Legend Chapter 166

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「……Demon Soldiers, is it.」

After Rei left, it became quiet in the Margrave’s office in his residence. Daska murmured as he brought the already cold tea to his mouth before calling out towards the door to an adjoining room.

「Hey, what do you think?」

When he called out, the door opened without a sound and a man walked in. He was the Knight Leader who was in charge of maintaining Gilm’s public order. However, the man’s character was more like that of a shadow who worked behind the scenes than a Knight Leader. That was natural. This man was only a Knight Leader in name, he actually worked in the shadows of the city of Gilm under Daska.

「To be honest, it’s hard to say. Anyhow, once the two of them, Minas and Cordo, realised they were captured, they started raging about violently.」
「……I wonder.」

Daska’s mind