Kuro No Maou – Chapter 84

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Chapter 84 – Amity

The destruction of the valuable facilities of Irz went better than I expected.

I thought I could only burn the drain storehouses at most but with the help of Fiona’s terrific magic, we were able to destroy the sturdy guild completely and even turned the whole central area of the village into bare land.

And currently, the adventurers on standby had gathered together under the pretence of reporting the fruits of battle and were currently drinking sake together.

Is this fine during such an emergency? Is what everyone might think but we will be the last to leave the village as the rear guard and there were things remaining after the evacuation, so we decided to drink and eat as much as we please.

It could be that this would be our Last Supper, every adventurer here thought that but nobody said that out loud.

“Well weren’t you fine? When you said that you will be going to the guild rooftop, I thought you wussed out at the last second zehahaha!!”

Vulcan’s giant palm normally hurt as he patted my back but since he had the pawpads unique to the beastmen, the effect was much reduced.

“Didn’t I explain it properly? I fulfilled my role as was required.”

“I clearly saw boss blowin up the enemies heads with a single shot as well!” (T/N: Mr.skeleton speaks in Kansai dialect which is untranslatable in eng.)

The one who spoke in this fake kansai dialect was the skeleton magician Mozrun, aka Mossan.(T/N: the nickname is a fusion of his name and ossan which means old man cuz he’s a skeleton. Get it?)

He is the one that used [Death Wall Defence] to block off the enemies today.

With his shinigami-like looks and the straight [Dark Wizard] class on his guild card gave me a an impression of being an avatar of evil but,

“Nah, to have such control over black magic at such a young age, you’re a damn genius! It’ll be child’s play to repel that whatever army! Gahahaha!!”

Inside he was just like an old man from Osaka.

When I tried talking he turned out to be an energetic good guy(?) like this.

“Child’s play would be over exaggerating but Kurono-san is dependable as a leader, and he also possesses a strong Original magic as well.”

The one who calmly said that was the slime, Su-san. (T/N: I translated her as Susan before but it was actually Su-san. My apologies) No matter how I look at her, isn’t she a human? She looked like a normal woman with a medium build after all.

In RPGs slime are jelly like creatures, but they can apparently, sometimes change the shape of their bodies when they get stronger. By the way, to change into a handsome man/beautiful woman requires the appropriate technique as well as more magical energy it seems.

Beautiful things possessed the charm attribute in this world, so being beautiful also possessed a different meaning in terms of magic as well.

Also, I just learnt this now but her name was [Susu] thus she was called as Su-san. It was not Su-san from slime(Suraimu in jap), definitely not!

“But, the most surprising was definitely Fiona-san’s magic, right?”


“ee, really.”

The one talking to the Fiona, who had her usual sleepy eyes, was an elf woman with a gentle smile. She was the leader of [Three Hunting Princesses] and the eldest of the three sisters, Irina-san.

All three of them had blonde hair, blue eyes, slender physique as well as their weapons were the same but, all three had different hairstyle, so they could be easily differentiated.

Irina-san has a hairstyle in which she has a long braid behind her neck.

“That extreme magic, if we were closer, it would have been really bad.”

“Her positioning was really correct.”

As I heard Mossan and Su-san, I once again felt glad that I heard about her magic beforehand.

As expected, if a magic like that was fired inside a dungeon, it won’t end as just a joke.

“Am I being complimented?”(Fiona)

“Yeah, Fiona-san’s magic has amazing power, thank god you’re in my party.”(kurono)

“…..I see.”

As she said that, her cheeks seemed a bit red. Guess she’s getting drunk as well.

“Oh right, Fiona-san?”


Before she gets dead drunk, I had something important to say to her.

“Come to my room later, alright?”


*parin* the sound of a glass falling and shattering came.

“What happened Lily? Are you alright?”(kurono)


Lily was sitting on my lap but it seems she dropped her glass by accident.

“What, did the little fairy also get drunk?”

“No, I’m not letting her drink sake.”(kurono)

She isn’t drunk but she must be tired.

Lily could only turn in her normal form during full moon nights but she turned back just her consciousness at village head’s home, as well as when she asked me to become the leader through the item she brought from the fountain of light.

According to Lily, by using the [Queen Beryl], she could turn to her normal form but only for 30mins in 1 day since the burden is high.

She could turn to her normal state by using the Divine Protection of the Fairy Queen. But even if it was a key item, its effect was still an enormous magical energy boost only.

Of course, 30mins was the limit to use her full grown body for battle, if it was just her consciousness, she could keep it longer.

But still the burden on her is not zero. It must have accumulated as fatigue in her small body.

For the time being, I should carry her back to the room.

“Lily seems to be tired so we’ll leave first. Tomorrow’s schedule is what I had explained earlier. Once again, look forward to working with you guys.”(kurono)

After getting their agreement, I carry Lily in my arms.



“I’ll come as well.”

Fiona-san’s face was even redder than before for some reason.




On top of the bed of the guest room, Kurono, lily and Fiona were sitting.

Kurono with a serious expression, Fiona with her usual cool expression and Lily, between them, with a somewhat displeased expression.

(“Could Kurono-san want me to…..”)

Just a while back, the erotic situation that every adventurer there was imagining except Kurono, was also being imagined by Fiona as well.

(“Certainly Kurono-san gave me icecandy, wasn’t drawn away by my attack magic, he really is a good guy but it really is too early for such a relationship!”)

Fiona who was asked to “Come to my room” for the first time at night was somewhat in chaos right now.

“Fiona, you haven’t forgotten the rule in our party right?”

The moment Lily who was lying on the bed said that, she realised that the chance of her losing her chastity tonight, no matter how passionately Kurono approached, was absolutely zero.

And thus, it became a situation where all 3 were quietly sitting (Lily was lying down though) on the bed.

“Lily, is it fine to turn back your consciousness? Aren’t you tired??….”

“It’s fine, don’t worry. After all, you are going to have some important talk now, right? I need to listen properly as well.”

Lily answered with a smile, and Kurono gave a somewhat understanding expression.

And without minding Lily anymore, he spoke towards Fiona.

“The reason I called Fiona-san to my room was because I need to talk about something extremely important with you. Since you already told me about being from Arc continent, I decided to also tell about my own identity.”

Fiona understood why she was called with her usual sleepy face.

“And, you also want to hear about the Arc continent, Syncrea Republic, and the Cross religion, right?”(Fiona)

Although she still didn’t know what Kurono wanted to tell, she did know what he wanted to hear from her.

And she also realised that he called her to his room to avoid letting the others know that she was with the Crusaders before.

“That’s right. But what I want to know the most is——-“

But, even Fiona didn’t expect Kurono to say what he was about to speak next.

“——just what the hell are the [Apostles]?”


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