some as well. I received a lot of food from my father instead of having breakfast.」
「I see, then I won’t be polite.」

Despite having a light breakfast before leaving the inn, Rei was still brought some of the meat sandwiches to his mouth.

At first sight, it didn’t look like an elegant dish, but the meat inside had been stewed and not roasted. It melted into his mouth without having to chew much.


He said that without thinking. Hearing that, Hasta smiled happily.

After all, he was glad that the food made by his father was praised.

「It suits my tastes well. ……Ah, it seems the gate will open soon. Let’s go quickly. We have to be quick in a variety of ways today.」
「That’s true. Set, let’s go.」

Putting the last bit of the sandwich into his mouth, Rei headed for the front gate with Set and Hasta.

Nearby adventurers who noticed their movements also started moving to complete their procedures to exit the city. But seeing Rei and Set, they stopped to talk with their party members to kill some time while they waited.

「Oh, Rei-kun. It’s been a while.」

It was Ranga, who could be said to handle Rei and Set exclusively. Even though the morning sun hadn’t risen yet, his face was full of energy and his stern beard was a glossy black as usual.

「Well, as expected my vacation is over. Today, I’m heading over to the plains with that person over there to hunt a monster called a Gamelion.」

As soon as he heard the name Gamelion, his cheeks twitched.

Rei didn’t miss that and asked Ranga as he passed his guild card and Set’s Necklace of Subservient Monster over.

「Did something happen?」
「……No, that’s right. If it’s you there’s nothing to worry about……as you know, Gamelions are a monster that appears at this time of the year, every year.」「That seems to be the case.」
「As a rank C monster and its meat is very tasty. So because of that, adventurers will take up requests for it every time this time of the year to hunt them so they can eat some……」
「This year, it seems that it’s different from usual. No, of course several adventurer parties have already hunted Gamelions. But, there has been a strange report from a party.」

Rei silently urged Ranga to continue.

「Ordinary Gamelions are roughly 3m in size. However, some people have said that they’ve seen a Gamelion over 8m in size.」
「……Over 8m? Well, that’s pretty big. It’s almost 3 times larger than normal.」
「Ahh. I think it’s probably a rare species……anyway, if you’re going to hunt Gamelions, I think it would be better to be careful around there.」
「I see. Thank you for the information. Since it’s not just me and Set, I’ll be careful to avoid it as much as possible.」
「Please do so. It would be best to kill it if possible though. ……Yes, here you go. Stay safe.」

Having his guild card returned, Rei left the main gate with Hasta, who had finished a little earlier. Naturally, Set walked along behind them, matching their pace.

Continuing on from the city of Gilm, they headed in the direction of the Forest of Monsters.

「The story about the rare species, did you hear about it?」
「Yes.Since it’s normal to rank rare species one rank higher, if it really is a rare species of Gamelion, it should be around rank B. ……To be honest, I’m worried about it.」

Hasta unintentionally gave a sigh as he spoke.

Hasta was a rank D adventurer. To hunt a Gamelion, a rank C monster, by himself was already risky. Even though he had decided to aim for a Gamelion this time because of Rei and Set’s strength, a rare species around B rank was just too tough. It was no wonder that Hasta thought like that. But.

「Well, if it’s a rank B, we’ll manage somehow.」

At the words Rei muttered, Hasta heard it with shocked expression.

A rank B monster……there werne’t many people in the city of Gilm that would take one on solo. Did he mean if it was a rank D monster, he could manage somehow? Although Hasta wondered about that, he immediately understood after glancing back at the Griffon following them.

Surely, if a Griffon was a rank A monster, then they could manage a rank B monster one way or another.

The Orc King Rei had defeated or the Spriggan that Rei had taken down with Elena and the others, Emerald Wolves were regarded as rank C individually but considered to be the equivalent of rank B in groups. It had hardly spread that Rei had defeated such monsters. More people knew about the Orc King but Hasta didn’t seem to have heard.

「In the case of emergencies, I’ll be relying on you.」

Because of that, Hasta stroked Set’s head while saying that he would be relying on him if the rare species appeared.


Set didn’t know why his head was suddenly patted and just gave a puzzled cry.

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