Kuro No Maou – Chapter 90

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Chapter 90 Counter Attack Preparations (2)

On one side, the adventurers were completing their roles at various places while Lily and Fiona were also preparing in one of the rooms of the guild.

「تتبع الانتعاش طرد الظلام الشر مشرقة تتبع الانتعاش」

Lily’s chant resounded inside the room and a magic circle was deployed with her as the centre.

As she kept chanting, the container in front of her that had white powder till the brim started to faintly glitter.


Although she was in her child form, Fiona watched as Lily showed the concentration level of a master craftsman.

In contrast to Lily who was using magic to the extent of getting a sweaty forehead, Fiona was doing a simple job of grinding medicinal plants with an even more sleepy expression than usual.

「تتبع الانتعاش طرد الظلام الشر مشرقة تتبع الانتعاش――っ!!」

The magic circle gave off a brighter light for a second and then it vanished.

It seemed as the magic effect was shown as Lily stretched her short limbs and ‘fuu-‘ took a breath.

“Is it finished?”

Fiona asked Lily as she took a nap.

“nn, Not yet. There’s still one last touch left.”

Lily answered with an energetic voice even though her small face looked tired and was sweaty.

Fiona impolitely thought that ‘her child version really looked cute’ as she saw Lily

“I see. Then you’ll have to return to your actual appearance as well.”

“Yes, Lily will work hard!” (T/N: Lily talks in 3rd person sometimes if had forgotten)

Fiona once again had impolite thoughts like ‘So I can only see her like this now, her normal form is wicked and mean after all’.

“I’ll also be done soon. This seems to be the last bundle of Rixei grass. There’s nothing else to help with, so till then I’ll work on creating ‘normal’ potions.”(Fiona)

What they were creating right now was not something ‘normal’ but ‘special’ it seems.

It was the [Fairy’s Miracle Drug] that Lily had been selling for over the past 30 years.

Till now it had been used only to treat diseases but after using Lily’s extra magic on it as well, it became effective enough to stop bleedings and close wounds as well.

They were going to fight Crusaders next, they needed as many medicines as they could have.

Currently in the 3 days of time that Kurono predicted, they were focusing on mass producing healing and medicinal potions.

Among such potions, Lily’s miracle drug that was much more effective than the potions sold in market had been given the max priority and finding the materials for it was made an important job.

“If only I could use healing magic as well…… “

Lily didn’t hear Fiona’s mutterings, but it was a fact that Fiona was looking at Lily, on whom everyone relied on, with a slight bit of envy.

If she could use healing magic instead of her destructive attack magic, she would have not been ostracized by others and could have been useful to others as well. Fiona realized that her thinking was useless so she quickly cut her train of thoughts.

“I’m now a member of Element Master. Kurono-san and Lily-san approved of me. That’s more than enough.”

Although she was still a bit restless, Kurono and Lily had accepted her better than anyone else till now after all.

“Also, I at least know the proper method to make potions.”(Fiona)

Fiona changed her track of thoughts, and thought about the various medicinal plants, medicines, and the knowledge regarding healing magic in her mind.

Actually, in this world, healing magic was of 2 types.

[Heal] that gave temporary effects and [Cure] that accelerated the natural healing rate and completely restored injuries.

Any magic that had the effect of treating wounds was called as [Healing Magic] generally, so [Heal] type magics were also correctly classified under this type.

It was common sense for the people of this world but Kurono whose image of ‘Restorative Magic’ rooted from RPGs, it took him one month in Irz before he realized the difference.

For example, if someone got cut by the knife of a goblin, everyone would choose to use [Heal] type magic.

If the arm was cut then they could use a low level [Heal] to close the wound instantly.

However, [Cure] type magic does not close the wound instantly.

In a battle where a person hangs between life and death, immediate healing, even if temporary, was priceless. But, in the end, the effect will be temporary. Once the magical energy put inside the Magic depletes, the wound will start opening again.

If it was only a one time battle, then one could treat the wound appropriately later and rest while it heals naturally. However a soldier or an adventurer cannot do that.

Thus, to completely recover from an injury faster than normal, [Cure] is used.

In this world, wounds cannot be healed by using magic once like in a game but, in treatment of external wounds, they were still faster than the medicines of the modern world.

And it could be said the same for the Potions as well.

Naturally, Potions also have the [heal] types and [Cure] types.

Adventurers, who don’t have a healer, use both these potions when on a quest.

By the way, there is an all-purpose medicine that holds the abilities of both [Heal] and [Cure].

That is the Fairy’s miracle drug.

Lily had been selling it to the villagers at a very cheap affordable price till now, but if sold through proper routes, it was even costlier than 1 gold coin.

It was such an expensive medicine but it was doubtful whether Lily herself was aware of that.

“Alright, next!”

