Kuro no Maou Chapter 88

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Chapter 88 Alsace Village

If you go in series, the villages along the north-west highway starting from Irz Village, then there are Irz Village, Kuar Village, Hejito Village, Vato Village and in the westernmost part is the Alsace Village.

Kurono along with the 20 adventurers he selected, were heading towards Alsace Village which would become their defense lines.

With the adventurers from Hejito and Vato Village, when added with the adventurers from Alsace. The adventurer alliance will have 103 adventurers in total.

Since a messenger was sent for informing every village from Kuar Village about the emergency situation, so it didn’t take much time for Lily to convince the heads as it did with Nahad.

And there was no opposition for Kurono being the leader of the alliance, due to the most famous ‘Vulcan Powered’ along with other rank 4 parties working with him. Every adventurer was silently, without any objections accepting his commands.

There is a problem but it was not the adventurers

“Why are you in Alsace!? Adventurers should be at the rear guard right!!”

Just like Kurono became the leader of adventurers, Nachim became the leader of the alliance of vigilante corps from every village.

As Kurono walked a step into the adventurer guild of Alsace, Nachim’s voice resounded in the whole lobby.

“Ah, maybe you were frightened and run awa—”

Just like that he spoke insulting words to Kurono with no place to intercept him

[[Shut up annoying bastard, I will wait 10 seconds get lost within that time.]](Lily)

Lily spoke those words in the mind of Nachim using Telepathy.

“Y-Yes, well then adieu, Lily-san!” [ET: Creepy]

Nachim showing somewhat happy expression, left the guild.

“Doesn’t it look like, he resents me a lot for some reason?”

“Ufufu, that might be true.”

“What did you ‘say’ to him, Lily?”

He had already guessed the reason, why Nachim suddenly changed his attitude and left.

“Un, We don’t have much time to deal with him, so I politely asked him to leave” [ET: Was just too polite , (lol)]

“I see, Thank you”

He still didn’t know what line Nachim had heard in his mind.

“But, if it will be bad, not having a good cooperation with vigilante corps alliance too, I will talk to them about it sometime.”

The work of adventurers is to guard the rear, and buy time by intercepting the enemy that appear from behind.

In regards for, vigilante corps their work was to escort the refugees and maintaining security and public order.

Basically, both parties are not to meet with each other, but till the time refugees were to leave Alsace, it is only natural to avoid having discord and creating needless trouble.

“Well it is good, for now we have to talk with the guild master from here and ask him for us to help him fortification of guild.”

Kurono started walking towards the conference room, the guild master might be waiting in to complete his purpose for coming to Alsace.

The evacuation of refugees, is for now going without any hindrances.

That is because the highway from Irz~Alsace is well maintained, so it is not a problem for a large number of people to walk on it. And the distance between every village is also at most 1 day walk.

However, the journey from here to Spada won’t be so easy as it was.

The highway connecting Alsace and Spada along the national border is not maintained well and also has bad footing. Furthermore, due to it being away from places human live, the frequency of monsters popping out for food is more. [ET: You can understand what sort of food? Obviously, popsicles. ]

From here onwards there is no other village to rest after 1 day of walking, so there is a need for camping.

When camping, the preparations and set-up must be completed before sunset.

That is because, the will have to secure the safe places and water sources near the camping ground, they also have to find the suitable terrain for the tent to be placed and much more reasons and will also take time. So , if they will start setting-up and preparations from evening, they won’t make it in time.

Till now they had villages nearby so they could walk till the evening, but from now on the walking time will have to be drastically lowered.

Under these situations, every human will need to walk 20 kilometres at average per day.

Even this distance of 20 kilometres will be reduced because of children, elder people and sick people.

As a matter of fact, no one knows how much time will they should buy for them to run away from Crusaders.

Kurono is being cornered by the fact that he has to stop Crusaders tracks by even 1 minute 1 second.

And, that plan is the defense plan he had thought of in the guild of Kuar Village few days ago.

“—and that’s how it is. The adventurers alliance is thinking of gaining time for the evacuation to complete and so they will spread the line of defense here.”

Inside the conference room inside the adventurer guild of Alsace village, Kurono is telling the outline of defense plan to the guild master, Bean.

The middle aged dwarf, Bean, while stroking his thick beard answered a pleasant reply.

“Fumu, Fumu, Understood, we will help, so just say the things you want.”

“Thank you very much”

“But still, you really think of turning this worn-out guild into a fortress? We can give compensation to some extent, but since this is originally a wooden structure, so I doubt it will have the sturdiness of a fundamental fortress”

Beans speaks logical words, but Kurono assures him while adding what he said.

“It is alright, I will make this guild as hard as a common stone in one night.”

“Interesting, looks like you have some sort of plans”

“Yes, but it is also needed to protect the surrounding areas of guild. I would like the people who can do carpentering and construction works for fortifying this guild.”

There are many high rank adventurers, but there are not even one with the skills of construction or carpenting.

A person who can supervise the construction is naturally needed, in other words, an combat engineer.

“I myself am a dwarf, and I know many people who are good in those areas, you can leave that work to us.”

Bean accepts Kurono’s requests with a quick and pleasant reply.

Maybe, due to him being a Guild Master he didn’t show any sign of worrying about his evacuation being late than others due to his cooperation in the fortification.

Maybe this is the way an adult behaves, Kurono was almost about to salute to him without a second thought. [ET: Though he didn’t]

“Thank you very much. It’s just that the the main force of enemy will reach here at the very least, in 3 days.”

That is because it took exact 3 days for Kurono to reach here from Kuar Village.

It took 3 days for the horse riding adventurers to reach here, so if the enemy also came in the same method, it would take the same amount of time.

It is hard to imagine for them to leave the foot soldiers and just burst in with cavalrymen, but that might happen.

“After 3 days pass, the enemy can burst in at any time.”

They have to at all costs complete the minimum defense preparation in just 3 days.

Bean understood Kurono’s reasonings, and once again replies with a pleasant answer but this time in a loud voice.

“Very well, we will change this Alsace Village into an impregnable big stronghold by the 28th day of Shinyou.”


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