Legend Chapter 174

Here’s Chapter 174,

Thanks for all the well wishes these past two weeks.
My thesis is finally done and is ready for submission on Monday, mixed feelings of tiredness and relief ahaha.
Actually only started translating this chapter past midnight since I had to finalise a few things on my thesis document after proofreading, but I said that you would get a chapter this week so here it is.

After not translating for two weeks, it actually feels I take longer to translate a chapter, which is one of the reasons I’ve kept a steady release rate for so long.
I have heard though that there are some people who say that I will never finish this series at the rate I’m translating so I would like to reply to a few of their points.

Yes, I probably will never finish translating this series.
Unless I dedicate 5 years or so of doing nothing but translating, I will never finish this series.
That said, if you want to read the whole series, why not learn Japanese?
You will probably learn the language faster than I can translate and would have gained a valuable life skill at the end of it all.
For the people who want to read more but don’t want to learn the language and just leech off someone else’s translations, just remember your own position before you complain.

That said, most of you all a great people, so thanks again for all your support.
Pardon my rambling as it is nearly 2am as I’m writing this.
With my heavy workload recently, I actually almost forgot my own birthday last week, which was a bit awkward XD

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