Legend Chapter 200

Here’s Chapter 200,

Ayyyy, it’s here at last, chapter 200.
Another milestone for me on this highway that just keeps getting longer XD.
Man are we going places, right after the winter break in story that is.

This is the second to last chapter in the arc.
This will probably make some of you sad, but it will be followed by 4 short arcs that cover winter events.
Each arc is about 10-15 chapters long.
The next one is called Together with Rhodes, where Rei goes on a quest, together with Rhodes.
Funny enough though, that only consists of the first part of this mini arc while the rest of it involves some…not so friendly stalkers from another place.

Also apologies, but I actually forgot to put in the image where Rei blows up the tornado in Baar.
That has been added back in now into chapter 194.

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