Legend Chapter 155

Here’s Chapter 155,

A new challenger appears!
Who could it be?

Some stuff happened so I only finished translating this chapter at 2am.
If there are any mistakes, drop a comment and I’ll fix them up.

It’s that time of the every four years again, World Cup has started!
I’m hoping Australia does well, but in terms of actually doing well, I’m rooting for Germany.

League Summer Split has also started for anyone who watches the pro league for that.
Loving the meta right now, or lack thereof.
Some people might not like it right now, but in terms of watching professional games, it’s really refreshing.

Lastly, for any FGO players out there, I rolled Okita Alter.
Man, I thought I wasn’t going to make it, but I got her on the last 10x roll I made.

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