Legend Chapter 190

EDIT: This is a repost since the post for this chapter apparently didn’t post as scheduled, apologies.

Here’s Chapter 190,

I bet none of you saw that coming, because I most certainly didn’t ahaha.

It’s been a pretty busy few weeks for me recently.
Aside from enrolling in my last uni semester, I’ve also been prepping for my P plate license, which is long overdue.
Note to everyone who has been putting off their driver’s license, it only gets more annoying to do the longer you leave it, so get it done quickly.
Words of advice from someone who put it off for 4 years

Haven’t really mentioned it but I also ran the Behemoth quest in MHW a couple of weeks back with friends.
The reason I didn’t really mention it was because we got clobbered so hard that we’ve all decided to grab some better gear before trying it again ahaha.

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