Legend Chapter 139

Here’s Chapter 139,

And I’m back from my holiday, I’ve had a great time but it’s good to be home.

I would just like to address a few questions that people have been asking.

Translation speed:
Some people have been asking if I can translate faster because at my current speed it will take me a few decades to finish.
The answer to that is, to be honest, I probably will not finish translating this series.
Unless I translate more than 7 chapters a week, I won’t even be making any progress on catching up to the authors writing speed.
If you really want to read ahead, learn Japanese XD.
It will take less than a few decades and is an actual life skill that can benefit you.
The other hope is that machine translation gets good enough to provide decent translations within the next few years.
Aside from that, thank you for reading my translations and sticking around, it’s great to read all your comments.

Probably less people asking about this but remember everyone, rich people who pay their taxes are hard to get rid of ahahaha.

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