Kuro No Maou – Chapter 86

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Chapter 86 – Disappearance of an Apostle

Early morning, one of the Apostles had disappeared from one of the guest rooms.

“What should I do?……….”

So, once again the 7th Apostle Sariel was racking her brains.

“It, It’ll be fine. We’ll find Lord Misa soon!”

Just as the 12th Apostle Mariabelle, who tried to console Sariel for no reason, had said, the one who had disappeared was the  11th Apostle Misa.

This morning, when the sister came to her room to prepare for waking her up, there was only a scattered cushion on the large canopy bed and the god-loved girl that should have been sleeping there was nowhere to be seen.

This tragic news came to Sariel who woke up had woken up at daybreak as per the customs of the monastery.

“Currently, we have closed all the doors of the Capital Daedalus and have also sent a search party into the city as well.”

The one who had quickly taken such measures was Sariel’s aide, Archbishop Liuchrome’s work.

This meeting of Sariel with the 3 Apostles was something that had been concealed from the public and the soldiers had only been told that it was an important person.

But still, since Misa’s features were distinct, they could make do with just telling the soldiers about her characteristics and even a soldier who had never seen her directly would soon recognise her.

That is why, even with such complicated circumstances, as long as Misa was still hiding in Daedalus city, they would find her sooner or later.

But, that’s only if she’s still here.

“If Lord Misa has used her ‘ability’ then she would have already gone far away from Daedalus already.”

As Sariel spoke that while sighing, the faces of the beautiful brothers cramped as if in pain.

“You’re talking about [Sky Fortress – Peaceful Heart]……..”

With a fed up face, Mariabelle said the name of the troublesome ability held by Misa.

“Certainly, if she is flying in the air then it’s useless no matter how much we search on land. If she secluded herself in the castle here, there would be no need for her to appear either, so this must be her own whim.”

The 11the Apostle Misa’s [Sky Fortress – Peaceful Heart]’s effect was literally as per the name.

If she uses ‘that’, she can fly on the same way as the only Pegasus Knights can.

“I’ll go.”

Sariel proposed the only thing she could do.

Even if she was the Supreme commander, she had no ability other than going out in battles.

She knew that it was much more efficient to stay quiet and just leave everything to Liuchrome regarding accurate decision making and orders.

“I am very sorry. I had kept it in mind to not trouble Her Excellency Sariel in any case except battles but…..”(Liu)

“Don’t worry, Lord Misa is my guest after all.”(Sariel)

Liuchrome thanked as he bowed deeply.

“By the way, Mariabelle.”

“eh, what is it Nii-san?”

Due to being called suddenly, Mariabelle ended up calling him informally.

“Where is the 3rd Apostle Lord Mikael right now?”

Yes, the ones who came to visit Sariel were 3 people. The disappeared Misa, Mariabelle who was here and the beautiful [holy woman] that didn’t show up even with all this ruckus, 3rd Apsotle Mikael.

“aa, Lord Mikael after hearing about Lord Misa——-“(maria)


“That’s troublesome, then I shall also go and look for her ~”


“—-is what she said.”(maria)

As if going on a morning walk, she had also left, is what Mariabelle told.

“Is there a way to contact Lord Mikael?”(Liu)


Even though she said that she is going to look for her, just where is she roaming in this unknown city of Daedalus?

Thinking rationally, a normal person would have looked around the castle and returned while saying ‘I didn’t find her.’ But this person was an Apostle with infinite magical energy.

If she felt like it, she could simply keep on walking till she reached the ends of the earth.

The title of [Holy woman] wasn’t for just show. She could keep on worrying about the whereabouts of Misa and without even caring about herself, she could keep on walking forever to look for her.

“This might lead to a second disaster…….”

Without scolding his brother for not stopping her, Liuchrome said those heavy words as he sighed.

“I’ll search of Lord Mikael as well.”(sariel)

Really sorry, both brothers bowed towards Sariel instantly.


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