Legend Chapter 196

Here’s Chapter 196,

This makes up for the chapter I missed last week.
Now I won’t have sleepless nights about how I don’t average a chapter a week. (jk)

So it turns out Soleil isn’t a bad guy, he’s just……single minded and maybe slightly difficult to deal with.
Further info for people who might be confused at how people see Rei.
People who can’t sense magic power see Rei as just an ordinary person.
People who can sense magic can feel that Rei has a lot of magic power.
People like Runo, who have special eyes, can see a visual manifestation of how much magic power Rei has.

That aside, I go back to uni this week.
It’s my last semester so going for the final stretch.
After that, who knows, maybe I’ll start working full time, maybe I’ll study further into a PhD or maybe I’ll take a break to consider what I really want to do.
That said, thinking of being called Doctor does put a smile on my face.

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