Lily lifted from the floor by flapping her wings and jumped on the top of the big table.

There, along with the grinded medicinal plants made by Fiona, all sorts of raw materials and ingredients were kept.

From here onwards, Lily would apply her secret recipe for compounding.

If it was a normal potion, Fiona, who had gone to a magic school, could also make but in this case where Lily made the medicine using her Extra magic, Fiona could not help with anything else than collecting the ingredients.

Lily would be burned and tired by using a lot of concentration and magical energy required for compounding but since she was the only one could make it, it couldn’t be helped.

Not to mention that she had to complete it in 3 days instead of her usual time of 1 month.

If she could not turn into her original form, she could not complete the miracle drug either.

In her terms ‘the final push’ meant using magic that she could not use in her child form.

Normally, it would have been impossible since there was no full moon night in these 3 days but as long as Lily had the [Queen Beryl], she could do something unreasonable as that in a short time span.

“n ~ mumumu……”

Holding the container in her both hands, she started compounding with a serious look in her eyes.

(”She’s compounding without even weighing them? ……could she really do it like that? No, if it’s her she probably can.”)(Fiona)

Without even taking exact measurements, Lily who had been mixing things as if on a whim only looked like a child playing house.




As the sun started sinking, and the sky turned red, even then the workers working on the fortification of the main gate didn’t seem to disperse.

They only had 3 days to complete the work, so it was obvious they decided to use the hidh priced oil to work even at nights.

And of course, the leader , Kurono also continued working as well or rather he started ro prepare for the work that will take the whole night.

“n ~, well, it’s something like this.”

“Much appreciated. Next is my job.”(kurono)

Behind the guild were Mozrun and Kurono, the darkness combination of the black magician and the dark magician.

These two had similar magic properties so they used to work together most of the times.

Especially Kurono who devoted himself to developing new black magics always, he has been taking lessons from Mozrun regarding dark magic.

“Then, my job here is done.”(mozrun)

Facing the wall, Mozrun released black wriggly tentacle like substances from within his robe. They climbed the walls of the guild and made a magic circle on the white wall with a black ink like colour.

As Mozrun had said, the magic circle had been completed and soon the black tentacles disappeared like the mist.

“Man I’m tired. It was really troublesome to cover the wall in just half day.”(Mozrun)

Mozrun had created black magic circles on all the walls of the guild in just half a day.

Its effect was simple. To enhance the element of darkness, that’s it.

But, because [Eternity] property was included to avoid the extinguishment of magical energy, the spell and technique were extremely high level.

“But, I wonder if it’s possible—-“

He had shown his skills as a rank4 magician but,

“—to cover the whole guild building with enhancement boost.”

The plan Kurono had given to enhance the guild was truly doubtful.

A magic to enhance and fortify a building was definitely possible but it would take the same time and effort as the carpenters who built it took and will require a lot of magicians to do ‘remodelling work’ at a large scale together.

The barrier deployed along the walls of Daedalus was a perfect example of it.

According to the common sense of magicians, to apply a defensive enhancement to a 4 storey building like the guild building, it would require 5 rank 3 magicians to work for a whole week.

But Kurono said that he would do it alone that too in a single night.

It was natural for Mozrun to be doubtful. He felt it would be amazing if he could cover half of the building in 3 days.

“It’ll be fine. If it’s just enhancing the walls, I’ll manage it somehow.”

But Mozrun did not speak his doubts. He decided to believe in his leader’s strong words and see how things turn out.

“I’ll look forward to it, work hard Boss Kurono.”

While waving his skeletal hand, Mozrun left.

Kurono who was left alone spread his arms towards the black magic circle.


He could instantly feel black magical energy activating just from touching.

“Let’s do this—-[Blackening].”

To enhance his weapons and swords, as well as use them without touching was [Blackening]. It was a magic that he had learnt even before he left that facility. He had a lot of memories of using this magic in various situations like in his fight against Sariel, or when he opened the treasure box etc. And probably, enhancing this whole building will also become another one of those memories.

The most common effect of Kurono’s blackening was the enhancement of the material.

Basically, just as how he strengthened his swords, he wanted to enhance and strengthen the whole wooden structure through blackening.

But, to complete blackening he had to cover the object completely with his magical energy. And the bigger the object, the more the consumption of magic will be.

And this time, the object was not a small box or sword, but a 4 storey giant building. The magical energy consumption will be higher than anything, even higher than the time when the cursed hatchet evolved.

(“But, if I do this slowly through the whole night, I’ll definitely be successful.”

After weighing the consumption rate with his energy recovery rate, it was certainly possible but only theoretically.

Even if the black magical energy recovered with time, the concentration and patience required to use it continuously will definitely fall.

(“Basically, it depends on my guts!!”)

Thus, Kurono’s long night had started.

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